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Fram filters nightmare story.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pir8Darryl, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. 5window
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    I've run Fram filters in most of my vehicles for over 40 years with no problems-and 175-200000 plus miles on several daily drivers.

    I'd like to see this thread parked. It's just one of those things people won't agree on so it really doesn't serve a purpose.
  2. Jason455
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    Frams are on our daily drivers and work fine. I even have the oil changed at walmart. Haha chew on that. I hate changing oil on fwd cars.

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  3. wombat barf
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    wombat barf
    from oklahoma

    my own experience:

    A Fram PH8 and a WIX 51515 are both correct applications for the 260 V8 in my Fairlane.

    When the two filters are both unused they weigh about the same.

    When I change them after use on my Fairlane at the same interval the WIX is always heavier and I have always attributed that to the greater filtration rate of the WIX.

    I like the hell out of WIX BUT I make damned sure I change them when their interval is due. I have never had a WIX clog and I understand any filter can clog if left unchanged for too long.

    personally, the only filter I ever had clog on me was a Fram on a '64 Dart 170 slant six and, to be totally honest, it was the filter that was on a car that had sat for a number of years when I bought the vehicle.

  4. I'll say it one more time,,FRAM is JUNK,

    A lady friend just bought a clean,used Toyota Tercel,,65,000 miles & shes had it about 2 months---*nice* used car.
    She's been calling me saying its making engine 'noises' & shes had it towed home twice in the past 3 weeks for fear of it blowing up.

    Every time I go over there to listen to it,it sounds fine.
    (but I believed this ladys story).
    I finally went over there this morning & poured a qt. of ATF in it & drove it around for awhile & then home,,no noises.
    Ran it in the driveway for 30 minutes or so,,no noises.

    Went & got new 10/40 Valv & a WIX filter.
    Drained the oil.....when I took the FRAM filter off,it was oily inside,but there was NO oil in it,,,,I couldn't even pour any out of it.
    I shook the filter trying to get it to drip oil,(it wouldn't)& the whole inside of it is rattling around,,,up & down & side to side.

    My guess it that the internal workings of the filter were randomly coming loose & causing the engine to intermittently lose oil pressure.
    Problem solved with the WIX filter,& the engine is really quiet.
    (Probably didn't do it any good tho)

    I happened to notice a sticker under the hood from early Nov when she had the oil changed,& the FRAM filter was pretty clean externally.

    You couldnt PAY me enough to use a FRAM filter ever again.

    (Theres a spinoff thread on this FRAM issue that's been 'closed' but if you search it out,you can still read it,,,its pretty interesting especially when a FRAM "rep" chimes in)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2013

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