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Technical Fuel delivery - options???

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by fore-speed, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. fore-speed
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    My gasser has a 327ci motor and the edlebrock intake installed back in the late 60's with two 1850 holley's. I thought I could run this setup and keep the vintage parts and pieces in place from back in the day. It is now clear that this setup flows just way too much gas. I just don't think any jet changing or other mods to these carbs will balance out this setup.
    One option I have is to swap out the original 600cfm carbs for two 450cfm Holley's. So I've been looking for other options for not a ton of money. I have found several Hilborn FI intakes w/stacks for about the same money. I like this look very much but have no experience with this setup.
    Which setup will not require lots of money and primarily have the highest percentage of working as soon as it is bolted on. My 327 is stock bottom, aftermarket cam, 1.94 camel back heads and fender well headers. Odds are the 450 Holly's will require some dial in time but what about the Hilborn equiptment, easy to dial in? not a lot of moving parts? Your input is appreaciated. 51 chevye.jpg
  2. Go with the smaller carb's and an electric pump with a bypass. If the car is race only,Injection could be a good choice,but you'll have build a new fuel delivery system and most likely the cooling system
  3. Pat
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    I ran a X-1 intake for many years. Earlier version of your intake that used 6 Strombergs. They don't have a balance tube between the two sides. Left carb feed right side, right carb feeds left. Check to see if carbs are matched. Once I set my linkage so all my carbs opened at the same time, tuning became easier. Old school tuning works. Vac gauge, carb sync and good old fashion plug reading got my set up running great. I was running a 327 also similar to yours. I think the 450 cfm carbs would be a good choice.
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    450 cfm carbs would work, but why not work with what you've got. Two 600s is too much cfm for that motor but that does not necessarily mean it should be "flow[ing] just way too much gas". The power valves may be blown out, leaking, or even blocked off and the carbs upjetted several sizes for racing, a common modification. I'm guessing the O-rings on the needle-and-seats are leaking and giving an unstable fuel level too - also a common problem. If it were mine I'd go through the carbs and also think about blocking off the secondaries completely. It will run great on just the primaries of both carbs. You will need to remove the secondary butterflies, make a block-off plate between the base plate and main body, block off the internal passages on the secondary side and the fuel transfer tube. You will be stunned when that thing comes out of the hole like JackTheBear. Good luck.
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  5. CFM MEANS.........? Just jet down on the primaries, but you have a metering plate, and those are a lil more $ than jets. You can keep what you have, but you'll have to tinker some. Forget the MFI.....
    Your going to have to experiment on what YOUR engine likes...... Even if you did 450's , which are pricey,and not a mis-numbered set, your still going to have to play with them to find a sweet spot. Might as well try with what you have on hand. it will work, but depends on how much your willing to invest in it= Mostly your time, but it will cost you also........Nothing is ever free, and a pair of shoes does not fit all......
  6. One thing that will help tremedously would be to sync the vacuum signal from both banks of the intake. I have run several of those style of cross ram intakes, both edelbrock and weiand. And doing that made a world of difference. Get two 1 or 2 inch carb spacers and drill 2 holes in each of them to put barb fittings in, and then connect the two spacers with hoses. I found that 2 inch spacers worked great using 3/4 inch hose. The added plenum volume helps the tge reversion these intakes have as well.

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