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History Grandpas el mirage roadster recreation p.r.c

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by paintslinger805, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. SHIT! looks like ya hit the jack pot for sure.......Very nice score dude. Looking like I might be coming your way in Aug. after speedweek for a photo shoot at El-Mirage with the bones boys. Any chance you could show up there?
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  2. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
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    Runnin shine

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  3. Absolutely Dennis if you out here I will be there. I might even make the Colorado dirt drags!!!
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  4. That would be so dam cool if ya could make the dirt drags in Co. I will get you the dates we are planning on being at El-Mirage. It's my plan to bring my tent & sleeping bag and spend a couple nights there. The rest of the photo group will rent a couple motor homes and stay in them. I just thought it would be fun to do it like they did back in the old days and camp out.
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  5. Hell I will bring the bbq and drinks and sleep out with the stars with you.
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  6. BD4586A8-A4DD-4218-AF44-720BE3D2BC90.jpeg F8E8B6AB-10B2-48E6-A6C0-99FE9AB701FF.jpeg FB9B2904-4955-45E4-97AD-2FBB3CD51CA6.jpeg Almost done today now I will ya e the money to send ol Wyatt Runnin shine his parts he bought from me like 2 years ago. Look close Wyatt see that fan of yours there.!!
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  7. 8EC30143-B06F-480E-8F66-B71BFAA1B222.jpeg 17561E34-A8C2-44F4-94AA-D0A535059017.jpeg 539B4674-E570-43A3-9D4C-12F46B6E74E1.jpeg Custom mix color with lots of flatener.
  8. I like the color....sure does have a lot of shine for having lot's of flattener in it.
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  9. Yes sir it does. It’s all blocked sanded and ready for its final coat! The chemistry was off a little. The color is right but it didn’t do what we wanted it to do. So we beat it up and now it will comply!!!!
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  10. As I checked in for a progress report, I saw the painted car. My first thought was "I hope he's just putting a preservation coat on the Hypersonic. Too shiney a paint job would ruin it." Glad to see it's someone elses ride.
    Maybe it's just my eyes and cheap laptop, but, it looks almost like glossy red oxide primer. I'm sure in person and real sunlight it looks totally different.
  11. No I didn’t touch the hypersonic special. It’s a done car. It’s over 80 years old no need for fake tits. Plus it’s way cooler than a painted up car. The other car car is painted in a satin Maroon over true lacquer red oxide primer. Looks dark in the dark and super vibrant in the sun. Special top secret color mix
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  12. Only Trump know the paint code...…..
  13. 1E1FDB04-7422-4D2A-8C94-1B7D5F7F16F7.jpeg 1B5EFC2C-16A2-4A8A-B082-CAACC63844D0.jpeg 2C3C0768-2A59-417C-B042-C1EC830C86A9.jpeg Look what I found! 32 fourdoor altered. Original firewall and all. Time to build a race car. Two 32s in three years.
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  14. Looks like some fun to be had . . . do you know anything about it? It has mechanical brakes, but they were probably not used.
  15. Dale how the hell ya been! I seen the photos from flop of trog looks like you guys had a blast. I don’t know anything about the car. I think it was never completed. Something someone started and moved on to the next project. It has a 33-34 front end. If I had a set of front doors or 32 5w doors I would make it back into a fourdoor. Or run two flatheads in it. Or a straight six. It’s too cool to leave it where it was. Guy had at least 10 guys look at it and they all passed. Original firewall, asc rails, and the body is pretty nice. It’s just junk... lol
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  16. For some strange reason I've stopped getting notifications when you post! I gotta stop by next on the way to my buddies in Atascadero! You plan on going to the FAST event on the 7th?
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  17. That 32 looks like it will be a blast! Sounds like the right guy found it.
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  18. WOW! Now that is very dam cool Bruce...….I would have jumped all over it like stink on shit......Can't get over how you find this good stuff.....Sure not going to happen in Nebraska.
  19. 4AF57054-30FD-4B30-8880-BD9BC55160BA.jpeg D39B9B98-D4E9-48AA-81A8-93D637154183.jpeg EA5EC968-1F4F-4B7B-A3FD-2374EEC5DDEE.jpeg
    Hey Dennis how you doing. Here’s another 32 we picked up in Washington on sat.
  20. And a set of original cyclone heads.
  21. gordspeed
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    from Oregon

    Looks like a pickup!... :)
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  22. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
    Posts: 2,856

    Runnin shine

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  23. Yes pick up
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  24. WOW, what can I say but WOW, such history, wonderful.
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  25. You sure know how to find the good shit! Keep up the hunt....& see ya next month on the lake bed.
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  26. Stogy
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  27. Dennis I also bought this 1964 dodge custom 880 bubble top! Bought it in Bremerton Washington and drove it to Portland Oregon. Then next day drove back to Vancouver Washington to get the 32 pickup. Fun ride bought it sight un seen and hit the highway. Guy I got if from thought I was crazy to drive it that far. None of the gauges work... BE24F9CB-440F-4F8F-8CDF-FE5BEF50768D.png
  28. Yo Bruce - good looking car! Now, let me build you a bad-ass 426 Hemi . . . we'll make it a REALLY fun car! LOL
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  29. saltracer219
    Joined: Sep 23, 2006
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    Bruce, I wish I had known you were coming up, I live just a couple of miles from where you bought the 32 pickup. Pop and I have been Hot Rodders together for over 40 years
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  30. Looks to have a good body on it..Whats it got for a motor?

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