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Projects fixing a smashed 31 model A pickup cab.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tb33anda3rd, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. nunattax
    Joined: Jan 10, 2011
    Posts: 2,370


    the top is looking excellent
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  2. used spray glue to glue the padding down. I did not have a piece big enough in one direction, so I had to seam it. I decided to do, one piece in the middle and piece each side symmetrically in case the seams showed, it would look even. IMG_0545.JPG IMG_0546.JPG IMG_0547.JPG
  3. I put the vinyl out in the sun to warm up and while I was waiting I primed Charle's steering wheel and the rain gutters. IMG_0549.JPG IMG_0548.JPG
  4. after lunch I laid the material on the top and started to tack it down. I put two tacks on either end of each slot. I started in the middle of each side, pulling it tight. I did the front and back first then the sides. I made pencil marks to aid in finding the slots. IMG_0550.JPG
    IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0552.JPG IMG_0553.JPG
  5. once it was all tacked I trimmed close to the tacks with a razor knife. IMG_0554.JPG
    IMG_0555.JPG IMG_0556.JPG IMG_0557.JPG
  6. I had to run the fabric in this direction because it was the only way it fit.
    the next step was to install the "wire-on" to hide the tacks. I tacked this in between the two tacks I already used to hole the top material down. IMG_0558.JPG
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  7. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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    Wonder if the rain gutters will fill quicker with the change in the top material direction?

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  8. I ran the big bead side of the "wire-on" towards the front of the truck this way any driving weather is sealed out better.
    on the ends that get tucked under the rain gutter I pulled the threads out and peeled back the material so I could cut off the inner structure. this will make it thin enough to go behind the gutter without making it stand out. it also finishes off the end of the "wire-on". the "wire-on" gets closed over the nails and then hammered shut with a rubber mallet. IMG_0560.JPG
    IMG_0561.JPG IMG_0562.JPG IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0564.JPG
  9. hmmm? I was worried about how it would look. I was dead against using it but Charlie thought it would be ok, and I have to agree.
  10. great instructions on how to install the rain gutter. I decided not to put the trim strip in the gutter, I like the look of the nails and screws better. of course they did not drill the holes big enough for the nails they supplied:rolleyes: I did have to drill through the heads of the tacks under the rain gutter to get the nails in. IMG_0565.JPG IMG_0566.JPG IMG_0567.JPG
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  11. ready for delivery tomorrow to put it on the frame...stay tuned. IMG_0569.JPG
    IMG_0570.JPG IMG_0571.JPG IMG_0572.JPG
  12. Stogy
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    Dang nice job TB, grain direction...won't see it at 50mph anyway and way better than a 1' dia piece of tree top...:D
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  13. Great save. Great work! Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

    Outsiders CC
  14. petew
    Joined: Jul 21, 2010
    Posts: 211

    from Mebane, NC

    Nice job Ted and I am impressed with your skills in both metal and wood work , well done sir.
    Spoke to Charlie tonight and he is pretty excited that it is coming home.
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  15. nunattax
    Joined: Jan 10, 2011
    Posts: 2,370


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  16. thanks for the compliments and thanks to all who are following!
    Pete, Charlie and i are glad you, Matty and all can follow Charlie's project. Charlie is also amazed how his little truck project is being followed and "liked" by so many people from across the country and around the world.
    getting ready to load the cab now.
  17. FolksWaggin
    Joined: Oct 15, 2010
    Posts: 37


    Ted, It’s so great to finally see the way the wooden roof frame looks inside, now that it’s finished. It looks as good as I imagined it would.

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  18. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
    Posts: 3,235

    Runnin shine

    I have the feeling of at the end of a great movie. There is a sadness in there I can’t put my finger on.
    Only option is to choose “play from beginning”

    The Slacker is on the cusp of his own Cool Change.

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  19. I will keep checking in on the slacker and post updates....
    I was thinking the name of the truck could be "the defiance" or "the resilience"
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  20. loaded up this morning and headed out. 4 other buddies met at Charlie's to get it off the truck and on the chassis. IMG_0574.JPG
    IMG_0577.JPG IMG_0581.JPG IMG_0582.JPG
  21. if this GMC could talk, if I had photos of all the stuff it hauled, if we wrote down all the stories that revolved around it....add another truck cab... IMG_0584.JPG IMG_0586.JPG
  22. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
    Posts: 3,235

    Runnin shine

    It’s about 6’ distance between each person lifting the cab. Well right and left anyway.
    My wife told a friend I have the soul of a 75 year old wood worker. Thinking of this thread and those who dig it, I nodded to myself, I’m good with that.

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  23. Ted, You have done a excellent job of bringing the smashed cab back, it looks like it had never been in a accident.

    The top looks great also. HRP
  24. some shots of the chassis before we set the cab on. IMG_0589.JPG IMG_0590.JPG IMG_0591.JPG IMG_0592.JPG IMG_0593.JPG
  25. keeping our distances and only one of us didn't have a mask. IMG_0594.JPG
    IMG_0595.JPG IMG_0596.JPG IMG_0597.JPG
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  26. Go Charlie Go!:cool: Nice work TB.
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  27. Excellent work on the roof. I raised an eyebrow at the vinyl direction, too, initially but I think it looks great!
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  28. I was dead set against it like I said. but once I laid the piece up there it looked fine. I asked the guys if anything stood out about the top and they said no. when I pointed out the fact it was running sideways they said "I wouldn't have thought it was wrong"
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  29. he had tools out and was working on it before we left.

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