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Technical Got 5 year old tires?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ford blue blood, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Everyhing is made from synthetic rubber now. Used to the tires where made with real Gum rubber. Ive seen it printed on the sidewall (Gum Dipped) . The difference between new and 5 year old tires is like the difference between a stack of Turds and a Pile of Poop.
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  2. 2OLD2FAST
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    from illinois

    I've cut tires up in quarters and thrown then in the trash ??
    Tires on my DD were new with the car , 2009 , 33k miles...
    Oh ,hankook.
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  3. Your supposed to save all the junk tires you can get. and on Earth Day you Have a Tire kill and burn them.
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  4. Beanscoot
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    Don't tell anyone, but near me old tires are used to fire cement kilns. Obviously they do it cleanly, and keep it under the radar of the masses.
  5. I gave away a semi load of car tires. that's where they where headed to be used as fuel. I dunno about cleanly. Since you cant make sumthin from nothing. and cant make sumthin into nuthin. the stuff those tires contained still exist. Some place & some how?
  6. Beanscoot
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    Well in a proper furnace the usual soot (carbon) is virtually completely oxidized to carbon dioxide, and the sulfur is reacted with the lime that's being roasted to make a small amount of gypsum.
    Anyhow, the plant produces no noticeable smoke or smell.
    And it gets rid of a lot of nasty old tires that otherwise are a blight.

    There's also a tire industry program in my province to pay for disposal, so I can bring in a set or two of old tires and drop them off for free. Since I live in a city, burning them myself is not allowed.
    Another benefit of dropping off my old ones is that I often can pick up a pair or two of very good used tires from the pile.
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  7. Roothawg
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    028FE980-2DB6-4681-A72A-1A8A24BF4FB7.jpeg CACBD111-A3EA-4A9A-9372-D3602B0ECC38.jpeg 91AEE7F7-CD6B-4299-8FB8-B10866F93FF1.jpeg Welp, I had a tire go south on the car hauler today. The complete belt left the tire, but it never lost air. I checked the date codes and I think this particular tire is 16 years old. Just a weird coincidence......

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