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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Deuced Up!, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. I think he just means that very very few people have built 100% of their cars without any help from anyone else at all.
  2. Got the gas mileage queries covered... I tell them if they worry about the price of gas, they're obviously living beyond their means....
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  3. whtbaron
    Joined: Sep 12, 2012
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    from manitoba

    "My buddy had a Deuce coupe just like this when we were in high school." They were looking at a yellow 38 Chev.
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  4. When I am asked what kind of gas mileage do I get with the coupe, I tell them politely, it gets zero miles to the gallon. They dont ask again.:eek::D
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  5. 32STUPRES
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    While gettin gas more than once I've had the "is that a kit car bullshit" put on me. My 32 Stude President is all steel and very rare with less than 30 produced! So I always tell the person asking the question.......Yea, it's a Street Beast fiberglass repop!!! (which is the worst repop I've ever seen; you could turn one upside down and put it in your back yard and use it for a swimming pool!!! Also, I've got Offenhauser valve covers on the 383 Mopar in the Stude and more than once I've had: "I didn't know Offenhauser made V-8's"..My answer is "they didn't make many!!" Joe
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  6. Not at a show but still funny. I had driven the car in my avatar to work and a customer starts asking the boss about the old custom Mercury in the parking lot. I remark "There's no Merc out there." Customer says"It has to be a Merc! It's black with
    flames on it!" My heap's a 1950 Chrysler Windsor 4dr.

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  7. Keep one thing in mind here.
    We continue to hear the stories from the "spectators" who want you to believe they know more than the "builder" of the cars.
    These "spectators" are the very same folks who will vote for our next president ..... OR be on the jury when your trial begins.
  8. I was parked at show next to a guy with an incredible paint job. I talked to him for a bit about it. He proceeds to tell me that he usually only goes to the "big" car shows. He said he usually wins in his class. I was polite. He tells me the number of states he visits each year towing this car in a trailer. Then he tells me the car still has the same tank of gas in it from the day he got it back from his builder 3 years earlier. I asked him what type of fuel stabilizer he uses.
  9. A friend from the left coast was at a car show in Michigan a few years back. We were looking at a 64 Mercury Park Lane convertible and discussing the one I used to own. The owner, about my age comes over and announces to us that this was a rare car because they only built them convertibles at the Louisville plant. I asked him where he got his information to which he replied that he knew all there was to know about them. Politely I told him he was in error, that they were also built at the Wayne Assembly. Well I was wrong according to him. My reply was to check your shop manual for VIN breakdown as 4W65Z531143 was clearly a Park Lane convertible with a 390/300 built at Wayne. Well how was I so sure he asked. Told him that while I no longer have the car (1968-71) that my parents bought new in 64 I still have the window sticker and the RD-108 (bill of sale for it) and since I was coming back the next day I could bring it to show him. He got real quiet.
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  10. clem
    Joined: Dec 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,671


    ^^^^^^^^that is sad ........
    ( post 188 )
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  12. That kid knows more about cars than any of the experts quoted in this thread!
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  13. Gearhead Graphics
    Joined: Oct 4, 2008
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    I grew up at shows. I guess I was a real pain to a few guys.
    Dad was telling me the other night about one day we were at a show and a local checkbook rodder was telling a few guys about his " all steel, built all by him 56 f100" Then I piped up and reminded him about his fiberglass fenders and how my dad had done all the rust repair in it for him.
    He got pretty red and worked and shaking me I guess.
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  14. We hear the same thing on the All Deuce Run,it starts when we all met at the Target Shopping Center and at each and every gas stop and scenic photo ops.

    I usually tell them there is no show we are just a bunch of guys out for a few hundred mile Saturday ride. HRP

  15. Not at a show, but I was in the pits at Islip Speedway, walking back to our car after a race with my brother. There was some guy about 20 at the car, telling everyone ALL about the car and strongly implying that he had a hand in it. We let him go on and the crowd got bigger. His face fell when we let him know that it was OUR car and he had better split.
  16. .........................I always find it fun to circle back near my car, especially if I see a couple of people around it talking about it. I usually just hang back and listen to the comments for a moment and then casually start looking over the car as well, like I'm also just a spectator. When they make a statement as to why something was done the way it was or gee, I wouldn't have done it that way, I join in the conversation with, yeah, the owner must be a real jerk or something similar. Of course "mob mentality" kicks in and they join in condemning the dumb-ass owner. That's when I open the trunk for no real reason and watch the classic, sheepish looks on their faces when they realize it's mine.
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  17. ace5043
    Joined: Sep 28, 2008
    Posts: 130

    from Florida

    When I was kid there was one guy in town with a 32 three window with a 671. Never failed at any cruise night there would always be that one person who asked if his blower was operated on a switch. Lol.
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  18. Bob, I agree with you on that! Bruce.
  19. Rex_A_Lott
    Joined: Feb 5, 2007
    Posts: 1,019


    You can probably thank the Mad Max movie for that one.
    Most of the time these people make up these dumb-shit questions just for an excuse to talk to me about my cars, or just as something to say, to pass the time of day. Most of the time I'm kind of puzzled by that, because they are just old jalopies for the most part. I dont mind any of them much, except when they try to be a know-it-all or a smart-ass. I just know it never fails that you cant be in a hurry and and be in anything unusual.
    Searching for another kit car...:)
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  20. I think he means the asshats that claim construction, instead of giving proper credit to either the shop to which they wrote the cheque, or the previous owner, to whom they paid the cash.

