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Found a great piece of speed equipment today - Turbonique

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by gasheat, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. gasheat
    Joined: Nov 7, 2005
    Posts: 713

    from Dallas

    I have a friend that buys scrap metal. He has found cool stuff in the past and he usually offers me anything he thinks is good. Today I am the new owner of a Turbonique auxillary power supercharger. It is good to have friends in the scrap business.

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  2. noboD
    Joined: Jan 29, 2004
    Posts: 7,132


    cool, build a car around it.
  3. HotRodChassis
    Joined: Jan 23, 2005
    Posts: 2,283

    Alliance Vendor

    Awesome! What are you going to build with it?
  4. tooljunkie
    Joined: Oct 18, 2010
    Posts: 209

    from manitoba

    that looks like one of the turbine engines they were adapting into almost anything.
    scary horsepower for its weight.
    cool find.
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  5. slickhale
    Joined: Dec 19, 2010
    Posts: 756

    from Phoenix

    funny, that looks like the one i lost a while back, i'll give you my address so you can send it back to me:D
  6. Never2low
    Joined: Jan 14, 2008
    Posts: 1,115


    I sure hope you gave him a couple pennies over scrap price for it.:p
  7. Cutlassboy68
    Joined: Dec 3, 2011
    Posts: 593

    from Boone, Nc

    How exactly does that work? is it a turbo with a spark plug?...
    Does look like a turbine motor thing...
  8. I got one of those too! I am missing the velocity stack though. I hope someone chimes in and sheds some light on the operation and application of these units...
  9. 46MoparMan
    Joined: Nov 3, 2005
    Posts: 23


  10. Bigchuck
    Joined: Oct 23, 2007
    Posts: 1,139

    from Austin, TX

  11. falcongeorge
    Joined: Aug 26, 2010
    Posts: 18,341

    from BC

    Stand back. WAAAAAY back.
  12. hozem396
    Joined: May 4, 2011
    Posts: 287

    from ohio

    I would have had no idea what that was if it were sitting right in front of me! Good find!
    Joined: Dec 16, 2008
    Posts: 2,689


    Thats pretty awesome piece of obscure history there. I saw the write up in GARAGE when it was being published. They put one on a Beetle and it out ran TV Tommy Ivos 4 engine rail.
  14. Never2low
    Joined: Jan 14, 2008
    Posts: 1,115


    OH MAN! Now I want me a rocket powered go-kart.:D Capable of excedding 160mph in 4 seconds! That's fast enough to rip the ear to ear grin of you face! That or fold your upper lip over your forehead.:D "oh shit....who turned out the lights?"
  15. guffey
    Joined: Mar 23, 2008
    Posts: 830


    Moriarity has a Turbonique pulse jet Rupp go kart but the part shown was a supercharger that works like a turbo charger but instead fo the exhaust driving the blower side the turbine fires and spins an inpeller and it turns the supercharger side. The spark plug fires a fuel called thermolene ( Butylnitrate). The spark plug uses a buzz coil like a model t and acts like a glow plug
  16. Larry T
    Joined: Nov 24, 2004
    Posts: 7,679

    Larry T

    Ya got that in black and white anywhere?
    You might not want to talk to Mr. Ivo about Turbonique. They kind of pulled a fast one on him and used it in their ads.
    Larry T
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2011
  17. Damn, you mean some one in Dallas had that and didnt know what is was? I think I need to become a scrap dealer.
  18. 62dartman
    Joined: Feb 24, 2010
    Posts: 174


    Dang! That thing is preeeety awesome! Any word on if u can get the "fuel" they are talkin about in that article?? You should definitely build a car (or GO cart) around that bad boy!!! Good luck with it!
  19. Now a feller has to ask hisself. Where do I get me some of that there Thermolene?
  20. I think it's called n poly nitrate (spelled wrong I'm sure),now and you have to be a doctor or have some kind of license to get it.
  21. HotRodChassis
    Joined: Jan 23, 2005
    Posts: 2,283

    Alliance Vendor

    An insanity license? :D
  22. toddc
    Joined: Nov 25, 2007
    Posts: 982


    Oh man, do I want one of them!:cool:
  23. resqd37Zep
    Joined: Aug 28, 2006
    Posts: 3,217

    from Nor Cal

    That thing is wild looking!
  24. BrandonB
    Joined: Feb 24, 2006
    Posts: 3,089

    from nor cal

    All or nothing, there was no way of regulating it, almost like nitrous. You pull the switch and off you go. Below are a couple of pictures of a friend of mines garage. The first is a picture of 3 Turboniques laying on his garage floor and the second is a picture of a Turbonique drag axel in the original crate it was shippped in.

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    Last edited: Dec 24, 2011
  25. nefareous
    Joined: Nov 21, 2008
    Posts: 361

    from maryland

  26. Fly'n Kolors
    Joined: Sep 21, 2008
    Posts: 407

    Fly'n Kolors

    Sold! I'll take it. Just what my Banger needs to keep up with freeway traffic. Oh Yeah.
  27. edfueler
    Joined: Oct 16, 2009
    Posts: 104


    Wow. I've never seen a discussion on the Turbonique before. I'd seen the rocket karts in old karting books but the drag axle had only been described to me in such vague mystical terms that I had almost begun to believe the whole thing was imagined.

    I'd've loved to have seen those things up against Ivo's Showboat! They sure knew how to put on a drag race back then. I love the auxillary power supercharger too. Kinda reminds me of the electric blowers that were produced
  28. Larry T
    Joined: Nov 24, 2004
    Posts: 7,679

    Larry T

    Here ya go.

    The best time posted in the Turbonique VW in their ads was 9.38. Then they turned it upside down. They said it was running 183 and flipped before the fiish line. I really don't know how you time a car before the clocks??

    I don't know what the best time for the Showboat is. I think I saw a 8.15 somewhere but I'm not sure enough about that to say it's true.
    Larry T
  29. The ebay auction ended last night, high bid I think was 16,101.01, reserve not met.

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