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Projects Gotta start them young!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hemiman 426, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Hemiman 426
    Joined: Apr 7, 2011
    Posts: 676

    Hemiman 426
    from Tulsa, Ok.

  2. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
    Posts: 5,718

    from Oregon

  3. Another chance to post a photos of the grandkids! Lol:) They love riding in the Hot Rods. They will also be the owners, and driving them some day too. Ron........... 151.jpg 152.jpg 153.jpg 267.jpg 246.jpg
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  4. hrm2k
    Joined: Oct 2, 2007
    Posts: 3,790


    The guy in the picture is HAMBer @faster81 .......That kid should be just about old enough to drive
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  5. Hey!, I think I saw that Fairlane come by my office the other day, 46th between Memorial and Sheridan.
    If it was, sure sounds nasty.
    Cute kid too!
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  6. Bjorn Wilsson
    Joined: Jul 20, 2020
    Posts: 41

    Bjorn Wilsson

    Alma 6 years built her first rod. A piece of wood, some welding rod and wheels cut out with a holesaw. It has to be a quickbuild course you cant wait when you are 6 years. Hurry grandpa!!! 162.jpg
  7. This is Brenda & her mom long before I met her, and yeah, that's Brenda's wagon in the background.


    And our granddaughter Veda. HRP
  8. Hemiman 426
    Joined: Apr 7, 2011
    Posts: 676

    Hemiman 426
    from Tulsa, Ok.

    Probably!! My son's shop is over that way. Yeah, Grandson Maverick is a charmer !!
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  9. Luke stone
    Joined: Sep 5, 2017
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    Luke stone

    I don’t normally post pics of my son online but chosen pics carefully. Definitely starting young in this house. My lad first went to the drags at 2 in his stroller and absolutely loves it now but missing it this year. Hopefully get 1 meeting in before the end of season
    11D3052A-C772-41FB-A9F1-B5B4E080055C.jpeg 7E23CD3C-B356-4F38-9E0E-98ECAFDBED36.jpeg 70544479-B8C7-442F-85F8-686F146C8C81.jpeg
    My poor attempt at building him a Willys pickup in the snow a few years ago

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  10. clem
    Joined: Dec 20, 2006
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  11. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    upload_2020-8-11_4-31-15.png Nice photo, nice car


    In 1946, I was two and my dad told me that on one stop of our 700 mile road trip from the Oregon border to Long Beach, I stood up and grabbed the wheel, just like in the photo. Then on the next stop there was a bag in the front seat and somehow I climbed over the seatback and looked inside of the bag. It was a hamburger all wrapped up ready for someone to eat it. Everyone was in the station getting drinks and such.

    I was in the car, munching down on the hamburger. My dad was astonished that the burger was half eaten when they all got back in the car. Yes, I know why was I the only one in the car? Remember, back in those days, no one locked doors and there weren’t people roaming around kidnapping little kids.
    upload_2020-8-11_4-33-16.png 1941 Buick Fastback Sedan (in 1946 & 48)
    When our family was able to buy our first real house in 1948, my dad did the same thing. He put me up on his seat of the 1941 Buick Fastback, controlled the gas/brake pedal and allowed me to steer back to our little house from a block away. From that point on, he told me to meet him at 5:30 p.m. every day/night and I would be able to “steer/drive” back to our house. After a few funny incidents, he told me to get close to the curb. Ha! That was a big bump on the first time and it took me a week to not hit the curb.

    I got really good at steering and finally was able to guess where the curb was and turned away just in time. That went on until my mom wondered where I was around 5:30 p.m. every day. By this time, he had purchased a big black 1949 Buick Roadmaster. Now, that big sedan was difficult to get used to, but now I was a little taller and could see the road and curb better.


    My mom finally saw us roll up to the front gate of the picket fence in the 1949 Buick Roadmaster. Now, she was ticked at my dad for doing such a dangerous thing with HER little baby. Ha ha! That was the end of my pre-driving skills lessons for quite some time.

    Our granddaughter as a toddler, used our station wagon in the same stance. Pretending to do what toddlers pretend to do at that stage. Did we allow her to steer the car? Her parents were very strict and in no way was the granddaughter going to be out of her car seat to steer any car, even those big tanks we see on the road. They were not car people so, it was gas and go for them.

    Whenever we stopped for a picnic, soccer practice, beach parking lot, our granddaughter would love to crawl up to the front seat. She would pretend to steer a battleship, rocket, jet airplane and whatever else could be steered with a wheel. A mermaid perhaps? Ha! (only when we were waiting somewhere or just sitting in a station wagon with the rain pouring down on us.)

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