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History Grandpas el mirage roadster recreation p.r.c

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by paintslinger805, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. LoL holy shit my 4 year old could cook a better burrito. I threw mine in the trash right in front of them. They need a real taco truck out there.
  2. The hypersonic special made the pages of hotrod magazine! Burnin rubber.
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  3. See, when we first spoke, I asked you to decide whether or not you're building a "MotherFxxxing Hotrod" or not . . . looks like you made the right choice my friend! :D
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  4. birdog
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    So cool man!! Congrats!!
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  5. 7D145CFD-23C6-49D3-B769-6706F19BCB0A.jpeg Now that’s a picture! 24”x30” built to run!!!
    rpmnationals 2019. This year it is in September.
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  6. Stogy
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    Congrats on the ink Slinger and the poster darn near looks painted on there...
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  7. F850F654-1B9B-45BE-9D91-066926C6B250.jpeg 2F1809CC-5A55-463F-BECA-63E13CA50909.jpeg 514DEE6A-5DAF-4942-A706-50DB289C1FA1.jpeg Another awesome day out at el mirage!
  8. Dangerousdan
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    from Arizona

    Drip rails are nice. But is that custom??
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  9. BDA1345C-4FCF-43D5-BF3F-361A196D24E8.png 82B33496-ABC0-4E44-B350-D63C44DEB24A.png CA64D330-5BAF-4DE7-8D6E-55D802F09DEE.png
    If your interested in watching my junky flathead woop ass on a “SBC” here’s where you can see the fun. Pulled him in second gear and never needed 3rd! Also it’s a 350”sbc. Get out there and run em!!!
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  10. FF0D45A7-686B-45CA-A90A-66AEC5724FE0.png Can also be seen here
  11. hotcoupe
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    Paintslinger, sent you a P. M.
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  12. Part Timer
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    Part Timer

    Just found your thread. Awesome. It’s really hard not to skip ahead! Subscribed bro.

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  13. C822EBB5-DC32-4BF3-BD72-A48190DEED3C.png
    well another kick ass time at the RPM nationals
    Built a full spool posi 40 rearend with insert axels. car had some wheel hop issues so we used 4 pairs of vise grips and clamped the rear spring down then safety wired them so they couldn’t pop open! After that car started to act right and down the track we went! Best Flathead racing event out there.
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  14. 8EB0E895-9E60-4495-BB07-29A2A3E76D2C.png Made it there Saturday morning just in the nick of time! Went through tech inspection and then it was hammer down time.
  15. AE329409-F02C-4B68-BA74-8AF0FA48D969.jpeg DE23B9A3-5BF5-4E04-8A0E-96053EB84714.jpeg Here’s some hyper fun! Top picture drawn by a 15 year old and old custom cars took the bottom picture at the RPM nationals you asked for it drags at the barona drag strip in San Diego ca. Next drag race is next month in Santa margarita CA. Rpm nationals
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