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Ford 9" brake intechange?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jalopy Kid, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I'm resurecting 53 F-100, that at some point someone swapped an early 9" in to. It needs all new brakes.
    I'm using my 64 F-100 (was my daily driver until a few weeks ago) as a donor truck, that I swaped a 73-79 ford 9" in to last fall. When I put the 9" in, I put all new brakes on it.
    My question is, will the later 9" brakes interchange with the early 9"?
    I'm not really looking forward to spedning 4 hours in a snow bank stripping this thing, only to find out they won't work.

    Early 9" backing plate

    Early rearend (dont' mind that it's not squared up, it's just sitting in there loose right now)

    Parts truck with that later 9", after the snow storm from Monday....
  2. moefuzz
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    There are 3 different bolt patterns for the backing plates and several diameters of drums.
    I think there are also several backing plate offsets which cause your drum to set in or out to match the shoes and wheel flange/studs.


    It might be easier to just buy new brakes for what you have rather than trying to swap shoes/brakes, axles hubs around

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  3. Even if the backing plates bolt to the rear housing, you will need to double check all the measurement from the axle face to the backing plate lip to make sure the drums will not interfere, some axles have a different offset from the bearing to the axle face.
  4. God man, you got that much snow already??? :eek:

    Shit, they don't call it "The Great White North" for nothing do they! :D

    Make sure that crap stays there will ya! ;)
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  5. Drive Em
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    Drive Em

    No, they will not.
  6. AnimalAin
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    The offset from the bearing to the axle flange changed around 1965 or 1966. If you have an early housing and axles, it is unlikely the later stuff will fit. I got a lesson on this the hard way a number of years ago.
  7. studedudeus
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    Why can't you swap the whole axle from the '64 to the '53?

    Aside from that, you really need to do the measurements. I have a '62 T-bird axle with stock shafts, running '79 Versailles brakes. Required a 0.100" spacer between shaft and rotor to make it work, that's all.
  8. So I bit the bullet and ordered new stuff. It's already been delivered, and its warm and dry. :D
    The parts guy also verified they will not interchange, F-100 9" has the same part number from 57-66, but after 66 their different.

    As for swapping the entire rearend, the 73-79 is way to wide for the 53 box. The rearend in the 53 now, fits the fenders great, and it has a 3.50 ratio. I'm happy with that.

    It started snowing some more, couple inches so far. On Monday morning it was warm and dry. No snow at all. Winter sucks.
  9. jonathan
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    from Phoenix,AZ

    Not sure what year it started, but up to the mid sixties they had the "self energizing" drums and should be a direct swap. Is that what you are swapping to? I think you can use the early back plates and just order the cables/levers and such to convert. Maybe?

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