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Hot Rods Free Long Block

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Beep, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. I have a disassembled used 1971 Ford 351W long block available. FREE: just come and get it. After early next year she goes to the metal scrap pile. I don't need it and don't want it laying around.

    281-687-1071 or
  2. Beep good of you. I told someone awhile back on a screamin deal that if it was free I couldn't afford to come after it so I won't be coming after the ford either.

    Anyway like I said good of you and this will hopefully keep you in the open until someone sees it.
  3. belair
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    hope it goes to someone who needs it. Merry Christmas.
  4. damn, wish you were closer

  5. Hey Beep. If you can give me until Thursday.....time to charge up a pick up vehicle. I'd love to have it. I sold a same year parts vehicle to a kid from my work. Good fella'. I would chunk in some linked lifters, and maybe an intake depending on what you have. I'll P/M you. Think I may even have a picture of the car. It would be a C4 automatic, '71 unibody Ford marriage.
  6. Sounds like it might have found a good home. HRP
  7. Ha. Ya' never know Danny. Post '64 unibody is a dirty sentence here....but if he could say '71, free....and don't tell anyone here on me....I could point him to someone that could use it. I work with his mother. She lost his dad recently. He loved an old complete parts car that I had. I let his kid have it. Well basically. He's making payments, but I gave him the title anyway. Good kid.
  8. this whole thing is warm and fuzzy....
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  9. The thing needs rebuilding, but all the hard parts are good. It ran when I pulled it out and installed a re-furbished long block. I'll wait until I hear something. I will be in Nebraska for Xmas for a few days so hang on.
  10. I p/m ed you here, with some pictures. I get off late today. May I give you a call tomorrow ? If so...what time is good ? I'm off on or evening is good.

    I think I have a gasket set somewhere too. I'm not usually a Windsor guy....just some trade accumulations and some roller parts.

    Thanks again sir.
    Jamie Campbell

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