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Folks Of Interest Going out to dinner she darn near went through the windshield!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Smokeybear
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    99% of the bugs, snakes, reptiles, etc. I have no problem with. I've even had a few pet snakes. There are only a few things I'll kill on site. Copperheads, Rattlesnakes, Roaches, ants, gnats, flies, and ESPECIALLY asian lady beetles (those little fockers that look like lady bugs but bite and swarm), and stink bugs. Both of those last two have become a real nuisance around here as they've moved in and there are no known predators for each and they are EVERYWHERE!
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  2. 56sedandelivery
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    As far as the "centipedes" of this posting goes, it's not the rounded, slow moving spieces I'm referring too, it's the almost see-through body, long legged, fast moving, and large insects I'm talking about. When I was about 8 years old, I had an abscess on my right arm (still have a scar from it). The "medic" (USAF Dispensary) thought it was from an insect bite that I must have been scratching at. Some months later, while doing housework, my Mother found the dead carcass of this large centipede (at least 2 inches long), and Mom said, "this is probably what bit you". Ever since then I go into nuclear attack mode to kill them, and I'm not kidding!!! It's why I said I hate those things. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.
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  3. In 1972, I was stationed at Laredo AFB, as an exchange flight instructor/check pilot on the T-38/F-5. There were all manner of snakes and bugs everywhere, so one learned to be careful about where they were walking and reaching.
    Early one morning, I had a final instrument check to do on a pilot, and after the inspection, we climbed up the ladder and strapped in and started doing the pre-flight checks.
    I saw some movement above the instrument panel, and as I looked up, I saw a black widow spider descending from the cockpit bow toward my lap. They were common where I was brought up, so there was no mistaking the hour glass on the belly.
    I told the other pilot the nature of the problem, told him to exit the aircraft, unstrapped all my equipment, and had to jump over the side in a parachute, G suit and helmet. As I turned around to check on the other pilot, I saw him hanging from the side of the aircraft by the G suit cable that he had forgotten to detach. It looked hilarious, like a performer from the circus swinging on a rope.
    The crew chief ran up and was finally able to lift him down.
    He then came over to me, and asked about the nature of the problem. I told him that there was a black widow in the front cockpit, and he could go and kill it if he wanted to. The look on his face, and his reply of f%^$ you, sir, had me in stitches.
    The plane was hauled away for decontamination, and I signed out another one and carried on. The examinee did well, in spite of all the earlier trauma.
  4. rtp
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    A few years ago the nephew wanted me to race his stock motor gocart . went to A few races did ok. Went one Sunday afternoon to a track to race ,nobody in stock class but me .so I deside to practice ,run a few laps with the others.
    Coming out of turn two I see a bumble bee half way down the back stretch ,I got to the right so does the bee.hits my helmet no big deal...two laps later I see the bee again. This time it's on the inside of my face shield. Hit pit lane late slide into fence. Struggle with gloves to remove neck brace helmet strap ... Finnaly get dang thing off bee flus away. Nephew wants to know what wrong ,tell him about bee , starts to laugh ,,then asked me why I didn't just open face shield and let the bee out.
    Haven't rode a gocart since.

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