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Projects Fort 302 manual transmission ideas

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by scott49mercury, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. I just picked up a nasty crate 302, I have a t-18 4 speed but was wondering if I should go with something different, I'm putting this in a 46 ford truck with a 9 inch out of a 69 ford truck. I was planing on making just a nice driver out of it but now with this motor I'm making a sleeper and want suggestions
  2. NewGuyOldFord
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    Can't go wrong with a t5 or a tremec.
  3. The only thing with the tremec and t-5 is the shifter is way back in the tail shaft an I want a bench seat not buckets is there a way around this
  4. M5R2 out of a mid 90's F-150. Excellent gear ratios and the shifter location will be very close to stock in the '46. ZF 5 spd out of an 90 something F-250 if you are worried about breaking the M5R2, but I wouldn't worry about that unless the 302 is huffed, puffed, and on juice. (Then you will split the block anyways so it is a mute point....) Downside: The M5R2 is a large transmission and requires a hydraulic throughout bearing. I have one behind the 351W in my '51 and absolutely love it.

    Good Luck.
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  5. deucemac
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    You might look for an overdrive transmission from a '75-'77 AMC Pacer, Hornet, or Gremlin. The trans is a Ford full syncro three speed with a Laycock electric overdrive (now Gearvendors). Replace thte top plate and side shift limkage with a Jeep T150 top shifter and getthe best of all worlds. The three speed is as tough as nails and the overdrive is a 68%. Been running this set up in my avatar roadster for 6 years without problems. The trans is hard to find but all repair parts are available except the adapter from the trans to o/d. I run a lighted switch on the dash to shift into overdrive. Dependable as Lassie!
  6. 4thhorseman
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    from SW Desert

    Toploader and never look back.
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  7. Good suggestions I'll just start looking and see what I can find just want it to all work together
  8. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

    I thought the shifter could be moved up [forward] on tremacs'?
  9. If that would work it would be the best I really want a 5 speed I'll start looking
  10. ojai/jan
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    from ojai, CA

    I use a Tremec 600 behind a 392 hemi in my 1952 Plymouth Suburban with a bench seat and it works fine. I seem to recall that there are 9 or 10 different positions available for the transmission.

    Jan in Ojai, CA
  11. Kerrynzl
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    Buy a fancy TKO 600 ^^^^
    If you are lucky you might get one with an optional overdrive [disguised as a 5th gear]

    seriously though , buy one and be done with it . You have future proofed your car for more engine mods.
    They have several different lever options
  12. Is there anything wrong with a 2 wheel drive t-18 ford 4 speed I have one laying around with a 302 bell housing but with a built motor is it ok I've looked at the tremec and there out of my budget and may use what I have to save money

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