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Technical Front disc brake options?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Steven Cole, May 29, 2021.

  1. Budget36
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    @gimpyshotrods i feel ya bro, called in early for a 12 hour shift yesterday, just got off the phone with the boss and going in two hours early. My only saving grace is my company will not let us work more than 12 in a day.
    Hang in there my man!
  2. gimpyshotrods
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    Yeah, I did 12 yesterday, too. My boss is a real jerk.

    It is one of the worst parts of self-employment (nights and weekends, anyways).
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  3. bchctybob
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    If you’re building a light weight hot rod I used some junkyard Volvo rotors (5 on 4.5” b.p.) and VW calipers on my roadster. The Volvo rotors are non-vented (solid), needed a bearing swap and IIRC a small spacer to match the radii. I used ‘37-41 round back spindles but as long as you’re experimenting you may be able to fit them to A spindles. A lot of makeshift DB conversions put the wheel mounting surface out too far screwing up the scrub radius that gets even worse with a poor choice of wheels. Makes for steering problems. Try to keep the rotor/WMS as close to the spindle flange as possible.
    The Volvo/VW brakes worked fine. With most hot rods the major limiting braking factor is the small contact patch of the traditional small front tires.
    There were several articles in magazines in the ’70s and ‘80s covering the Volvo brake swap, search online for them.
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  4. gimpyshotrods
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  5. nobby
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    the 2000 ford explorer 2wd rotor ..
    is 11.30'' by 1''
    its really shallow IT WILL NOT WORK - set2 and 5 bearings, more akin to a mustang 2
    or it is 3/8'' shallower than a 70-77 gm rotor - what the econo kit uses
    3/4'' shallower than a volaire or 74 dodge charger rotor - what they used to use to get a 4.5'' bolt pattern

    the econo kit comes with a gm 70-77 rotor BUT NOW THEY ARE DRILLED FORD 4.5
    70-77 chevy rotor, DRILLED FORD - they come with 1/2'' unf studs too rather than the chevy 7/16
    i think with the volaire or 75 charger rotor, you needed to change the inner bearing race - i think the chevy 70-77 rotor already has it in it!

    PLUS there is a track with reduction of 3/8 10mm its actually more like 1/2''

    the outer bearing in the old days had a seperate spacer, but now its incorporated into the bearing
    they come with a inner bearing top hat spacer/adaptor, heat it with a little hand held gas flame and it WILL drop straight on. hammer upon iy at your peril.

    one day they will mod the calipers so the brake line doesn't go forwards, on the metric style caliper
    plus one day they will come out with a dust guard that fots nice and directs the cooling air into the centre of the rotor
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