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Technical Ford 406 + T98 4-speed?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chrisbcritter, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Chrisbcritter
    Joined: Sep 11, 2011
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    Hi again. Back in about 1964-65 my uncle had a '57 Fairlane 500 into which he installed a junkyard 406 4-barrel; he said it also had what he referred to as a "4-speed truck transmission". He doesn't remember all the details; a local garage in Paducah did the work. Could the trans in this case have been a T98? Did rodders on a budget use them behind FE engines back then?

    He did have to get a driveshaft made, of course, and I remember him pulling up the shift boot on the floor so I could watch the pavement go by...
  2. With a granny 4 speed behind a 406 in first gear acceleration would be teriffic! For about three feet!
  3. Not in our town. Or the next town over. I attended a Saturday night race where Mike, a hotheaded guy from our town with a '62 chevy 409-409 raced a guy from the next town over...he had a 62 Ford with a 406/4 speed and the chevy got him 3 our of 3.....then beat the Ford guy's ass because he didn't like him and there was a girl involved.
    I never saw a granny-gear 4 speed in a hotrod or muscle car...some pickups maybe.
  4. The T98 was never used behind an FE by Ford to my knowledge. Won't bolt up using stock parts....maybe with an adapter.

  5. flux capacitor
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    flux capacitor

    Once had a T98 in an old ih scout & it was smooth shifting but sure wasn't suited for speed , It took a tall floor hump to clear its bulk & height. Perhaps a Borg Warner T10 derivative was swapped in it? Either way the ol' 406's are cool, local "FE" collector has a dual quad set up off one. I believe a T86 with R11 Warner overdrive could be had behind the 406, that'd be a fun ride that would surely do 100 mph in high side of 2nd. ! Flux
  6. Pops1532
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    from Illinois

    T-98 was used behind FE's in 3/4 ton and up trucks. Great trans for a truck but I can't imagine anyone putting one in a car. They had a granny 1st gear. The T-98 would have required fabbing a tall and wide trans tunnel.

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