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Hot Rods Fires Here

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Bruce Fischer, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Flat six Fix, Thanks for the like .Rain off and on here finally all week long then they say the temps will really drop here with maybe some snow flurries next week. Bruce.
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  2. belair
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    Glad you and most are ok. Now the work begins. If there are families the hamb could help with some Christmas needs, you might talk to Ryan, see if you can put something together and get a sticky. Saw a big prairie fire here in Texas many years ago. The speed and ferocity of wildfires have to be experienced to be believed.
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  3. Hope he is doing OK.
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  4. Bobg1951, he is just tire.He just had to pull out and now is deployed to west T.N. for 2 weeks of more training.ThanksBruce.
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  5. Just an update .I though all the fires were out {they are in the city of Gatlinburg} but where is started in the chimneys in the park it is 42 percent contained even with all this rain we have had.. They say the ground is so dry its the tree roots that are still burning and it is very hard to get to this part of the park in the Smoky Mountians wher it started.Over in Cosby the fires are about 48 percent contained. We are going to get some more heavy rain tonight but winds up to 60 M.P.H. in the park again. Sadly the count is up to 14 people now. There are still 46 fire trucks working both areas along with 7 helicopters. Thanks Bruce.
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  6. I can't add to what has already been posted, I feel so bad for all involved !! I watched the previous video and my heart rate went way up, looked like hell on earth.
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  7. Last up date Friday ALL roads in Gatlinburg will be open to the public.ThanksBruce.
  8. Lebowski
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    That sounds good. Here's an update on the 3 sons who lost their parents in the fire from my previous post. Two of them can't talk because of burned lungs which I guess is from breathing very hot air but they are expected to make a full recovery....
  9. 01springer
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    My niece and her family had just moved there in August. They lost everything, but they and the five kids are fine...Thank God for that...
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  10. Lebowski
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    Could two kids have caused all that damage or were there actually several different fires?

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has filed charges against two juveniles in connection with the ongoing wildfires in East Tennessee.

    In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, the law enforcement agency announced that aggravated arson charges were filed against the two juveniles, who are both Tennessee residents.

    Both are charged in connection with a fire that was started in chimney tops in the Smokey Mountain region on Nov. 23. Additional charges are being considered.

    "Our promise is that we will do our very best to help bring closure to those who have lost so much," said TBI Director Mark Gwyn, according to TBI's Twitter page.

    The juveniles are currently being held in the in Sevier County Juvenile Detention Center.
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  11. mohead1
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    Sounds they arrested a couple of bastards for arson on the fires.....put em inna barn and lite it off
  12. Thanks for the up date.I will have to watch the local news here and see whats up with that.Thanks Bruce.
  13. 01springer, I am sad they lost everything but so GLAD they made it out of there O.K. Bruce.
  14. Tuesday night, 12-13, Dolly Parton is hosting a three hour TV fund raising telethon, for the folks who lost so much in the Gatlinburg fires.
    "Alabama" is joining her, along with other known Country singers.
    A week back, Dolly also offered $1,000 per month to folks who lost their homes, until they get back on their feet.
    Amazing generosity, in my book.
  15. Dolly's 3 hour telethon raised over $9,000,000 for the devastated folks in Gatlinburg.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
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  16. First $1000 checks were distributed today.
    14 deceased, 2400 buildings lost or damaged.
    Two teenagers, not Sevier Co. residents, arrested and charged with arson for starting the fire at the Chimney Tops.
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  17. woodbutcher
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    :D Outstanding Dolly.She is a real champion of the people.
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  18. dirty old man
    Joined: Feb 2, 2008
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    dirty old man
    Member Emeritus

    Yeah, Dolly's got it all, voice of a songbird, looks to make any man drool, and a heart of gold:D
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  19. xhotrodder
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  20. dirtyold man and she just turned 70.Bruce.
  21. I watched the total three hours of Dollys special ....Not a damn word of her 9,000,000 raised on major TV Networks....Figures.
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  22. crossthread
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    Dolly's special was talked about on channel 12 's evening news here in northern Kentucky . I didn't see anything on Fox. PBS talked about her also.
  23. They still haven't found out who the 14 victum is yet. .The $1000 checks have been handed out starting this week aready. There are places all over Sevierville giving away food and things people really need here. I have seen them all up and down the park way here. The toughest people who are having hard times are people who were renting cabins up in Gatlinburg on a weekly or monthly base and worked here in Sevier county. Bruce.
  24. old sparks
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    old sparks

    My son works for the U S forest service home based her in n. cal. He is a patrol officer and was sent to north Carolina The fires got so bad that they assembled a strike team made up of guys from cal. Wyoming , texas etc. They were on the fire line thanksgiving day getting ready to eat mre`s for dinner and here come the locals walking up with complete thankgiving dinner for everyone. the locals couldn`t drive in that close to the fire Now that`s real human kindness

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