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GARAGE ART: What'd you build?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by neonloverrob, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Converted a 1930 blueprint file to a coffee table, I made the top to match. Powder coated the hardware and wheels gold vein.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. 57tailgater
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    from Georgia

    What mechanism did you use and how do you like how it functions?
  3. My bil purchased the risers on line about two years ago and he can't remember. He is cheap so the brackets are as inexpensive as he could find. That being said they work ok but will bind if you dont lift evenly. I would think there would be some quality parts maybe with bushings as opposed to rivets. I'm sorry I cant give you better information on this. He started this two years ago and left the parts he purchased in my shop, I built it mainly to get it out of my work area.

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    Well I welded together a monkey with some huge nuts. m-4.JPEG
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    B93D7CB8-3B07-4662-A801-B30CEB3FC052.jpeg Finished monkey.
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  6. Got to love a monkey with big nuts

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  7. Railroad spikes and horses shoes[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Drew up this sign and cut it out on the waterjet before the end of last year for a co-worker that was retiring and is building an A coupe now that he has all that extra time. We gave it to him at his retirement party. :D

    47F50AB7-A26F-48B8-9396-8F801F1DCF50.jpeg 15291D66-E046-4B6A-872E-B15549FBB191.jpeg
  9. Almostdone
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    I’ll work on an automotive theme next...
    256DEF6D-5747-4D2A-B1B6-C758F6288A0D.jpeg DBC29A64-B386-4651-A1D7-64B195BD161F.jpeg
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  10. The partridge family is cool

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  11. Made this for a friend[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Rogga
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    A Chevy - Hockey buddy turned 50 and I made this in stainless. 20191102_113713.jpg
  13. 1277992_628801457182682_669905140_o+%281%29.jpeg

    Does my coffee table qualify?

    I built it from a Cadillac driveshaft, roof rack, and Sportster rear wheel&fender.


    My coffee table has traveled across many states.
    My coffee table has conquered The Dragons Tail six times.
    My coffee table has been to the highest peak in the Great Smokie Mountains.
    My coffee table has ridden through the Ozark Mountains several times.
    My coffee table has run hot laps around the Mid Ohio Sports Car Track.
    My coffee table has traveled all the way to Texas to see the biggest, reddest sunsets you will ever see.
    My coffee table has braved fierce storms.
    My coffee table was built with geniune scrap parts.
    My coffee table has only one wheel, and it has seen more adventures than most people ever will.
    "You can live more in five minutes than most people live in a lifetime"

    Me and my coffee table

  14. the37thstreet
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    Shop table 030.JPG 029.JPG 029.JPG [ATT
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  15. PhilA
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    Didn't build it (other than the wall) but I painted a mural of my car to cheer up my workshop.

  16. acme30
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    from Australia

    Hi guys

    I have been a bit distracted to work on my 1932 pickup so I started on small unrelated side project.

    I don't have enough $$ to buy a real michelin man compressor so I thought I would have a go a building a mock up.

    I picked up the compressor at a local swap meet in 2019 for $20 and the michelin man has been in my stash for quite a while so all up it is a low buck item. It is not supposed to be an exact replica and not built for resale it is just a bit of functional garage art / tool.

    Still needs a bit of finishing and I would like to change the wheels when I can find something more period correct but here is what I have so far.

  17. Hellfish
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    I found this 1950s intercom in a really old machine shop that closed. I restored it and converted it to a Bluetooth speaker. In the background of one photo you can see how rough it was when I found it.

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