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Technical front drop or lowering your model a (the Stance question)

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Gasolinedeniz, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. So i gonna lowering my 30 coupe and wonder how much i should drop the front end? The main thing is i guess without frame modifications i cant lower the rear more then 3 inches if i am right ? Thinking about to going to use a model t rear spring and maybe remove one or two leaves . I guess i go with this one
    Medium Arch Transverse Rear Leaf Spring, Reverse Eye, 38 Inch
    Part # 91043105
    I wanna also put big an littles on it so if i go with a 4 inch dropped axle and a two inch posis superglide i will drop the front 6 plus the smaller tires. Anyone did the same and has maybe a picture of his car ? Or is it too much and i get a cartoonish look because of to much rake ?
  2. So to be clear here (as you will get a lot of responses), no frame modifications right?
    With what you mentioned above, yes, a lot of rake. IMHO.
    With the T rear spring, do the axle, remove some leaves and the B&L's should work.
    By the way, I like the 7.00 16 rears over the 7.50's as they are lower and a bit wider.
  3. thats makes sense with the tires:) Yes no frame modifications!
  4. 117harv
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    A 4 inch dropped axle doesn't lower the car 4 inches, it will get you a bit over 2 inches.
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  5. did not know that, thx
  6. For clarification, is it because the total drop ends up 4" and you had about 1 3/4" to start with...?
  7. okay, now i get it, thx
  8. 6" is a ton without rubber rake unless you drop the rear a bunch.

    I like a 4" drop axle and a few leaves removed from the stock rear spring with a rubber rake. If you bet too much drop in the front and not much in the rear it begins to look like a stink bug.

  9. Bader2
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    [​IMG] stock frame,reverse eye front stock rear,some springs removed,7.50 and 600 -16,stock front axle,mech brakes.
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  10. Bader2
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    [​IMG]rear crossmember moved back 7.5", no z,40 rear on 7 leaf a spring, reverse eye front with 4" socal axle,4.50-7.50-16.
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  11. 4 inch dropped axle and reverse eye spring in the front. 7 leaf rear with reverse eye main rear. 5.50x17 and 7.50x17. No frame mods. It rubs a little on the front when pulling into drive ways with that tall of a tire.


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  12. apickup.jpg
    Got to chuckle. I am to be running one of my dad's old tube axles from the early '60s on my A sedan ('37 Style axle). Going to have to play with the spring to get it to set just right, its a 3.5" drop axle. Who knows that the hell he was thinking when he made those axles. o_O:confused::D

    The pickup and the As that @Bader2 sit perfect in to my eye. Well the pickup is a little sideways. LOL

    Here see if this don't help a little bit:
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  13. I like the idea with the 7.00 tires in the rear . I cant move the crossmember here in switzerland :-(
  14. 7.00s and 6.00s or 5.00s is a good choice for rubber rake. If it snows there and you drive it I got a pair of 7.50x16 mud and snow tires (town and countries) here that you could snag on your way through town. ;)

    if you opt for 5.00s in the front and 7.00s in the rear don't go crazy with the suspension.

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  15. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    it's Father's Day & Sunday, for today take the easy way to lower the front by letting some air out of the front tires
  16. Ron Brown
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    Ron Brown

    image.jpeg 7.00 x 16 rear 5.50 x16 fronts
  17. 4" dropped Super Bell with a Posies super slide with the second short leaf removed. The rear is just coil-overs and a Mopar 8&3/4 rear end. No frame mods except to notch the front for spring clearance. And the crossmember fabrication. 000820.JPG 000610.JPG 001360.jpg P2220223.JPG top2.jpg
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    Joined: Sep 16, 2006
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    from wichita ks

    all058.jpg 5.50x16 7.00x16

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  19. 5.90x15 and 8.20x15. Axle 2-1/2" drop reverse eye front with a couple leaves out/on bottom. Reverse eye rear with a couple leaves out/on bottom.
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  20. Ron Brown
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    Ron Brown

    dang Russ , tires must be helium filled
  21. I am guessing the photo is upside down on your setup. It is right side up on my Mac, but upside down on my iPad. I have been having that happen on my recent photo posts here. Don't know why.
  22. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    What's stance?:p
  23. redoxide
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    from Scotland

    I cant find the post but there was a pic of a 30 coupe with perfect period stance. The builder fitted a 35 ford Front axle ( 1 1/2 inch drop over stock ) a reverse eye front spring ( anothedr 1 inch drop for the front) and a 27 T rear spring wich gave the rear end a whopping 3 inches for that single mod..

    searched and searched but cant find the thread ... :(
  24. twenty8tudor
    Joined: Oct 5, 2010
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    from Ohio

    As far as the front.. On mine I went with a mono leaf since the old stocker I reversed had no spring left to it.. Made it nice cause it comes with plates to space it either way so there is a lot of height adjustment you can get.. 3" drop on stock axle.. Running 550x16 in front cause I can't fit 600s they rub the fender braces..

    Also had to notch the front part of the frame so spring wouldn't hit it since dropping it.

    Back doesn't help much cause I cut it behind the cab stepped it and made it longer to support the bed.
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  25. Schwanke Engines
    Joined: Jun 12, 2014
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    Schwanke Engines

    My avatar is just a rubber rake. 7.50X16 rear and MT90 Motorcycle tires on front close to 4.75-16. I will be doing a 4" drop axle and reverse eye spring and 1 leaf removed. rear will be Frankland quick change with Pete and Jakes ladder bars with coil overs.
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