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George Barris' Other TV & Movie Cars of the 60s

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by The Jalopy Journal, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. The Jalopy Journal
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    The Jalopy Journal

  2. autobilly
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    Dragular rules
  3. tfeverfred
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  4. flamingokid
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    I remember seeing those reruns in the early 70s and thing Dragula was one cool frigging ride.To this day,if that episode comes on,I have to watch it.

  5. one episode, jethro had the truck turned into a hot rod, jed made put it back like it was. i thought it was really cool when i was a kid. not so much now. i think barris did it.

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  6. BillSchmid
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    from Ohio

    Didn't he build that Toronado on Mannix?
  7. truckjim
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    Great photo. Thanks!
  8. Chrisbcritter
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  9. ProEnfo
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    from Motown


    "Joe Mannix's customized 1967 Olds Toronado Convertible by George Barris for the popular CBS TV series of the sixties. The back seat was removed and the extra space, covered with a leather tonneau, was used as a storage area for crime fighting gadgets. The armrest between the two front seats held a gun, a short-wave radio and a telephone. Thirty coats of semi gloss kept the two-tone roadster glistening under the California sun Mannix was an American television detective series that ran from 1967 through 1975 on CBS. Mannix Television Car

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  10. stanlow69
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    from red oak

    Don`t forget the Villa Riviera.

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  11. 57Custom300
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    from Arizona

    And we thought Jethro was dumb......
  12. R Pope
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    R Pope

    That Fireball Plym looks to have '64 Merc front fenders for rear quarters.
  13. Barris actually did three cars for that series; this car used only in about half the first season shows, a '68 Dart convertible mildly customized and used in the second and some of the third season, and a nearly identical '69 Dart convertible also used in the third season. The latter was wrecked and totalled; the '68 was found and restored.

    Barris is also credited with the customized '69 AMC AMX-400 for the series Banacek, featuring George Peppard.
  14. Detectives nowadays drive Crown Vics.
  15. MTR-HD-Ordie
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    I believe Barris also did Nudie's custom, either a Lincoln or a Caddie. It's been on display at the film museum in Lone Pine CA. for a number of years. Not a great picture of the car, it's all I had


  16. HydroClyde
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    Here's a photo of the AMX 400

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  17. Doctor Detroit
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    Doctor Detroit

  18. 41will
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    from Hanover PA

    Much prefer the Barris' non TV cars.
  19. How many are still around and where?

    The Fireball 500 SSXR was bought buy a private collector in Canada. It was in KS for a long time. The original fade paint scheme from the movie was much better than the white to red repaint it is now. It claimed to have a Hemi on the model kit but the car had a 273 small block from some photos I have somewhere.


    The Dodge Thunder Charger from Thunder Alley.


  20. mohr hp
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    mohr hp
    from Georgia

    I like the Raider's coach. I also like the rig built like it lately in Ca.

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