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History Grandpas el mirage roadster recreation p.r.c

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by paintslinger805, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Pewsplace
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    Great read about how it was and how it will be.
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg So I got a few more things DONE!!!! My youngest hotrodders wire brushed the front end then painted it. We didn't sand just cleaned it up and shot the black lacquer over all the old paint so you can still see all the old chips and scratches. Had a friend over on sat and put in a full days of work too. He rolled over in his 55 f1 then put down a nice burnout on the way out thanks for all your help mark. Those are grandpas great grand kids putting in work there. Also finished up the brake/clutch box new bushings and all gas welded back up gonna finish the cuts on k member tonight so the trans will fit with pedal box in also got all the new brake lines to run so hopefully I will get the front done tonight too. I called brookville today and the deadline to order for the Lars is end of next week. So I'm going to go up Monday and check on the real Henry body. Maybe a fairy tale but we will see. If it turns out to be a bad leed then brookville here we come. I will bring the chassis to Lars if I can't get the real body so be ready to help put the body on if your there. Gonna need some help lifting it up and on. Also gonna have grandpa there to hopefully.
  3. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I think I can get the front crossmember out next week. I've been working my but off on my frame except for being sick for a couple days. Going out to clean up more welds on the rails right now. Then you can cut the later style motor mounts off! Yuck.
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  4. Looking good and I like the new help you have......
  5. So I'm thinking about the exhaust now. What's the common size for flatheads. I'm gonna do the same as grandpa did with dumps under doors and run the pipes and mufflers all the way back. Wondering what size tubing I should use. Like 1-3/4 or 2" ect.??? ThAnks
  6. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    Again I don't want to hog up your thread. I've been thinking about your exhaust for days but didn't want to bother ya. I assumed you were doing it like Gramps cause his was so bitchin under the frame rails.
    I was thinking you should talk to @383duece about this one. He offered me a 35-36 style drive shaft to finish my lake style drive shaft exhaust pipes cause it requires two to make it back behind the rear doors on my longer chassis. I just needed to pay him shipping(there are great people on the HAMB). TonyMartino just sent me some cut up pieces that match my pipes "patina" well and mine will be complete and still look like they came out of my wife's grandfathers barn.
    So instead of me paying shipping to have Dennis ship to me then I ship to you, just talk to him.
    As for 1.750 or 2.0 out the back? Hell I don't know.
  7. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I'm sorry everyone, that should have been done PM. But I just woke and haven't had my good joe yet
  8. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    They were 1-3/4".
  9. No worries shine. Say what ya gotta say.:)
  10. Thanks mike. I figured they weren't using anything bigger than 2 inch
  11. Hopefully I will be hearing from my machine shop today about the motor. If all is good then we are gonna send that cam off to get it profiled so we will know the specs. My machinist says this motor was done right so he was thinking just a hone bearings and rings. But he is hot tanking it magging and sonic testing it to be sure so I got my fingers crossed. And I will use that cam to it will sound heathy....
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  12. Egor
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    Just found this thread and I am hooked. A great way to bring some happiness to your grandpa. Kudos to you and good luck on your project. Hope to see you at Pismo. Not sure if I will be entering my roadster, but will be there regardless.
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  14. Thanks zz. I haven't posted anymore pics of build because I'm at a stand still. There are some parts I need to move forward so as I find them I will post more pics. Motor is at machine shop and I'm just waiting to hear from them on its condition. If all is good with it I will have a running badass flatty here in a few weeks. Thanks for following along and I WILL be at trog so see ya there. I live 10 mins. From pismo
  15. E
    egor those are some cool pictures. Don't you just wish the era was crazy camera and phone videos. We would be able to see a lot more. Hell my grandpa says he never took a camera to el mirage. So all those pics and that video is a rare thing. Just glad we had some that did take pictures like the mcnatts. Great history and I know there's got to be a lot more pictures out there of my grandpas car.
  16. Does anyone know this don mcgomery guy that published those books. I bet he has some pics of grandpas car!???? Sry I think I spelled his name wrong. My English is not all that good...
  17. Don's HAMB name is Rockerhead, PM him, He's a great guy and an absolute expert on early lakes and drag racing.

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  18. Thanks mick I'm gonna drop him one right now.
  19. Bruce, Received the mail today and your surprise was in it.......How KOOL? I really dig the photo and am going to frame it and hang it in my shop. Also the old east coast stuff is very cool as I like stickers as you could tell if you ever get back to my shop some day.
    Tell your gramps I think his old roadster is the cats ass and like that he is passing this information about it on to you. Wish I had a grandfather like him. Spend as much time with him talking about the old days as you can, as there are not many of him left to pass this on to us.
    Thank's once more....and if you are looking for more parts for this build let me know and if I can help you out I sure will try.
  20. Well Dennis I know it's not much but I hope you like it. Thanks again and see you soon at the Lars. If you look those stickers say class winner and your 3window is a winner for sure.
  21. image.jpg Damn I got two many holes and not enough carburators. No one want to help with a early dual edelbrock so maybe I will just punch my motor at the machine shop a 4-1/8 stroke and keep the 3-3/8 bore and run this 4 carb set up. Jet the carbs down alittle and run it. I put this one in for now so I can finish up the brakes. I got a steering coloum coming from a hamber hotcoupe. So I will be able to finish up steering as well. Can all you hoaders help a brother out. Stop just staring at it in your garages. It's going to a good home.:D:D:D Also gonna get the exhaust done too. How about my under firewall oil pressure gauge... image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  22. saltracer219
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    You will need to run 81's if you try to run 4 carbs.....
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  23. How many you got for sale???;)
  24. Or I would trade this one for a dual edelbrock with carbs on it. Pm me if anybody's interested.
  25. saltracer219
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    I wish I could help you, I have 97's but no 81's. they are out there but hard to find......
  26. I need a good pair of 97s this one I got is hacked up. If anybody's got two good ones please pme if you will sell them. Thanks
  27. titus
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    Im running four 81s on a evans intake on a stock 59ab with strait linkage and had to upjet about 4 to 5 steps, runs out really good too, so when i put my big motor (only a 296) i will probably switch out to 4 97s. itll take downjetted 97s with progressive linkage probably just my opinion
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  28. hotrodtom
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    I too have just found this thread and I'm hooked. I have plans to be at LARS in June and hope to see you there. I hope I can find you since I hear there may be a few thousand other guys there too!
    Your grandfather's last name IS unusual. Are y'all by any chance kin to Texas Jack Omohundro, the cowpoke - trail drriver-turned movie guy?
  29. I do believe we are. But not sure if it's jack jr or sr, Jack sr adopted a five year old native Indian and named him jack jr. Texas jack was a scout for the southern army. He was too young to in list so he would find the north and tell the south. Rebel he was. He later rode with wild bill and guided buffalo and did side shows too.
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  30. Awesome thread. Keep up the great work, I hope you find a gennie roadster body, but a Brookville is hard to beat.

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