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Art & Inspiration <<<< Friday Art Show 9/10/21 >>>>

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Corvette ~ Bob, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. sololobo
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  2. sololobo
    Joined: Aug 23, 2006
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    Thanx Gary, I was trying my best to look cool with my 33 Chevy. It was such a sweet old car, only 30k on it and unmolested until I got it at age 12, I am 14 in this image taken at our local drag strip. Ah yes, the good old days!
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  3. sololobo
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    This sketch of me and my 33 is one of my treasures, a gift from Jigger and a proud display to show off to friends, forever grateful for this and a great friendship.
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  4. hotrodjack33
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    It was only 10 months after the 9/11 happened...I thought it was important to do a patriotic shirt for our annual car show. arc13.jpg
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  5. sololobo
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    Nice show again, kids, and feeling lucky to have my first hot rod featured, as well as my prised sketch from Jigger taken from that image. Great day for me! Thanx to my art brothers! Loved the rest of the show as well. A very nice tribute to the late Z Z Top bassist Dusty Hill from Jigger, Billy is a true hot rod guy, and this band has escalated our hot rod world with its imagery.
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    While I'm on a run. Here is my buddy "Sololobo" doing his thing at the Jamin Gears Car Show. Still looking good. Traditional Hot Rods, fabulous music, local artists and great food. I can't remember if he got his Harmonica out. larry.jpg
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  7. KerryMC
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  8. Lil32
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  9. FRIDAY ART SHOW 9/10/21
    another great art show!!!, thanks to one and all
    9/11 never forget
  10. Great stuff, guys. Thank you for your efforts. :)
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  11. sololobo
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    That was a great show and this great band on stage is The Prarie Gaters-zydeco-cajun-polka-rockn'roll- They are the official Band of the South Omaha Turds Car Gang. They have played all 7 of our events and are our crowd's favorite also. I did whip the old harmonica out and played a little rocking ditty with the band right on it, was a blast. This year's event was a great turnout of awesome cars and motorcycles, a real sweet trike or two as well. Every band was in rare form and sounded fabulous, with guidance from our sound wizard Charles Couch that really rocked the day. Next third Sunday in August 2022 at the fabulous showgrounds of the G. I. Forum will be our next "Great Eight". Come hang with us!
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  12. Deuces
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    from Michigan

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  13. jnaki
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    "Oh yeah, The famed Plymouth "Suburban" line. I had a tu-door 1956 that I loved, one of those I want back. A lot of people were surprised they were called Suburbon's like the Chevy badged items."

    "A 50s Plymouth Station Wagon always reminds me of surfing early Dana Point in the cliff side semi-secret surf spots. At the time, the inland surfers were all parked at the Doheny Beach parking lots and stuffed the surf breaks there. But, if one was a little curious, a walk along the rocky shoreline at the base of the cliffs was the answer to great surf, glassy waters with plenty of kelp to keep the location fairly smooth during any swell."

    "As the sea weed grew and spread, it made for some exciting unforeseen rides until the skeg got stopped by the seaweed. Then it was nose first into the water. But, to be able to surf these spots with only a few others, was pretty much “heaven on the water.”


    The early flames on the Plymouth station wagon seemed like the next step in the activities of the early painters. Straight scallops, then some curve to the scallops and so on until the claw flames started to come out in many different hot rods, drag racing cars and customs.

    I have also liked the early flames on the Chevy sedan from @sololobo. It allowed me to try and figure out what color the original B&W photo could have been despite the fading and content. I was told the sedan was white and fenders red.

    1933 Chevy two-door sedan SOLOLOBO
    My first attempt at getting the correct color… one PM later, the correct color combination.


    When I started drawing the different style of car (Not a Ford and early scallop flames), the stance and the color, it was late November. So, the holiday season had already started and it was part of the HAMB holiday festivities.
    Actually, to me, it shows that early pattern of scalloped flames did exist in 1960. Not just on our Pee Chee Notebooks.

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  14. Custom tub in the sun, ART
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  15. Stogy
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    A solemn week indeed...Hell is never far away...

    Jack I've given this collaboration a presence that hits home the good Ole days in Hotrod not so long ago...I really enjoyed this uniquly interesting opportunity...thank you, it is truly a memorable salute to a Hotrod Friend...and Artist...;)


    Credit to All That Inspired this
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