    A couple questions in, and you usually know that they have no clue...

  21. I can identify with this one. Is that a real blower? Is the supercharger case just hollow? Can you run pump gas with that? Are those legal?
  22. I'm gonna do that. Look over the engine and say "love that air cleaner.." and start taking it off.

    When I have model cars in contests, I go over look at it with the crowd and then pick it up. "What's the bottom look like..".
  23. Deuced Up!
    Joined: Feb 8, 2008
    Posts: 4,105

    Deuced Up!

    We were at a local car show that supports an area high school band. All of a sudden this crazy looking contraption (a home made trike) rolls in. It is an older fellow and his wife. It has a motorcycle front end and VW trans-axle and to be honest, it looks like drop outs from a junior high shop class built it. It was however covered with US Flags, decals, POW flags, you name it. The guy gets off the monstrosity and helps his wife off the rot iron garden bench that stretches across behind him. Now I am always pretty careful to not be too critical of other peoples stuff. Some people just do not have the vision or skills to do something right. But this guy was totally obnoxious! He was running down every car he looked at and talking about how his trike had won every show he had ever entered. Anyway I happened to be standing nearby as he was talking about his amazing creation. He asked an old man maybe 75 or 80 standing there what he thought of it. The old guy said I think it is a pile of shit. I about fell over. The owner says what do you mean, it is a salute to the troops. The old man laughed and said, "You took the back half of a German car and welded the front half of a Japanese motorcycle to it...Just exactly what troops are you trying to support?" I all but fell on the ground laughing and there was actually a small bit of applause for the comment. I guess maybe the builder hadn't thought about it like that. He loaded up the wife and they rolled out a few minutes later.
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  24. Saxxon
    Joined: Dec 14, 2008
    Posts: 1,825


    At a sponsor display and hear a guy tell his lady - "That's a Bronco !" She then asks him - "Why does it say Scout on the fender? " - reply - "That's the race only edition Scout model Bronco that came out in 73..." There was so much wrong with that statement that I just let it go.

    I would to have $5 for every comment to the effect of - "My brother's friend"s 2nd cousin's ex - roommate built that..." when I ask for names they rarely have one... when I tell them I've traced the history and "Sorry, that name wasn't mentioned" I usually get an argument.

    This one is from a different point of view - it's a true / funny statement I heard.
    The Scout was built with a Hemi back in the 70's and street driven. When I got it and started the build I would hear the stories. The most common one was "I remember that thing going down ( name here) street doing 100mph with 3 guys hanging off of the roll bar" I would smile and nod and carry on... until I heard the same story 2, 3, 4 times from different people... then one day, one of our local racing veterans tells me the flip side to the story... where he was one of the guys hanging on to the roll bar at 100mph... (apparently this happened fairly often) while doing a 100 yd burnout leaving a car show arena. The Scout started to wag the tail as it picked up speed...almost tossing one of the roll bar riders out the side... Shortly after the Scout stopped the guy jumped down and threw up in the bushes... when he came out he asked "Can we do that again ?"
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  25. seb fontana
    Joined: Sep 1, 2005
    Posts: 7,463

    seb fontana
    from ct

  26. spdster
    Joined: Nov 26, 2009
    Posts: 40


    At a local car show in front of an unrestored 1953 Corvette, the "expert" told his buddy how it was a poor imitation kit car of an original Corvette and that it should have a V8 not the 6 that was in it. I talked to the original owner and he said "you can't fix stupid" and he has tried to educated the "experts" over the years.
  27. I got a good one today....

    I live in Seattle. It's raining today. I come out of the store and a guy is looking over my truck.

    Him: "This yours?"

    Me: "Yep"

    Him: "Model A, right?"

    Me: "Yes sir. Good eye"

    Him: "You drive it in the rain?"( It's currently raining)

    Me: "Yep, it's got fenders. I leave it parked outside overnight too"

    his mouth dropped and he walked off.


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  28. seb fontana
    Joined: Sep 1, 2005
    Posts: 7,463

    seb fontana
    from ct

    Still laughing....Had a v8 trike around here couple summers ago; it was bad enough but the guy had a mouth to go with it...
  29. One guy I knew (RIP) would tell people the most outlandish things about his cars to the numb onlookers at shows. And some of them ate it up... very funny since he did it dead pan.
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  30. Third DodgeBrother
    Joined: Apr 18, 2009
    Posts: 196

    Third DodgeBrother

    It was in the Winged Express pit area at the Bowling Green Hot Rod Reunion. I was going through the tee shirt rack looking for my size. Guy asks if I had seen any XL's. Nope. We went through the rack again. He tells me all about the car, the one handed driving, and the pass on the opponent's outside in the opponent's lane. No XL's. I wander off.
    Next morning, the guy is in the buffet line behind me. "Hey Dude," he says, "You missed out. Just after you left they brought out a whole bunch more shirts. I got one with Willy's autograph for just a hundred more !"
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