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Glass 34 Roadster Bodies

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BZNSRAT, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Any reviews on glass 33-34 roadster bodies? Anyone use a Downs' body?
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  2. bobby_Socks
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    from ǑǃƕǑ

  3. Pewsplace
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    I have built two 33/4 Wescott bodies and I feel they are top notch in quality and authenticity. The price is high($11K) but a steel one is even higher from SAR and I don't like the dash in the SAR unit. I am thinking about building my third one.
    Here is a photo.

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  4. I will also give a thumbs up for Wescott glass bodies,I had a '32 and it was well built. HRP
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  5. 51farmtruck
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  6. tiredford
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    from Mo.

    I bought Wescott fenders for my model A, they were top quality and the customer service was excellent. Thats worth a lot to me.
  7. woodiewagon46
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    from New York

    My deuce roadster is made by Wescotts and after 55K on the odo the body looks like new, no cracks or glass bleed thru. Steel reinforced where it needs to be.
  8. Gibbon at one time was a pretty darn good company with a great product when Dwight Bond in Gibbon, Nebraska was running it but when the owners son Kyle moved the company to Darlington,S.C. he had some problems and the company went to Poo for a while.

    I have had two glass Gibbon body's and they were well made. HRP
  9. CharlieLed
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    Come on out to SoCal and I will sell you a complete set of molds, 3W unchopped, for half the price of a manufactured body. I was going to build a body out of carbon fiber but lost interest.
  10. Anderson Industries(AI) in Maryland(I believe)used to build a really nice 34 roadster body.A friend of mine built the first one out of the mold in 1978 and it is still around today.Don't believe they ever had any problems with the body.
  11. Looks like the kid landed?

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  12. k32t
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    from Hog town

    wrap your ass in fyyyyyyyyyyyyyberglass
  13. Chuck R
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    Chuck R

    i have 45,000 miles on my Wescott 32. It is a solid, well made body.
  14. hayu
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    Be bops has a nice looking body.
  15. metal man
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    metal man

    Our Gibbon bodied '34 roadster is 30 years old this year, and has 130,000 miles on it. It is holding up very well. No cracks that I am aware of, and it has stayed straight. It's had one repaint in thirty years.

    The other guys are right too...Wescott makes great bodies,although I've never owned one.

    A good stiff frame is key in how well a glass car holds up.
  16. ohiohotrods
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    ive built 4 gibbons- 1 wescott- 2 rats and 1 Windsor and 2 downs. and an outlaw all are decent and all have their issues.gibbon and downs are no longer. wescott is very nice. rats big door roadster is very roomy and easy to get in and out of. outlaws doors don't open very far-bitch to access. not sure if they are still available. just my opinion
  17. ohiohotrods
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    by the way they all make you ITCH
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    Thanks for all the input. It looks like Downs is back in business. Dad built a 34 5 window from them in the 80's. It was a quality product. If anyone has a review of their roadster or anything since they re-opened let me know, thanks!
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  19. Pewsplace
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    Bob, you may itch but you don't have to install patch panels. I seem to remember you had a black one when Gibbon first built the body. I still prefer them over the Deuce which I don't fit in. Stay warm.
  20. Hello BZNSRAT:
    Hope you are staying warm over there.My S-I-L was starnded overnight.
    Downs bodys, I have one of the old ones ser 20&21 frame & body. I will be putting it up for sale around June. Nice well built car with 350/4L60 & 356 rear,walker radiator. Metal grille & shell,hood,dash & boards, One off wire spoke wheels,flomaster mufflers,P&J shocks up front & alden coil overs in the back. Buick(52) tail lights,vintage air & heat. LBB top,BLC headlights. Glass fenders,flaming river column & LeCarrea banjo wheel,classic gauges & lokar insert & swan neck shifter,teas design seat. Ghost flames & power trunk. Price is going to be in the mid $50,000.
    If you know anybody interested I can send lots of pics but not on this forum.
    My E-addy is

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