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Found Dads '56 Chevy Gasser!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Panneton Bros. Racing, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Finn Jensen
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
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    Finn Jensen

    I'll add to the growing list of Kudus. A really great story and once in a lifetime experience for you and your family.
  2. twolane1956
    Joined: Nov 3, 2005
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    from Mass.

    Got my copy today....that thing is awesome, got me thinking about putting the grille back in mine.
  3. A very well deserved congratulations! Love it when REAL car guys get there car on the cover AND a big spread in HOT ROD! To say its not every Hot Rodders dream of seeing there car on the cover of HOT ROD MAGAZINE is pure BS. Seeing Qjets on the car reminds me that not everybody could go buy pricey aftermarket carbs in the day, real TRUE hot rodder thinking. The car is wicked kool, driving them is the best part, keep on haveing fun with it!
  4. . Thanks C/Gas, we are really happy the way it turned out. Dennis and I have gotten a flood of calls etc. From old friends and well wishers. One I received is from am old family friend/ acquaintance now living in Tennessee. After some catching up, he told me that he and his brother have multiple color photos of the " Panneton Jones & Christensen" '56 at San Fernando, Lions, and other tracks. I can't wait to get hold of those and share! We really want get Dennis' s ole girl screaming and come race with you guys some.
  5. Thanks GasserLouie!
  6. Thanks Twolane, yours is way cool too!
  7. Thanks Finn!
  8. Goin out to get a copy, congrats on the feature, very cool. ;):)
  9. Thanks bobwop, wish I had more money and room, I'd buy your maroon '56 & '63 409 car in a heart beat.
  10. Thanks bud.
  11. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
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    it is always good to have goals.
  12. Butch M
    Joined: Oct 14, 2008
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    Butch M

    Just got back from Austin Tex and my copy was in the mailbox great story I sure wish we lived closer we would be tearing it up somewhere love that 56....
  13. Thanks again Butch.
  14. The two things I really hoped would happen with the Hot Rod article, was that someone else from the cars past might step forward with info etc, and that maybe someone who had pics of dads car would speak up. Last thurday I got a call from Jim in Tenesse. He and his family lived just up the street from us in the 60's-70's. His dad (Jim Sr.) was good friends with my uncle Roger and they all hung out/raced together, in fact I'm pretty sure Jim Sr. is the one who bought our '56 Nomad from my dad in '71. Jim is and his brother Tim are alittle bit older than me and got to be around the "Panneton Jones & Christensen" '56 more than me, and they too were nuts about the car. It turns out that they have half a dozen or so pics of the car, color and black n white, at San Fernando and Lions, as well as possible a few pics of Uncle Rogers '55. They have promised to send all/any pics for us to copy and share. Can't wait to get them and post them up. By the way in Hot Rod they edited that the person from Long Beach who bought Dennis Cokers car was "oriental", this may narrow down who bought it from him. Dennis & Carol have also enjoyed a flood of calls and congrats from old friends, just as Marc and I have, so thanks again everyone, especially to Brandon and everyone at Hot Rod for doing such a great job. I believe that soon the extended story and all the photos that they could not fit in the magazine will be on Hot Rod IMG956776.jpg
  15. 2Loose
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    Way cool thread, am waiting for my new issue of HRM to come (subscription mags come by "slow boat" to Hawaii), I may have to go by the newstand and take a look just to see the article, but my copy should be coming in a week or so....

    We have four days of racing at our local (Maui) track over Mem. Day weekend, but my MSD system crapped out on my own 55 gasser and am madly trying to find out what it is and get it running again.

    It's taken me a bit to get used to my own DN 5 sp., (it's also a 3.28 low) as those gear splits are pretty close together, and I wasn't hitting the shifts fast enough at first (just got it running a few weeks ago) and it runs out of gear pretty fast with 3.50's on the back end...

