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GNRS-why do they insist a photo with every entry?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Groucho, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I've been to shows with 2 big speakers blaring for the whole event, instead of several at a moderate level. So, the closer you have your car parked, the more fucked you are for the whole day. I was part of the drive-in at GNRS Saturday, and a PA speaker above us on the roof was so fucking loud, we couldn't even hang out by our own cars when we stopped to have lunch or rest our legs. At least they weren't cranking out (C)rap music:rolleyes:
  2. thats some funny shit!
  3. I too,thought it was TOO LOUD this year! The music should be for back-ground,NOT the focal point. The cars are the attraction...IMO.
  4. Amen Brother, Amen
  5. For us older guys with hearing damage and tinnitus it really sucks. I can't hear what anyone says in a normal conversation plus the ringing in my ears is worse (and you get tired of spitting in each others ears to talk). I'm tempted to bring a shotgun and blow the speakers off the buildings but I don't need to meet the guys on the LA SWAT Team just yet...........:D
  6. Goozgaz
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    Jeez.. you guys really complaining about the crowds?

    I thought people paying money at the gate was what kept the show going year after year?

    I liked the people watching part of it. I liked the music in all the rooms. I had a good time listening to the bands in the Suude Palace. The guys doing the doo-wop stuff was cool. Maybe a little loud but that's most music venues.

    I didn't get the Greaser Alley part either but so what just a banner hanging there. It's not like they were requiring cuffed jeans and skull tatos to walk through there.

    If I had to pay the gate fee just to see a few particular cars that I personally liked behind ropes... I wouldn't go.
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  7. YEP I vote for lowering the music in future, wayyy tooo loud this year, it was even hard to talk to the vendors!! It also takes away from the cars & trucks in the show.
  8. Mr.Gasser
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    I can understand that the live bands should be loud, but why was the regular music blasting so loud everywhere else? I did enjoy the music in the kustoms room (plus it was a great room anyway), it was tasteful and not too obnoxiously loud.
  9. KomptonKid
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    A lot of the problem is the acoustics. Most of those Pomona fairground buildings were built during the depression by the WPA, and while I'm no sound engineer, I know that once you crank up the volume enough to radiate over the crowd noise in a hanger building with just a roof and no ceiling, the sound waves turn into weapons. I think that's why the outside bands sounded so much better. Not sure there's a solution.

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