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History Grandpas el mirage roadster recreation p.r.c

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by paintslinger805, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. gordspeed
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    from Oregon

    Very Cool paintslinger!
  2. Weedburner 40
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    Weedburner 40

    I can almost hear it running! Go Bruce go !
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  3. That looks SO DAMN GOOD! I'm sitting here at work, looking at this, and making engine noises. Everyones looking at me real funny all of a sudden.:D
  4. I sat in it last night and was doing the same thing. Hopefully after all the little hick ups iv had today she will come to life tomorrow....
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  5. Here's to ya saltracer. image.jpg Thanks for the clips. Packard 440 all wired up
  6. saltracer219
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    That makes my day, that stuff coulden't have found a better home. I hope you and yours have a great time this weekend, G...
  7. That baby is starting to look good . . . . ready to growl a little bit! Once you start it, do not let it idle for about 20 minutes (it may overheat in that time!). Don't spend too much time starting it and listening to the cool cam sound - get the car ready to rock and give it a few hard break-in runs. You want to get those rings seated and not glaze the cylinders over. Start it, idle it at 2000 or so, get it hot - shut it off - retorque the heads - run it for another 20 minutes or so at 2000 - shut down - retorque again, then shut it off until you're ready to do the break-in runs.
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  8. image.jpg image.jpg When it take an army call in the marines....:D
  9. Roger that dale thanks for all your knowledge and help. Once it's broke in I will post a video.
  10. Bill smith
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    Bill smith

  11. Dedication thru inspiration. Grandpa was racing el mirage 70 years ago. Yea that's 70 years ago. And he will be here Friday for the trog races. It's gonna be unbelievable. There's no where else he can go and see the cars race just like the days of his youth. Bobby and Mel have made this all possible and we are going to have one hell of a time.
  12. dan@larescorp
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    Great story, and a great car! It's awesome that you're helping your Grandpa re-live his youth.
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  13. You know the world is waiting...
    Just checking in at lunch here at work. Hopefully after work a nice, noisey, vroom vroom , filled video.
    The engine noises I make just wont compare.;)
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  14. trad27
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    We need updates... Can't wait to see this car in person
  15. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    So we heard it fire tonight,- after about 10:30, I tried to load the video, IDK what's up wit it...
    Any way for an instant it sounded GREAT!!!!!!!
    He's hitting it again in the AM...
    FANTASTIC JOB Bruce, Dennis, Cory and Co. !!!!!
    Elmer is gonna go nuts!!!!!!!!!!! IMG_7774.JPG
  16. Yep we just bumped it to make sure everything is right and ready to go. The thing is load as hell. Past 10 o'clock. We banged it and it was insane. It died and hit the starter again and it locked up. Seems my 40$ good to go starter has starter some other car a million times. The gear is wore out. So I have another but it's rusty so I'm soaking It over might in that mystery stuff. I will fix it tomorrow and get this baby broke in. We got video but who knows how to post it. Not me that's for sure after I think about it
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  17. waxhead
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    from West Oz

    Congratulations, another milestone completed, first fire.
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  18. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
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    Runnin shine

  19. So the starter bendix broke. Just finished rebuilding another one. Put the main shaft in the lathe and checked for straightness and polished the shaft and contact section. Bact to work grandpa just got here so it's break in time.
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  21. I know you guys are working on it as I type this. If Elmer is there, I can't imagine how hard it must be for him to not pitch in and help get it going.
    Ya gotta love the last minute thrash sessions. That's where the memories are made.
    To misquote Elwood..."blessed mother of acceleration, be with us now in the hour of our need. Amen"
  22. image.jpg image.jpg Well me and 383 Duece Dennis had to rebuild a starter. Broke a bendix the park under the spring. Don't know why might of all ready been broken. 40 dollar starter.:(. Put it back in and fired it up. Ran 20 mins shut her down. Re torqued the heads and wait till tomorrow. This car won't go to trog till next year. But grandpa sure likes it. It sound great. I did take video and I will try and figure it out how to post it.
  23. Fantastic . . . made me smile to see the picture of Gramps - makes all the work worthwhile. I can't wait until you have it tuned and he gets to drive it - now THAT will be the killer day. :) I've had fun working with yah!
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  24. Weedburner 40
    Joined: Jan 26, 2006
    Posts: 619

    Weedburner 40

  25. Dale I just got to say you know your flathead motors. I really owe you for all the back and forth phone time. This motor would not be what it is without your knowledge and you hooked me when you said if your building a hotrod, then build a fu$@ing hotrod. And that's what we did. Grandpa gave it the thumbs up and that is amazing. Here he is some 70 years later sitting there when I fire up this beast and run it at 2300rpm or so for 20 mins. You really helped me out dale and I'm very great full. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted on the next fire up. I'm already looking forward to my/are next flatty build. My 49 merc motor for my 49 shoebox chopped and sectioned. We will make her a runner as well...:D
  26. Cyclone Kevin
    Joined: Apr 15, 2002
    Posts: 3,924

    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    Congrats to the El-man!!!!! I'm glad ya guys got it running.:).
  27. image.jpg image.jpg Here's grandpa checking out why my 200$ radiator is leaking. And also a picture of trog- west and why I won't be taking my car out there. This is the on ramp to get down to the water front. We had a full moon and a 5.2 foot high tide and It flooded out. Too much trouble to make it happen so I will try for next year.
  28. HA HA ! I knew he wouldn't be able to NOT help somewhere! :D
    Seeing the look on your grandpas face, and that thumbs up...I swear he looks 10 years younger! Trog next year for sure! I still want to see and hear some video though!;)
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  29. Wow. I just went back and looked at the thread start date. March 13 2016. Been a FAST 8 months! I think you can slow down and breath now.;)

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