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Art & Inspiration <<<< Friday Art Show 11/15/19 >>>>

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Corvette ~ Bob, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. 56 Dodge Pickup
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    56 Dodge Pickup
    1. H.A.M.B. Chapel

    That’s Awesome!

    Thank you to everyone for all the Likes! Hobo Jim
  2. JBurt
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  3. I take more photos over the summer, and do more sketches over the winter. So here's few of my favorite photos, since spring. :) Thanks for sharing your art. Ron.......
    20191030_003607.jpeg 20190914_184037.jpeg 20191111_085603.jpeg 20190627_093108.jpeg 20190623_184651.jpeg 20190529_111011.jpeg 20190519_224707.jpeg 20190415_132252.jpeg 20190407_134710.jpeg 20190205_134327.jpeg 20181228_202325.jpeg 20181103_190702.jpeg

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  4. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    Old school, shoot the slide, project the image, draw in the pencil line, then pen and ink it, fill in with Berol prismacolor , colored pencils. Not as cool or as sharp or as fast as the computer programs, but it gets the job done.

    IMG_2771 (2).jpg piedmont airlines.jpg DC. 3.jpg staedtler mars matic flow pens (2).JPG
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  5. theraif
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    from myhouse

  6. zeke1270
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    from Alberta

    A night at the garage.

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  7. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

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  8. X-cpe
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    Not as cool? Way cooler and much more apropos for the subject matter, a plane that is at least 60+ years old and an airline that has been defunct for 30. And coming from a Seattle boy on a southeastern U.S. subject matter.
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  9. Pass The Torch
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    Pass The Torch

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  10. Love it OLD SCHOOL! I'm going to break out the Koh-I-Noor Rapideoraphs and start doing small ink only renderings once I get caught up on commissions. People want original art. I can make the case for digital being original in it's own right but, for some people, nothing replaces raw artist tools. Love this image!
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  11. quick85
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    ^^ Way kool. ^^
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  12. Stogy
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    I had mixed success with those Suckers...Mostly ink drying or thickening in the doubt Stogy's fault to boot...:eek:

    And ever get the Flexible curve Non Stepped Edge mixed up...I think it was you a week ago with an issue with a Spot on the work...But not the Spot On you want...We Soldier On...Pencil in Hand...
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  13. Stogy
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  14. Wild Willy
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    Wild Willy

    Nice work! I still have a bunch of the tech ink pens that I used when I worked as a staff artist for Diamond Match. They have since dried up and clogged, and I never repaired them.
  15. ...even tho I don't hit the "like" button that much, I gotta say I always enjoy everything on the FAS,..always great & interesting stuff, thanks to all who post and comment,'s one I scratched out late last evening...
    woodart 2019 585.jpg
  16. Edco,'s my Gary Meadors Plymouth...
    fas 390.jpg
  17. Green rider photo by Steve - ART
  18. rooman
    Joined: Sep 20, 2006
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    I am ashamed of you Jigger. The drag race art is the work of the legendary Tom Fritz, quite possibly the best hot rod artist on the planet at this time. There is nobody who does light like Tom. You are on the money with the dry lakes images being from Ian Guy though.
    For anyone who is planning on posting art from random sources it is a good idea to do a quick Google search to determine the origin of the work and give proper credit. I know Tom personally so ID'ing his stuff was easy and a quick search confirmed that Guy was responsible for the lakes art.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  19. pwschuh
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    Yes, or better yet, just don’t post other people’s art.
  20. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

    ^^^There ya go!^^^
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  21. I feel dirty... I am a huge fan of Tom's and have met him so my only difference is my 'qualifying statement
    Where I said "reminiscent of". Consider me taken to the woodshed and beaten with a freshly harvested stick.

    Thanks for the correction @rooman and I like your advice as well.

    ...also. I'm going to go back and correct that mistake so that future generations of viewers will have no idea what you called me out for... ;)
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