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Hot Rods Front axle ID? Mystery axle...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dannerr, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Well, here I went, and thought I’ve bought a ‘32 heavy axle. And I must admit, it is heavy!
    But when aligning with my model A axles, it seems to be an inch narrower between the spring petch bolt holes/wish bone legs. And I was under the impression, they were aprox 36,5”, whee as this is only 35,5”:[​IMG]

    What is it, I’ve got: wrong assumption about ‘32 heavy being same width between perch holes, or different axle?

    Pics for reference:

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  2. My 32 heavy out of my PU does measure 36.5 at the perch holes.My wild ass guess is its out of something like a 33-34 1 ton.The center of the ends on my heavy are different too.
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  3. i don't think that is a `32 heavy
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  4. I,ll second that.
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  5. It is NOT a 32 Heavy,,,,,,,period….
  6. alchemy
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    Well, it is Ford, but not a regular Ford of any kind. Is it straight between the perches? Looks like it in the pics.

    Beings that you are in Denmark, I think it is some Euro-Ford special piece.
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  7. More measurements, taken this morning:



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  8. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    '32 heavies measure 2" high at the spring boss, and 2-3/8" at the king pin boss.
    I second the motion that it's out of a 1 ton truck, pre-1940.
    What is the diameter of the king pin? Same as a car? If so, axle bosses could be milled, and a longer main leaf rolled. Nice shape to it, pretty end sweep.
    Even in Denmark, Fords were smaller; German Fords, English Fords, etc.
    Trucks were larger.
    Anita Ekberg was the only Denmark import that was beyond 'ample'...IIRC.
  9. Mr48chev
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    My eyeballs couldn't get around the sideways photo of the axle this early in the morning. That's an interesting axle if you can make it work. Danner's axle.jpg
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  10. Only marking, I’ve found: [​IMG]

    A ‘32 spring perch is too small, leaving quite a gap:

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