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Technical flogging a dead horse again overdrive relay

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by left handed monkey wrench, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. I am working on a 1950 ford 6 volt pos. ground. Ian trying to sort out how to wire a relay that I bought from newark element. It has five lugs on it The number on the relay is dg85b-8011-96-1006-m1.The five lugs are numbered 85 86 87 87 30. I need to know how to wire this up and make it work on my overdrive. One of the members with the name Overspray posted on May the 10th 2010 that he had done this hook up he showed all the parts necessary but no wiring diagram. It would apreciate any help with a diagram on how to do this. Thanks in advance left handed monkey wrench.
  2. If you're wiring this in place of the OEM relay and using all of the rest of the OEM bits (kickdown switch, governor, etc), connect terminal 86 to the kickdown switch, tie 85 and 30 together and connect these to a switched 12v power supply (with a suitable fuse in-line to the relay), and connect 87 to the solenoid. The remaining relay terminal isn't used.
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  3. Crazy Steve...Did you just throw lefthanded MW a curve ball? He clearly ststes he is 6 volt
  4. Thank's for your help You say connect to12v power supply I guess 12v or 6 v either one will work also will this power the governor?
    Kinda makes you think if he got 6v or 12v mixed up how much of the other info. is right. left hand

  5. Sorry about the 12V reference, I should have said 'switched power'. I will make one more comment; hopefully, the relay you have is rated for 30 amps, if it isn't, it may have a short life because of the inrush current for the solenoid.
  6. manyolcars
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    the wiring diagrams are all over the internet.. google is your friend
  7. I will address your comments, not only am I left handed I don't know what a switched power is, but I do have a rated thirty amp relay if you would be kind enough to tell me what I should type in to find this wiring diagram I will do so. I just don't understand all I know about wiring or the internet. *I thank you in advance for all the help you all have been. Left Handed
  8. PM me if you need a more thorough explanation of how this works....
  9. My friend called me up last he is a street rodder he explained it using the K.I.S.S way of wiring the relay's up, I now understand how to get the job done. Thank's to ever one for there help. Left Handed

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