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Art & Inspiration <<<< Friday Art Show 3/23/18 >>>>

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Corvette ~ Bob, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. ( A STORY ) As a kid, I would built models, draw Hot Rods, and read Drag cartoons. It was only 35 cents. The same price as my school lunch was. I would stop by the local news stand ,and buy my Drag cartoons. Then I would do with out lunch that day. Next to Rat Fink, Wander Wart Hog was my favorite. Here's an oldie I drew of my delivery with W.W. at the wheel. BOY does time fly.[​IMG]

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  2. G V Gordon
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    G V Gordon
    from Enid OK

    That is a pretty good rendering of Philbert Desanex. Big fan of Shelton Gilbert and Tony Bell. I would say it brought back memories but like they say if you remember it you weren't there.
  3. ...thanks for the "likes",'s another woody...
    can anyone find the 2 lil smurf guys in this sketch?...and the bird?
    art 2018 117.jpg
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  4. KOOL WOODY, RUSTY ! One more for this week. It's from my 1969 high school sketch book. I took the idea from Roth's , Rebel Chevy. Notice the wide front tires . Not so politically correct now days, either .Thanks for another great f.a.s


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  5. fortypickup
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    from Nebraska

    Friends dragster IMG_20180323_180719.jpg
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  6. Thank you, contributors. I always look forward to this. :)
  7. fourspd2quad
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    That striped mannequin is the tits!
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  8. robber
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    Here's a couple oldies... jess fo' grins :)

    cp 060.jpg cp 480.JPG
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  9. Doc.
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    Member Emeritus

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  10. Thanks Doc.
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  11. robber
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    A couple more... :)

    cp 743.JPG cp 815.JPG
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  12. She’s Real Fine! ;)
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  13. jnaki
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    Hey Ron,

    Your drawing of the 58 Impala looks nice, but, rather scary. But, it reminded me of the time when Mickey Thompson’s Shop in Long Beach wanted to put in one of his big, 671 Pontiac Motors in our 58 Impala. This was prior to the factory experimental classes. I am sure it would have been placed in the gas coupe and sedan classes.

    If your Impala drawing had been painted black, had a So Cal Lions (or M/T) flag, and had a big Pontiac motor coming at you, it would have been an exact copy from back in the winter of 1960. If that Mickey Thompson scenario had played out today, it would happen in a flash, back then, not so much. The cost to us was going to be minimal, except for no car for a couple of weeks. No car in So Cal for a couple of weeks for three people? What a scenario !

    Both my brother and I nixed the idea as the Impala was my daily driver to high school, although, it would have changed drastically. My brother was recovering and I am sure did not want to have anything to do with drag racing at the time. (bad memories and all of that…) But, my poor mom would have to drive that thing to the market/shopping on her Impala days. That would have been something to see, for sure.
  14. rooman
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    Jigger, the style of the paint on this T brings back some memories for me. Here is one that I painted back in the early 70's in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Eccles T #2.jpg

  15. That is too funny. Your’s looks great, it’s really nice that you have such a great photo of it. I really like the multiple panels over the cowl and radiator shell. I may modify mine to reflect that if you’re okay with that? Keeping the colors the same but you have really well thought out details that would plus my drawing. It is a background element in a rendering I’m doing for a fellow HAMB member.
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  16. Thanks for all the likes everyone. Good show all!
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  17. rooman
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    It was one of the first hot rods that I painted (the very first was straight Apricot flake)and the photo is recent as the car still looks exactly the same. Until the posted shot showed up on Facebook earlier this year the only photos that I had were from a feature (and center spread) in an Aussie magazine when the car was almost new and still with the original owner. It was later raffled off and the winner still owns it some 40 years later. I would be proud to have you change your art to match my work so go ahead.

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  18. Just got back tonight from two weeks on the West coast. Very late to the show. I spent lots of time with my granddaughters and built many Lago structures. I finished the week building a Lago hot rod for the show.
    I know it's not the greatest but it is black has no fenders and is a roadster.:cool: So how bad can it be?:rolleyes:

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