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Projects Flat-N-Low's '64 C-10 thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Flat-N-Low, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. The wife had to work on New Years Day, so I stayed out in the garage all day and worked on the grille surround. I had a full day in just cleaning and prepping the backside, I shot some Rust Reformer on the back, and acid washed the front to get rid of the surface rust.. After that was done, I shot the backside in chassis black. The black paint on the front side was looking shabby as well, so I gave it a light coat of SEM black. I had to paint this area because the core support shows through the grille, and the black paint will now match up.
  2. Because I eliminated my in-cab tank, I wasn't sure how I was going to fill the open hole in the cab. In the past, I would have made a filler panel and welded it in, but because I was trying to keep the original patina, that wasn't an option. I was going through some stuff the other day and came across an old mag wheel cap that measured out perfectly. I needed a way to secure the cap, so I went to Lowes and got the stuff I needed. I bought a 4" expanding pipe plug ($4.99) and a bronze bushing with a 1/4" i.d. and a 3/8" o.d. ($2.91).
    To make the cap fit flush to the cab's filler neck grommet, I milled down the four raised areas inside the cap and opened the 10/32" hole to 1/4-20. The cap is soft, so I just ran the 1/4" tap down the existing hole and used a lot of penetrating oil to lube the tap and flush out the chips. I used a section of the pipe plug as the backing plate, as because it has a bevel on the backside, it'll fit perfectly into the cab grommet.
    I popped the bronze bushing in the center hole and did a test fit using a 1" 1/4-20 bolt and washer.
    Here it is in it's installed position. It's nice and tight, also waterproof!
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  3. I got some time this week to work on the truck, so I bent up some hard lines to use as wiring conduits on the top of the engine. These hold the A/C and the choke wiring. I used 3/8" line (30" lengths, bought at NAPA), and supported it with 8.5mm plug wire seperators. I bought the separators on eBay for $14.99 for a complete set. They work perfectly when supporting a 3/8 line. I also snuck in the vacuum advance line by sliding a 3/16" line inside the 3/8" and plumbing the ends with the rubber line. The ends of the 3/8 line are capped with rubber caps that I trimmed and drilled the center out for the wire to go through. This keeps water out of the hard line and prevents corrosion.
  4. YJ4000
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    Thanks for the update!! I really like your attention to detail. I may use your steel line idea.

  5. 31Apickup
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    I was wondering what happened to this build very informative. Good to see some updates, nice work.
  6. Rick Barakat
    Joined: Aug 12, 2005
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    Rick Barakat

    You're attention to detail is fun to watch.
    I look forward to seeing it on Father's day. That's always been a great day to debut a car. Dinner is on me!
  7. Heydon
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    Watching thread- great work and learnings lots- thanks

    Will your rear wheel/ tyre combo fit under stock rear tubs. Truck is 3 inches lower than stock, SWB.

  8. Yep, the wheel tubs are all stock, but the original bedfloor has been moved up 3 inches. If you're just 3" lower than stock, your original tubs and bedfloor location will work just fine.
  9. Heydon
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    Thank you- will order the tyres up!

    Looking forward to the next update. :)
  10. Must be out smoking those ET's :D
  11. 70L34
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    from Detroit

    Any updates? Awesome truck.
  12. Jaroy
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    Any updates on this truck? I’m dying to see the finished project.
  13. He just said he's back on this project in another thread. Hopefully some updates soon!
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