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Folks Of Interest Garlits turned 91 today...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Deuces, Jan 14, 2023.

  1. Deuces
    Joined: Nov 3, 2009
    Posts: 23,289


    Happy Birthday Don.... Wishing you the best..:)
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  2. Tow Truck Tom
    Joined: Jul 3, 2018
    Posts: 1,622

    Tow Truck Tom
    from Clayton DE

    Indeed only the best
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  3. s55mercury66
    Joined: Jul 6, 2009
    Posts: 4,300

    from SW Wyoming

  4. He turned a 91?

    I remember when he was much faster than that. :mad:

  5. Super/Stock Poncho
    Joined: May 11, 2009
    Posts: 171

    Super/Stock Poncho
    from Missouri

    Happy B-day, BIG DADDY !
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  6. doug3968
    Joined: Sep 13, 2014
    Posts: 60


    You gotta see the museum.
    Happy Birthday Don
  7. My drag racing Hero! Happy birthday Big Daddy!! The museum is incredible, there are not words to describe it. I only got three hours there, we (us car guys), could easily spend three days there and not see it all.
  8. 65pacecar
    Joined: Sep 22, 2010
    Posts: 13,446

    from KY, AZ

    Happy Birthday Big. Greatest of all time. Just visited his museum on a rainy day the week of the Turkey Rod, Spent the whole day, incredible history.
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  9. Happy Birthday Big Daddy!
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  10. pwschuh
    Joined: Oct 27, 2008
    Posts: 2,786


    Big Birthday to Big Daddy!
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  11. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 30,125


    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you have given to the sport and hobby. Bob
  12. Happy Birthday “Big Daddy” always will be one of your biggest fans—-still going strong at 91 !!! 6974FD07-0B0B-4DCE-B599-166F6B41DD97.jpeg 2DD4E0B0-9F92-4857-83AF-87138972CF2B.jpeg
  13. Marty Strode
    Joined: Apr 28, 2011
    Posts: 8,542

    Marty Strode

    Saw Don race Ivo in June of 63, at Puyallup,Wa. Fast forward 10 years, watched him run his first 5 at Portland, a pair of 5.95's back to back. Great, hard earned career, Happy Birthday !
  14. Wow, makes ya think, don't it?
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  15. aircap
    Joined: Mar 10, 2011
    Posts: 1,733


    Garlits is an awesome possum.
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  16. choptop40
    Joined: Dec 23, 2009
    Posts: 4,830


  17. Michael Ottavi
    Joined: Dec 3, 2008
    Posts: 251

    Michael Ottavi

    Happy Birthday to you Big Daddy! Still remember watching you dust off the "Greek" at York US 30 Dragway in the 60's.
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  18. jetnow1
    Joined: Jan 30, 2008
    Posts: 2,121

    from CT
    1. A-D Truckers

    Happy Birthday Don, one of my fondest memories is of going thru your museum with my Dad, he was not a car guy
    but still talked about some of the things there years later.
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  19. BadgeZ28
    Joined: Oct 28, 2009
    Posts: 1,149

    from Oregon

    Live long and prosper Big.
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  20. Jalopy Joker
    Joined: Sep 3, 2006
    Posts: 30,894

    Jalopy Joker

    Wishing the very best to the Big Daddy of Drag Racing - a living legend - the sport of drag racing owes him a lot - looking forward to your 92nd
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  21. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 8,898


    Hey 65,
    Were any of the color films shown in the museum from 1959 Riverside Raceway with his early 671 hemi version or 1960 Bakersfield with Art Malone driving? They would be the only color versions of that time period from 1959 to 1960.


    If so, what section of the museum? If not, thanks....
    upload_2023-1-15_12-24-59.png 1960 Bakersfield

    upload_2023-1-15_12-24-5.png 1959 Riverside Raceway
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  22. BamaMav
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
    Posts: 6,531

    from Berry, AL

    91 and still playing with cars! Only hope I make it that long!
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  23. Tow Truck Tom
    Joined: Jul 3, 2018
    Posts: 1,622

    Tow Truck Tom
    from Clayton DE

    I shook his hand once.
    The grip was, let's say, memorable.
    In his book you get to understand why.

    Me Too
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  24. Here is a rarely seen picture of Keith Richards coddling Don Garlits many moons ago. Happy Birthday "Big" :)

  25. 65pacecar
    Joined: Sep 22, 2010
    Posts: 13,446

    from KY, AZ

    Yes. There was footage shown from that Era, it's as you leave the main dragster display area and enter the engine room. Great stuff.
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  26. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 8,898


    Were any of the films the ones I just posted? (with Art Malone at Bakersfield 1960 or of Garlits driving in 1959 at Riverside Raceway? Any photos of the area of the museum?



    AND, any including his brother at Lions in 1960?

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  27. Jdee
    Joined: Feb 19, 2002
    Posts: 485


    Happy Birthday Big Daddy
    He is a lot of fun, the stories he tells.
    Don and me with his big noise maker. The 32 is in the background.[​IMG]
    Big At work.
  28. lake_harley
    Joined: Jun 4, 2017
    Posts: 2,044


    Happy Birthday Don!

    My wife and I visited the museum a about a month ago. I left my copy of the first Hot Rod magazine I ever bought in 1964, when I was 12 years old. Left it there to be autographed. Don was on the cover and a great article with details about his car. We had hoped to meet Don but no such luck. My bride did surprise me with Don's book "Tails from the Drag Strip" which I was reading today while on vacation. Great stories!

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2023
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  29. 65pacecar
    Joined: Sep 22, 2010
    Posts: 13,446

    from KY, AZ

    I believe This one was included in the footage I saw. I didn’t take a picture of that area since it’s a small theatre type setting. It’s next to a giant trophy case.
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