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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Corvette ~ Bob, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. 57 Corvette ~ Bob
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    57 Corvette ~ Bob

  2. Tanks Bob, dig those Michelin skinnies on a black hiboy..

    Carpark low brow quickdraw '58 BelAir .. last Sunday, Coffee & Chrome Morphettville.. pencil/paper.. An ode to Todd Oden!

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  3. georgeg
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    from Il

    I love old Chevy trucks! DSC_3646.jpg
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  4. Davkin
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    from SLC, Utah

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  5. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

    Pic by Chris Cooper. 164-chopped-2011-chriscooperphotography.jpg
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  6. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

  7. quick85
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  8. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

  9. Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


  10. Stogy
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    @Rocky posted a pic in the artsy pic thread and I wasn't sure whether he was poking some fun as theres this other guy...I know you all surely I got an idea to Hamb it up a bit...I chuckle to myself when I'm doing these...:D

    Have a Great Weekend and may Art be an Happy Escape from Reality
    for You All...;)



    Credit to @Rocky & @squirrel

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  11. spurgeonforge
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  12. Been a while since I last posted, I designed this for the recent RPM nationals.

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  13. MrExcite
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    Reading Modified 37 Chevy Coupe, Buzzie Reutimann
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  14. tb33anda3rd
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

  15. edcodesign
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    image.jpeg Great start, a little Truck-U.
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  16. edcodesign
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  17. jnaki
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    The Glass Slipper, of the Cortopassi Brothers from Northern California, was a race car ahead of its time. They looked at streamlining the body to gain as much of a design advantage over other exposed motor, race cars at the time. This was started in 1954. Whether the streamlining helped or the powerful motor made it go fast is undetermined. We would all like to think that it is the hot rod builders, motors, and racers that make any car go faster.

    For the short distance of a quarter mile, streamlining may or may not make much of a difference. But for the longer distance of those all out Bonneville time trials and record runs, every little bit of lowering the coefficient of drag is mandatory. The Cortopassi Brothers were way ahead of their time. History speaks tons of facts.


    In looking at all of the different designs and builds of the Glass Slipper, the smooth Flathead enclosed race car design was drawn as my entry for the week. The SBC version and the SBC with a big 671, looks impressive as it should. But for me, it takes away the original concept of a smooth design to look cool and go faster.

    There is an SBC version that is very popular at those annual, drag race reunion events all over the place. It is as close to the original as possible and it gets the memories flowing at the sight/sound. Kudos for bringing a part of original drag race history back to life for all to enjoy these days. It was/is one fabulous race car.

    The Glass Slipper was named America’s Most Beautiful Competition Car at the prestigious Oakland Roadster Show in 1957. It burned in 1958.

    “Missing from the Oct. 17 ceremony was Roy’s brother and Doug’s lifelong friend, Ed Cortopassi, who most often was in the driver’s seat during the car’s astonishing career. That friendship saw the pair sharing days of glory racing the Glass Slipper, which got its name after Roy’s wife mentioned its unique shape. “It really does look like Cinderella — a really plus-size Cinderella — could slip her foot inside the smooth and lovely lines.”

    The Cortopassi brothers began building the dragster in 1954, finishing it in ’55. Butler was brought on board as partner, crew chief, mechanic, engine builder and tuner in 1957, and had a stint behind the wheel until 1958 when a fire changed his course.

    “There’s no car I know of that’s done as much as the Glass Slipper,” said Butler. “It was taken to the Bonneville Nationals that first year and it was clocked at 181 miles per hour with a flathead. In 1956 it was second in the NHRA nationals in Kansas City, Kan.”

    A note in the 1956 NHRA Nationals program states, “Sacramento’s Cortopassi Brothers astonished the hot rod world with their Glass Slipper when it immediately achieved highly competitive speeds with what some consider to be an obsolete design engine.”

    To understand the Glass Slipper’s impact on the dragster racing world, long after its racing days were over, Ed was asked to bring the car back out for an encore.

    Life-changing moment

    It was victory and glory, thrills galore … until a day in 1958 that would change Butler’s mind about driving the gorgeous dragster.

    “I was driving at the Kingdon drag strip in Lodi when the Glass Slipper caught fire,” said Butler. “Thankfully we were burning alcohol, which burns cooler and more slowly than fuel.”

    Mortality’s tap on the shoulder caused Butler to decide to restrict his duties to keeping the car in top racing form for driver Ed Cortopassi thereafter, never again driving the Glass Slipper himself. The car was sidelined for nearly two years as a result of the blaze.

    The team would continue tearing up the track, garnering awards, up until 1963, after the Glass Slipper “achieved the fastest speed we felt it was safe to run,” said Butler.

    That was 173 mph with the 1955 design and that was enough for Ed and Doug.

    Today the Glass Slipper sits idle at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, the second oldest car in running condition there. Standing near the rounded lines of the car, with the first-ever enclosed cockpit on a dragster.”

  18. rc57
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    Is that like Fonzie jumping the shark?
  19. quick85
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    Hah! You pulled the old "switcheroo" on us. Very kool.
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  20. Latest drawing while watching TV. You know Winter is coming.:rolleyes:
    32sedan 001.jpg
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  22. ...another great Friday's a couple new ones,...the first I call "4 buses & 15 carbs"
    ...and 2 altereds...
    woodart 2018 223.jpg woodart 2018 224.jpg woodart 2018 225.jpg woodart 2018 226.jpg woodart 2018 227.jpg woodart 2018 230.jpg woodart 2018 231.jpg woodart 2018 232.jpg
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  23. Great start to another fine FAS, gentlemen!
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    My work for the week. 12" traffic signal and some one shot. Plus a gift for a good friend. Surprise, surprise. Gary rat-1.jpg rob-1.jpg
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  25. 208custom
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  26. sololobo
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    2nd chance rules
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