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got my A down !

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 46international, May 12, 2012.

  1. Out with the '30 front end and in with the '48 front end and the front is down where it should be. Don't mind the lack of shackle bushings, I will make them tomorrow.
    Couple of questions, I need new spring perches, or what would be called spring perches. These perches don't mount the springs just the axle to the wishbone. so are the called wishbone mounting bolts. anyhow I need to get some. they had two mounting lugs made on top of them but I had to cut them off to press them out. don't need the lugs just the bolts, do other year mounting bolts fit?
    Next, the shackle angle, is it too straight up and down? I reversed the main spring leaf, and as we all know the length gets alittle longer when this is done. will I need a panhard bar? did they use panhard bars in the '50's? What about the king pin retainer bolts, are many years the same? where can I get some?

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  2. one more thing, I will have to split the bones, I will use tie rod ends to mount the bones to the frame, what type should I get?

    thanks for all the help
  3. F&J
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    Lovin' the spring ahead...:cool: that is the old way it was done around here, and nobody has the balls to do it these days.

    You don't really have enough shackle angle IMO; the shackles may rock back and forth as it is?

    Some guys use the heavier/bigger Ford truck tie rod ends for split bones, and many use the car ones. Just don't have way too much of the threaded part unsupported. Just leave just enough threads showing for adjusting. you don't need an inch showing. (if you use the car ones)

    When you split them and bring them out, watch for turning radius problems if the tires hit them on tight turns. Very common with the later axles. If you can keep them in a bit, that would help.

    My old hotrodded 32 chassis had the tapered bungs put in backwards, so that the rod end comes into the bung from under the car. That gains some turning radius. Most people want the tie rod end to show on the outside, not the nut, but it works better.
  4. I think you are right about the shackle angle, I could shorten the shackle some, that will help but not too much. Good idea about the bung mounted backward. Is there a length I should keep the split bone? I did some mock up on the split bone mounting and it looks like the turnning radius may be ok. depending on how long the bone is.

  5. DeepSea Fish
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    DeepSea Fish

    Is the spring mounted in the stock model A crossmember? If so, the wheelbase is going to be WAY off.
  6. yes stock crossmember but the frame is streched so the Y block will fit so the wheel base is close to the same.

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