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Art & Inspiration //////Friday Art Show_09-20-2019\\\\\\\

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jigger, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Guess I will begin this week's show...


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  2. 190917RepcoRecord copy.jpg

    '59 Repco Record

    I drew this from various grainy lil' ol references.. usually I draw only from life.


    This one from life, with changes added (it was a clean stock street car).
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  3. quick85
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    Hot Rod Collector Card - Series 1, Card #1 (not really)

    09-19-2019 006 - Copy - Copy.JPG
  4. Time to get the pick up ready. It's getting close to harvest time in New England...I hope everyone likes RED


  5. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  6. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  7. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  8. Stogy
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    Happy Friday All...Art is Where It's At...
    Have a Wonderful Weekend
    of Rubber on the Road
    and Pencil in Hand...:confused:...No Hands Upon the Wheel...:D

    Credit to All Whom Influenced this Vision I had...the Sum of all things Cool
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  9. Good morning. Here's an old photo. I'll call it { In the weeds } 20161014_101147.jpg
  10. A { before and after } 20160126_044046.jpg 137.jpg
  11. Such a nostalgic feel.. looks like my mates place, after school, when were were 14 and starting to cut up cars.
  12. The old { LO UFO } A little tribute. :) 2141.jpg
  13. 56 Dodge Pickup
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    56 Dodge Pickup
    1. H.A.M.B. Chapel

    Finished another Rat Fink this week enjoy. This custom bead rolled panel is on 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal. PM me if you are interested in have something created.

  14. jnaki
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    Ever since I read that interesting story, it was a throwback to those little kid days in Long Beach. Back in those formative years of pre-teen days, we were introduced to the whole line up of clean cut kids with mouse ears on their heads. They were All American kids and had one of the coolest jobs around. We constantly saw them on a TV show called the Mickey Mouse Club. Little did we know that one of the characters would end up with the developer of a hot rod Scarab Sports Car.

    “Hi, I’m Cheryl” was heard everyday the show was on after school. She was not the most popular Mouseketeer, but played an important part of the shows. It wasn’t until much later that she became the second wife of Lance Reventlow. As little kids, we read about the Scarab Automobile Sports Car Company. We liked it that a Long Beach legend, Chuck Daigh, was one of the successful drivers for the Scarab Organization. It was one heck of a custom build to challenge those other sporty cars in racing.


    Reventlow? He was pretty good at using his trust and it paid off. We were always impressed at what a great design the Scarab Sports Car was. As we were getting into our teen years, all sorts of motor sports became interesting, but then, hot rods and drag racing took over. That was a moment to remember. But the Scarab was a precursor to liking all motorsports.

    One thing that was difficult to draw was the odd look that the Halibrand slot, finned wheels were with the three prong knock off hubs/spinners. That looked odd back then and still looks odd, today. It just does not have symmetry.

    “In ancient Egyptian religion, the Scarab was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection, much used in funerary art. The life of the Scarab Beetle revolved around the dung balls that the beetles consumed, laid their eggs in, and fed their young, represented a cycle of rebirth.”

    What??? upload_2019-9-20_3-4-18.png upload_2019-9-20_3-4-35.png upload_2019-9-20_3-4-49.png
    In our high school, there was this girl’s club called Scarabs. They certainly downplayed the origin of the Scarab Bug. But, under our breaths, whispers wandered all over the campus… about that bug. Their red sweatshirts made the interiors of our hot rods and cruisers brighten up a little. Red on red in the 58 Impala was kind of cool.

  15. robber
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    from Colorado

    ..."Lil Betsy"... cp 970.JPG
    ...don't let her demeanor fool ya... :)
  16. jnaki
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  17. Offset
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    from Canada

  18. edcodesign
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    image.jpeg Great start ! Something about 5W's !
  19. edcodesign
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  20. Newly painted laser cut sign.


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    B381CF96-F734-40AB-AB3A-35A5418A5335.jpeg A9EB5E73-F1BD-42E1-8637-51AB6D0031C6.jpeg If Ron can do it, so can I. Before and after. I think it's art. Gary
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  22. Jigger,, a new "pacecar" this week;(someone other than Bob started the show)...really likin' the photos this week along with everything else,, cool stuff,... 56 Dodge pu,...really getting good at those, (I want to have you do something for myself, will be in touch soon)...Robber,..really like the tub,..reminds me of this one I saw at a show last year.
    ...some new stuff from me...
    2018 sycamore 024.jpg 2018 sycamore 023.jpg woodart 2019 480.jpg woodart 2019 481.jpg woodart 2019 482.jpg woodart 2019 483.jpg woodart 2019 487.jpg
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  23. Something from my High School days!o_O artshow 019.jpg

  24. Love this Joe! What are the measurements?
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  25. That sedan stole my heart at the show. You can do this Gary, I have faith!

    And if ya need somebody to watch over the mustang so you can free up some space for the build, I'd be happy to... :)
  26. One with a ( STORY ) This was back in the 80's? I pulled into a McDonald's to hangout with some friends. We met to drink coffee and tell stories, { lies }. Lol One night after I parked the coupe, and went inside. I was met by this sweet little old lady. She asked me what I was driving. I said was a 1929 Ford when new. But now is just an old Hot Rod. She told me that she thought it was some kind of U.F.O. landing. I laughed. A short time later. I was driving the coupe when I got passed a Virginia state trooper. I noticed in my mirror that he was doing a donut in center of the highway. I thought this can't be good! So I pulled over. He asked if I knew why I was pulled over? I had many ideas. Lol But I said no sir. He said that I had improper registration, and tags. I asked him what was wrong with them. He told me they were for a vintage car with only limited use. I told him that all my friends, with old cars had them. He said that might be so. But he told me that he hadn't passed them half a dozen times. At the time I was driving it, as our second car. So I politely thanked him. I then went to the DMV. I thought about what the lady at McDonald's had said. So I got a personalized tag the, ( LO U.F.O ) So sorry if I've told this story before. But we still meet at McDonald's and tell the same old stories over and over too.:) Ron.... 20190919_203842.jpeg

    Sent from my SM-G920P using The H.A.M.B. mobile app
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  27. Wild Willy
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    Wild Willy

    Good show, guys! burnout7a.jpg
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  28. You had to show a Milk Bar???? The one in Tumit was our first, and the one in Orange that we showed them a new flavor,,, Your Killing Me!!
    Have a thick shake for me!!!
  29. El Mirage Sunset.jpg
    El Mirage Sunset
    The dust is in you teeth
    The dust is in your hair
    The dust is in your crack
    The dust is in your car, every nook and cranny.
    You are tired, dirty, and having the best time of your life.

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