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History Grandpas el mirage roadster recreation p.r.c

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by paintslinger805, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Glad to hear that slow Joe got the axel done at last....Won't be long now and you will be on the road.....Can't wait to see photos.
  2. I talked with joe for about 45 mins today. I asked him about the lone star round up. He said it was a great show and great weather. He seems like a great guy. I'm getting happier knowing it's in the ups truck.
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  3. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    You'll be a rollin soon Bruce, I bet ya Elmer's pretty proud!!!!!
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  4. Grandpa called me yesterday morning. Ask how his car was coming along. He is looking forward to the Lars. I said if all gos well I should be down there first of May so we can go cruise Pasadena. Kevin He is gonna show us where everyone use to hang out back in the 40s and areas they used to go line up and race. It would be really cool to get a lot of hotrods to go with us. Have a big cruise. A historic cruise.....

    Anybody want to cruise with us????
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  5. Hey Bruce - back in town . . . was out hiking in the desert at Joshua Tree. On the intake choices (between the EM and Eddy), my guess is that in 'as cast' form, the Eddy will perform better. In my case, I ported the living hell out of my EM to match the engine and it runs very well . . . but there was a TON of aluminum on the bench afterwards! LOL. As you and others have noted, I'd run the Eddy on your setup anyway - as it matches the heads and makes the whole package look more 'complete' in my mind.
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  6. image.jpg Man I'm wired..
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  7. image.jpg And for those if you who don't/didn't know, best gasket company makes a big bore intake runner gasket. This way you don't have to try and cut out bigger intake holes. But maybe some of us want even bigger holes might as well start out with the biggest they make right.
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  8. image.jpg Went down this morning to one of my early ford suppliers same guy as the intakes. Picked up a couple of 1940s dash cluster light dimmer switches. I will hook one up for dash lights and maybe the other to my tail lights. Lol got to keep those coppers off my tail.
  9. image.jpg Time for surgery. Need to unclog the arteries so she can have more oxygen.
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  10. Yes Doctor Port . . . I think the heart of your engine will be a bit starved with those clogged arteries . . . I recommend enlarging them, straightening them toward the bottom and flowing them into the manifold base. The straighter shot to the ports and the more gradual the turns, the better. Also, the Stromberg 48's should flow a bit more than the 97's, so let that sucker flow baby! I think that manifold is perfect for your engine, car and overall build - you'll love the way it performs. It is one of the best 2-pot manifolds there is . . . about the only one that beats it is the Navarro racing 2-pot (but really only in the higher RPMs). This manifold will have more torque and HP down low - which is where you'll want it on the street anyway.

    Can't wait to see your maiden voyage!

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  11. Yes - exactly the one that I use. Then I take 4 short 3/8's NC bolts with flat washers the hold it to the block. Then take an X-acto knife and trim it away to match the block.

    Then, use the gasket to transfer the port shape and size to your manifold base. Then port the manifold base to match the gasket.

    I use carbide aluminum cutters for the major work, then the sandpaper rolls you already have for the rest. Don't go finer than 80 grit - you want the intake surfaces a bit rough. People love to polish the crap out of intake ports and runners - is actually the wrong thing to do.

    2015-07-15 21.59.20 copy.jpg

    2015-07-18 11.10.08 copy.jpg
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  12. Dale thank you for the way of the master. I did take apart the bottom of my 48 carb to see the difference in the carb bore to intake bore. The intake bore is already bigger than the 48s bore. Should I still go bigger with the intake bores.
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  13. Yea my motorcycle engine builder schooled me on not polishing the intake runners. He says it needs to be ruff to help mix the fuel better for atomization. He is also one hell of a builder but only does motorcycles. He is like a math/rocket scientist when it come to numbers and flow benching.
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  14. The 48's have the same throttle plate bores as the 97's, so that is not the issue as much as anything you can do to straighten the flow toward the manifold is probably a good thing. I hogged the heck out of my EM top as well as all the flow paths to the ports. That is one thing that is cool about these two-piece manifolds - you can get into a lot of places that you can't with the older Weiand, Thickston or Edelbrock high-rise two-pot manifolds.

    I'm actually going to make the top even bigger and try a couple Holley 2110's - on the dyno. I won't do this until I get a new rear end in the car - afraid I might break my early 32 rear (no pinion support).
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  15. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Yea here dale. The top hat part is pretty straight shot down. I can see what I have to do to make them more straight. I'm pretty sure I can make them perfect. And I can see most in the bottom half so I should be able to do really good in there. Fun stuff.
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  16. And happy Easter to all.
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  17. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    Bruce I start all my serious aluminum porting work with these aggressive bits on the left

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  18. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    Dale you mean like this Navarro racing intake. This is one I'm keeping from the collection. We got a outlaw shoot out in nov here in the Wild West so I will be doing some testing with this baby. The runners are a lot closer to the combustion chamber and you know what that means. A lot bigger boom.:D
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  19. Egor
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    Hi Bruce, fun to see you still having fun. In the 60s we were doing a lot of porting, the kids wanted us to build there bikes because our builds we're winning. One of the first things we would do is, take the shine off the ports, some of the customers would flip out after spending so much to have that done; Lol. I used to do all my porting with WD40 it keeps the tools from loading up, and you can use a stone wheel also won't load up. I like the finish also, just nice satin smooth. Have fun, and say hi to gramps for me.
    Dave Egor

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  20. Thanks egor and I will let grandpa know you say hi. I do have a lot of stone wheels also just all have the short shanks. Story of my life if I only have another 2". Lol :rolleyes:
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  21. You and all the rest of us guys out there...
  22. image.jpg Making chips. Got the first round burr'ed out. Tomorrow I will start with the 60 grit sand rolls and then on to the 80 final. Making power.
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  23. Can,t wait to see the end old as iam I had never heard about stopping at 80 grit. Guess ya are never to old to learn.
  24. image.jpg Holy Molie donut shop. The picture makes it look weird and messed up but it's pretty good. Or how they say good enough for this ol junk.
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  25. You're making some good progress Bruce - here are some additional points. I think you've already removed the 'bumps' in the top piece . . .

    slingbottom.jpg slingtop.jpg
  26. It rained most of the day so I got to spend some extra time porting out the bottom. I did cut those areas you highlighted dale. I looked it over good and just tried to make all the paths nice and with no bumps. She's smooth finished it all in 80 grit. It's already cleaned and new studs installed. It torqued down rechecked all the valve lash. I will finish up the generator and tighten the belt tomorrow. Axel will be here Friday as the tracking says.
  27. Here's the intake studs from reds headers. He says they are arp but they don't have the allen head. They work great. image.jpg
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  28. Cool Beans! I should have my new headers and associated straight pipes done by this weekend . . . we're both getting shit done for Spring!
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