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Ford F.E. 352/390 Exhaust manifolds interchange?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rob-redm, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I have a 62 Mercury Monterey with 352 FE engine, looking for a good passenger side exhaust manifold that I can have machined flat. The question is what is the interchange on these exhaust manifolds and what year will bolt up, the car does have dual exhaust at this time.
  2. movin/on
    Joined: Jan 18, 2007
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    Are you able to post a Pic of just the manifold? (off the car) I've got a few manifolds but the outlet location & angle is the main problem so you would'nt need special exhaust. My info doesn't have exhaust pic's by car model except the HiPo versions. Id you could give the casting # C2M------ it may be alot of help to cross reference from Merc to Ford.

    Try the FE social Group, maybe someone there may know.
  3. James66g
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    hey man should be no issue as long as you dont have some wierd power steering 352 and 390 are the same as well as 428s all blocks are ven cast w 352 on the right side al heads and intakes are interchangeable so have at it hombre! check this guy out he is the best tell em james w the green galaxie sent ya! he is crazy knowlegable and does a lot of cobras kit cars and originals for the grey beard set
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  5. BigChief
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    All FE heads are not created equal, especially when it comes to exhaust manifold bolt pattern. There are 8, 14 and 16 bolt heads that I can think of off the top of my head (not to mention several port sizes) and the exhaust manifolds don't always swap between them.

    The manifold(s) he's looking for are log type and they'll need to be off another full size car. The mid-size and pony car FE's had different heads and much different exhaust manifolds than the full size cars. What he's looking for should be quite common but he'll have to match it up to be sure.

  6. Would a 66 Galaxie work ?
  7. junkyardjeff
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    60 to 64s should be the same and the 65 up might work too,somewhere around 68 or 69 the diameter of the pipe was made a little larger.
  8. movin/on
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    My last post I'll still stand behind. passenger side exhaust manifold came out & pointed at least 6 different directions depending on the car & year they were produced on. some were kind of center exit, some were 3/4 back & some rear exit as in the 390 Mustangs & Fairlanes. The angle of how far the donut pointed from the block is also another factor. 1960 & before used a flat 2 bolt flange & not the donut. I do agree with the statement that you also have 3 different sets of bolt mounting styles 8, 14 & 16 bolt. Yours should definetly be 8 bolt (top& bottom) .
    Don't "buy" the the statement that all FE's have the same heads & therefore exhausts will fit. Ford & Merc produced the FE from 1958 to 1972 or later in trucks, in I don't even want to guess how many body styles, they even differed in the same year and style on the drivers side if they were PS or not.

    Look at what you have & please provide some more details on what you exactly need. (location of outlet & angle)
  9. tommy
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    Member Emeritus

    I didn't quite understand your question at first. I thought you were trying to do something custom. I'm thinking now that you just want to know what year FE manifolds will fit your 62 Merc. Hopefully someone with a Hollander's manual can tell you exactly what model exhaust manifolds interchange with your 62 Merc. I'm sure none of the later truck manifolds will work in your application.

    My guess would be any Ford or Mercury full size car with an FE from 60-64. Don't buy any unseen manifolds based on this but it will give you a place to start your search. If I'm wrong about the years I'm sure a Ford guy will correct me. And yes it is a good idea to get the gasket surface machined flat before installing them. The machine shop that I used had a big table top belt sander that did an excellent job on the gasket surface at a cheap price. (not much set up time)
  10. BillBallingerSr
    Joined: Dec 20, 2007
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    from In Hell

    The '68 up 360/390 truck passenger side probably won't fit, it has the outlet starting at the third port and is 2.125" diameter outlet, where the car ones start just before the 4th port and is 2". It hit the A-arm on my '65. Can't say for sure on an earlier one. I had a 69 Galaxie with the small outlet manifolds that I parted out and used the passenger side from it on a '61 Sunliner, But there was a slight difference in the downward or really back angle, The late one dropped down a little less, so the downpipe had to be modified with a pie cut and a patch. In general though, the logs from any of the FE big cars can fit each other but the downpipe location can be an issue. Match them up. Also, some had a heat riser butterfly extension that uses a gasket instead of a donut. The bottom of the riser uses a donut. If yours has a butterfly extension that will be a factor in how your downpipe fits because unless the extension is used the down pipe will be too short and the angle wrong.

    GT, 427 manifolds and CJ manifolds are a different kettle of fish. But thats not the topic here. Here's some good info on manifolds with some pictures, each picture is a thumbnail to more information.
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