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Art & Inspiration Friday Art Show

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jeff Norwell, Dec 2, 2022.

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  1. Real feeling of speed while still showing a lot of detail..not easy to accomplish!
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  2. This is beautiful Janne! I did a sketch this morning that I'll share in the next week or two. It's funny, there are some similarities in the theme but more-so certain details.

    Hey @Spoggie ! Good to see ya back Steve! You too Gary! @GaryC.

    Great work everyone. Man, way to start us off strong Jeff! @Jeff Norwell

  3. I tried out a few ideas when I was building my 49 ford coupe. My brother sent me his idea for it.

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  4. I was thinking of making my old 37 Pontiac 4 door into a pseudo sedan delivery....sketched it out to see if I liked it. I may have posted this in a previous Friday Art show. art37Pontiac.jpg
  5. flyin flattie
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    flyin flattie
    from Redmond OR

    69E3FB5C-119A-4273-9CE7-4DFE44012D2F.jpeg My 6 year old got some scratch cards for his birthday
  6. jnaki
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    Wow, “Crayon Resist” from the way back time machine... We used to make our crayons in multiple rows of color on any art drawing paper. The full page was very colorful. Then spent the next few minutes taking our black crayon and going over the whole colorful base colors. Now, the paper was completely black. Nothing was showing... (the thicker the black, the better it was)

    The many things we learned from the after school playground recreation leader... She was nice to look at and plus, she was a great teacher of all sorts, from baseball to art... and boy, could she hit a baseball !!! And, she stood taller than us, so she had an advantage in our basketball games versus a bunch of squirrelly little kids, too. If she is still around, she must be 98 years old, today... Wow... time flies.

    When we started to scratch a design onto the black surface, a new surprise came out of hiding. Then the burst of color came out from below, made the black cover the background, and the color came front in center. Our hot rod art was not very good, but at least a simple multi-color pull wagon took on a new look, among other art work. The abundance of chopsticks of varying sharpness was a continual art pencil. The normal smoothness was good, but the sharper versions gave us the chance to get more detail in the artwork.


    Great scratch art drawing. We taught our granddaughter that same technique for the "art times" we all had together when she was staying with us those multiple days/nights. Commercially, the process is now done for everyone and sold at stores all over. Good find and nice drawing. If and when we made mistakes, our version allowed us to re-color the black and change the direction of the scratch lines. YRMV
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  7. Stogy
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    A drag race like no other...with a Christmas Tree geared for a quick getaway...Ole Santa is loaded up with toys for the little ones and older good Hoodlums...

    Be warm and safe in this festive time of year...;)

    Credit to All that Inspired This
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  8. Stogy
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    :rolleyes:... @hotrodjack33...


    :rolleyes:... @Stogy...


    ...old friends dusting it artistic collaboration...;)

    Credit to All that Inspired This

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  9. Thank you, everybody. :)
  10. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

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  11. Ireyburn
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    Man that one is awesome! Anyone know where I could get my hands on some of these type of prints?
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