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Hot Rods GOING TO TRY IT AGAIN ~ SEATS ~ Ryan approved

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Blue One
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    You know Paul, you should probably post this in the classifieds section instead of spamming multiple threads here on the forum
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  2. I'm going to use seats from a 61-65 t bird in my 30 Buick coupe. The buckets are low they-also have a low console and if you need back seats the rear one has a nice little curve to it. Plus you can get covers from the t bird parts place.

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  3. porknbeaner
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    Seats are more of a balancing act I think than anything we use on our old heaps. If you are going to put any miles on one you need to be a little bit comfortable but comfort gets harder to find the older we get.

    Around here Neon seats became popular with the older crowd, they fit good in an old coupe and the tops can be cut off of them to make them look the part, at least marginally. The bolsters don't hurt a thing either.

    The @raven has an old pair of leather Jag seats, like out of a '50s vintage jag. I was looking at them the other day, they look a lot like an A sedan seat. They are just too wide for a T coupe but they would probably slide right in an A coupe or later.
  4. 4speed411
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    Dodge early van..motor home seats are tapered and fit the early bodies nicely
  5. Metaltwister
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    Something new from Bengels Seats.
    We have received many requests for a way to improve the 35 / 36 Ford bucket seats while when completed looking as original as possible. So we blew apart a set to see what we could do. This is what we came up with. While we are still working on pricng structue and the best way to supply them we are getting closer to production. Thought you guy might like a peek at something brand new. Let us know what you think.
    Looks like we are going to be offering zig-zag spring inserts that bolt into the original
    frames, or we can supply the complete seat frame
    . upload_2018-7-25_13-55-14.jpeg upload_2018-7-25_13-43-3.jpeg
    These frames pictured are with our inserts in original frames.
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  6. deucetruck
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    from Missouri

    1965 (I think) VW bug seats.
    sedan interior - 16.jpg sedan interior 009.JPG
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  7. 37gas
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    Have a pair of seats just like in post 85. price will be FREE they came in my 33 roadster and I went to a bench seat. We just need to get them to you, if you go to auto fair I live 2 miles from the speedway. For a driver they shouldn't need to be redone
  8. wicarnut
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    These bucket seats were out of a Volvo, very comfortable, can't swear if pre 65, had them done up in 50's/60's style as the rest of new interior, I explained my ideas to upholstery guy and checked in with him, bought a few lunches, and I was very happy with results. IMO This gentleman is talented as any in upholstery business and has retired from it for now. I know you drive your cars, so suggest you find something comfy for your old touche
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  9. Ned Ludd
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    Ned Ludd

    Morris Minor. Early type:
    Later type ('56 on):
    I'm not sure about complete seats, but later seat frames and seat covers are available separately as new.

    My '58 has an early driver's seat and a later passenger seat, and I can tell you the early seat is more comfortable.
  10. The37Kid
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    I saw a '32 Tudor at the NYC Coliseum show back in the 1960's and later featured in Hot Rod with a curved back seat out of a Thunderbird. It really looked nice. Bob
  11. Hombre
    Joined: Aug 22, 2008
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    HRP, I don't envy you a search for your seats. Seats can be tough, on my tudor sedan I tried just about everything out there. I had a problem you don't have and that is a severe chop, ended up using seats from an off topic Corvette C3 and while they work great I just hate the way they look besides that the damn things are just not right in a Model A. So my search goes on as well.

    I have tried quite a few seats, I have a pair now from a 65 Mustang. They are too high but I can fix that, the are good in the width and mine is a Model A which I believe is narrower than your deuce but I just don't like the damn things. The Corvair seats are much like GTO and that type body style. I love those seats but trying to find a pair today is like pulling hens teeth.

    I am going to keep up with this thread in the hopes that whatever "YOU" find will work for me as well.
  12. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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  13. sololobo
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    closed mind here, "buckets are for pickles", I just like bench seats. Sorry to offend anyone.

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