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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Corvette ~ Bob, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. 57 Corvette ~ Bob
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    57 Corvette ~ Bob

  2. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

  3. mark schanfeldt
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    mark schanfeldt

  4. 200821SARvRsdtr copy.jpg

    New ink. For Bob Brown, master engineer. And a dip 'o' the lid to the late great Harry Westergaard.

  5. Lil32
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  6. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  7. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  8. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  9. Lil32
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  10. Some older work from me this week. I made these for a couple of HAMB ers. @pete2c and @rusty1 Have a Great Weekend! Hobo’s Hot Rod Garage 7EB29217-71ED-4793-B28F-E10B491CE60E.jpeg C558C4CE-C701-4D91-8D14-FDC2444B7B16.jpeg
  11. Jeff Norwell
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    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

  12. edcodesign
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  13. Bjorn Wilsson
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    Bjorn Wilsson

    This week a -53 Pontiac That could have been. At Detroit autorama-53 Buick Olds And Cadillac show there showcars ,Skylark, Fiesta and Eldorado. If Pontiac had one to it could looked like this. 58 bonneville sidetrim , 57 grille.., 54 chevy parkinglights and so on. If you wonder over the Bear , Bjorn is the Swedish word for Bear. 006.jpg
  14. jnaki
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    Reath Automotive was a sanctuary for most hot rod/drag race guys/girls. They provided much needed information for all kinds of builds from all out drag racers to mild motor rebuilds for the local hot rod community. They were well known to say the least. My interpretation of what we could have seen in the 1958-62 era could have been this yellow Altered Coupe at Lions Dragstrip every weekend. The big sponsorship lettering on the back trunk area was a sign of the “big time.” The 13 was the zip code and no, I did not forget that California is now CA. Back then, the abbreviation was Calif. HEmlock 6-3271 is the phone number.

    The catch all slogan is HEmlock. A hefty potion of this will put you down within a quarter mile. Intimidation at its finest. The motor could have been any number of motors from 671 SBC, 671 hemi or blown/injected big Oldsmobile motors. The racers sponsored by Reath Automotive had the thing going with motor exchanges in various race cars from Modified Roadsters, to Competition Coupes, to Altered Coupes/Sedans.


    At Reath Automotive, it was a happy family with weekly chats with the big old guy, whenever we went to get some speed parts or pick up a set of pistons, or such. It did not matter if the sponsorship was large or small or even newbies like my brother and me. He had us join in the discussions and idea exchanges on every visit to the shop on 10th and Cherry Avenue. Joe Reath knew we were locals, having seen us race at Lions on plenty of weekends. But as new guys on the drag race scene, there was a ton of information coming our way on those impromptu chats at the shop.

    We definitely miss that little old shop on 10th and Cherry Avenue. By 1964, and 10 years at the old location, they had started creating the huge corner building at 33rd and Cherry Avenue, closer to Bixby Knolls.

  15. robber
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    from Colorado

    ... "suck it up"... :)

    cp 1018.JPG
  16. edcodesign
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  17. hotrodjack33
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    I missed last weeks FAS because I was BANNED for a couple of days. Seems while helping a HAMBer identify a '32 Chevy Confederate, I jokingly mentioned a certain piece of cloth that some southerners sometimes hang on a pole:eek:. Too political !?!? (and this'll probably get me banned again):(

    Anyway, once again, some more of my old art work.
    COLOR stuff is old T-shirt art for our clubs annual car show. Most of it is drawn 4-color so it could be digitized for silk screen or transfer.
    BLACK & WHITE stuff for Junkyard News which I co-pulished in the '80s, Also some old car show flyer art.
    CARTOONS from Street Rodder Magazine...was a Contributing Artist for them in the '70s. early '80s
    used5.jpg 100_5041.jpg

    A little water damaged...
  18. birdman1
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  19. ....seems like sketch guys are taking some time off, myself included, other things going on (sadly not many car shows or swap meets),,,so here's a few oldies...
    woodart 14 jan 006.jpg woodart 14 jan 007.jpg woodart 14 jan 008.jpg woodart 14 jan 009.jpg woodart 14 jan 017.jpg
  20. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    Almost have my bucket as a roller. Waiting on spindles to be machined.
    Ignore the ugly roller wheels.

    Attached Files:

  21. 39ChevyBob
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    from Pomona CA

    Finally finished up this commission last week for one of my Color Vintiques projects. Phyllis Lindsley was wife of Jim Lindsley, dry lakes and Bonneville legend. Phyllis was active as SCTA timing recorder, Wally Park's secretary and mother to a whole family of racers. First woman to run a car on the salt at speed, when it still wasn't allowed. (She was helping Otto Crocker test the timing equipment...yea right!) Hand colorized 11x14 from family B&W photo.
    Phy color sm.jpg
  22. A t shirt I wanted to do but time and money
    Isky shirt.jpg
  23. quick85
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    Now the family can mat, frame and hang it. That's great.
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  24. [​IMG]




    Just a few photos from an amateur. :)

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