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Fresh Chevy 350 Vortek long block

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by '41 Chev, May 11, 2013.

  1. '41 Chev
    Joined: Feb 23, 2013
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    '41 Chev

    I'm still "listening" and learning!. I appreciate all the info.

    So, the intake, flywheel and distributor are unique to the Vortek. What else?

    I need to use rams horn exh manifolds in the '41 Chevy. Will they fit the heads?
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  2. 41 chev, i installed a new vortec crate engine in my '55 and used rams horn manifolds with no issues. Mine came with an 8" crank balancer which i switched for a 6 3/4" because of clearence issues. I had to install a degree tape to be able to set the timing properly as the tdc timing mark is cast into the plastic timing cover. I also had to install a salvage crankshaft position sensor to plug the hole in the timing cover. My power steering pump bracket fit but had to change a/c and alternator brackets. Just little issues, but the way it runs and performs is more than worth the effort. Really like the idea of the roller cam and one piece rear seal.
  3. '41 Chev
    Joined: Feb 23, 2013
    Posts: 76

    '41 Chev

    Thanks, Flash. 'Preciate your help (as well as all others). I've gotta lot to learn 'bout a Vortek 350. You guys are making it easier for me. I'd never figure it all out without all of this help.

    Thanks, guys. Tell me more.

    '41 Chevy
  4. Yes you can bolt older style heads on but the majority of power increase comes from the vortec heads. Basically have a roller block with no fuel pump boss.

    I suppose a fella could do anything he wanted if he put is mind to it. But if you are referring to the 1996-2002 L31 vortec heads it won't be easy.
    But there's not enough meat to just re drill the heads where the old style bolts will be going. theres a reason why they are vertical. So you'll have to weld up the areas you'll be re drilling. Then when you try your old style manifold on there you'll also find that it doesn't fit. So some milling is needed. You'll also see that the intake runners are much taller in the heads and leave a hole that you'll need to fill in the head or cut and rehab your old intake to port match them.
    I'd go back to where you read that and tell them that they are wrong.
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  5. gimpyshotrods
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    Oh, and, no offense, there is no K in Vortec. Your searches will yield more results with the correct spelling (this is a instance where it matters).
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    I know the GenIII engines are looked down on here by some but you can find the LM7 5.3 truck engines all day long and stock they put out 285, doesn't take much to get them in the low 300s. I found a salvage yard in KC called Late Model Auto parts where you can get a 5.3 for less than the 5.7 Vortec that came in the 96-99 trucks simply because of thier abbundance. They're selling them in them between $525-750 depending on mileage and year.
  7. It's really hard to beat a 5.3 swap.

    It's best, easiest and long run cheapest to get the 4l60e, factory harness and PCM. Cam, springs, converter, and a tune is about all you need to really wake up that new fangled 327.

    Oops now another vintage engine tossed a rod.
  8. Rocke29
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    i'm running a mechanical fuel pump on my 05 vortec, valve covers are deep finned, not triing to fool anyone in to believing it's an old motor, it's just pretty.
  9. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    Other then the bolts in the center of the valve covers the trained eye can spot the non traditional vortec heads ten feet away by the casting markeings on the front of the head.

  10. vortec circle track motors come with the fuel pump pad machined. just had the pump pad machined at the same time as the block was being bored decked and aligned honed on a core from the junkyard not a big deal.

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