    Keep it safe and don't break it!
    Aloha from Maui,
    "2Loose" Willy

    My copy finally showed up 5/25, great article....
    Last edited: May 26, 2012
  16. Great story ! Awesome spread in HR,... GASSERS RULE!!
  17. Thanks Candyapple.
  18. Thanks 2Loose, yep, we are still sorting ours out too.
  19. Here are a few pics of the car at the Inaugural Hot Rod Magazine Championships 1964. One of them is Dennis and pals receiving their class trophy from Ray Brock himself, we have this original trophy. IMAG0695.jpg

  20. IMAG0697.jpg


    IMAG0699.jpg Dennis said that the 5 spokes and slicks in the pic with steel front wheels, were loaned to him at the '63 Winternats by John Mazmanian. Maz had recently gone to 10.00 x 16's and had the 9.00 x 15's with him as spares. He even had one of his crew guys put them on the '56 for Dennis!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
  21. Here is the original pic that was used in Hot Rod Deluxe, that got me thinking about try to locate Dennis. Big Big Big thanks to Brandon Gillogly and all the guys at Hot Rod for going through the archives and digging these up for us. IMAG0698.jpg
  22. Hanging out with Augie Delgado as last months twilight cruise at the NHR Museum. Augie is a good dude and an expert at mechanical fuel injection, Weber carbs, vintage multiple carb set ups etc. IMAG0763.jpg



  23. Jeff Norwell
    Joined: Aug 20, 2003
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    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

    That wicked 56 has S O U L.
  24. timmys51
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    I knew Tom Scribner well back in the sixties, when we were kids he'd let's us help around he's shop on Woodley Ave. in Van Nuys and in return he'd teach us how to build Drag Cars. Not only was he's yellow 56 cool looking, it held the C/Gas Championship at San Fernando five years running, as a driver Tom was incredible, the car had a 4 speed, but when he went down the track, everyone thought he was running a hydro.

    Thanks, for posting, it brought back some Great Memories.

    P. S. It's true, the brothers were, Tom,Dick and Harry... Tom Senior had a weird sense of humor. :)
  25. About two weeks ago I got a call from Gil @ Hot Rod Ranch, a guy named Bob Power called looking for me. Gil says he doesn't work here, he is a friend of ours, can I help you with something. Bob says "sure can, I owned his '56 from 1975-1996. Bob belonged to a Tri-5 club in the 70's and had a "highboy/street freak" '56. A guy named Rick (go figure) says, "I have an old gasser '56 at home with a Blairs engine setback and single transverse spring straight axle. Bob asks to see the car and has to have it. After some time Rick relents and sells Bob the car for $250.00. Its orange and say "Soul Motion" on the side. No front sheetmetal/interior/side windows/guages/motor or trans wheels.., its a stripped retired race car.

    Bob finds a used Fiberglass Trends nose for $50 bucks and buys a complete hoped up 402 BBC for $100.00,gets the car painted by Bobs Auto Body in LaVerne for 150.00 dollars, and has it pinstriped flamed, and lettered "Yesterdays Child" by McPeaks for $125.00. A buddy with a 427 Corvette takes the M21 out of his Vette to replace it with a Super T10 and gives Bob the Muncie for free. Bob makes some clear plexi windows )I still have em), does the black square button tuck door panels and headliner at the interior shop where he works. and buys some 15x4 Cragars and 15x10 Ansens (I still have those too). So Bob is the guy who turned this "pastured" '56 ex-race car into "Yesterdays Child". He found me because his son who is stationed in Afghanistan spotted it on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine on a magazine stan!, and says Holy Moly, thats my dads old car. PS. Bob sold the car at the Pomona Swapmeet in 1996 with no engine/trans for.., $2500.00!!! PS. Sorry for the quality, these are pics right after it was painted/stripped and lettered. IMAG0920.jpg



  26. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
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    great story! nice to uncover more history on the car.
  27. Bob Power says he never even knew "Ricks" last name, but he has a couple friends that were in his Tri-5 club that may have known. Be cool to get ahold of "Rick" and find out who he bought it from, I believe it would be the guy Dennis Coker sold it to. I also believe there are two guys in between Bob Powers and the guy we bought it from (HAMBer "Pushrod Mike"). Stay tuned.
  28. And the story continues, kinda cool another son was out there saying "hey, that's my dad's old car"
  29. Bob gets re-united with the '56 he brought back from the brink and turned into "Yesterdays Child" 56 Bobs Girl.jpg

    56 Twilight 1.jpg
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