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Finned Aluminum Trans oil cooler, Yes or No?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by drw47, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. swifty
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    I'm running an 18" dual pass one mounted on the inside rail on a 32 fully fendered 32-5 window with a 318 poly and 727 auto. Trans convertor was rebuilt just a bit above standard and with normal driving i.e not beating on it the trans temp gauge does not move off it's bottom setting of 140F. Have seen it up to about 160F occasionally, possibily due to idling slowly down our 1k of dirt road to get home on a hot day.

    Based on Langy's chart above the cooler is doing sufficient to keep the fluid in useable form. I read on here before fitting the cooler that trans fluid should operate between 160 and 250F and I fitted the temp gauge as I had doubts about whether the cooler would do the job.
  2. The benefits of having a conventional-style cooler versus the finned cylindrical cooler seem obvious to me. With the conventional-style, you have the full flow of frontal air going through it as you drive down the road, plus you fan is pulling air through it as you drive in slow traffic, or at an idle. The finned unit, depending on how it is mounted, doesn't have the same advantages.
  3. because they work off of completely different principals of thermal dynamics- there is a completely different construction and optimal installation for each.

    Try mounting a "conventional style cooler" in the same configuration as the finned cylinder can be mounted and see how that works. It won't because tge conventional absolutely depends on sufficient airflow to pass directly thru it. The finned cylinder just needs "some" air to flow casually past it.
  4. ^^^As I stated in my post --- "...depending on how it is mounted..."---I thought that was pretty clear. Maybe not.

  5. Actually Your post was very clear.
    Perhaps you had trouble understanding my point.
  6. shelby1
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    from Lillian,Al

    Found this on a T.....dude said he wrapped the tubing around a beer can...never has had a problem......of course a T is really light....

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  7. jdubbya
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    I have been using a dual pass for about 4 years now, and haven't had an issue. My combo is a 350ish horse 350, with a 350 trans, 2500 stall, and a shift kit. I mounted mine under my truck, on the floor supports next to the frame rail.
  8. Here's a thought. How 'bout a couple hundred guys purchase and install a transmission temperature gauge. Run it with stock radiator trans cooler, record trans temps. Then try an add on waffle type cooler, record temps. Then try linear heat sink type cooler and record results.Then compare results. Itz a pretty informal way of testing but probably would show how well each system works. Just a thought.
    Gramps always said "Nuthin' kills a good arguement like facts"

    Anybody else try tapping into rear of cylinder head or intake manifold to relieve heat from cylinder heads? Run lines from there through a linear finned cooler. Return coolant direct to radiator or into a riser under thermostat? Hottest place in cooling system is in the heads. Letting heat escape from 4 places will reduce heat accumulation in heads.
    Linear coolers mounted under car. Helps it run cooler. Just wonderin'.
  9. One of the main reasons the factories use the radiator tank trans cooler is to keep the trans fluid at the correct operating temp. Radiator coolant temp stays within the 140-250 range that is required. Unless you are going to use an oil thermostat to mimic what the radiator coolant is already doing, you are shooting at your foot, yeah God may protect you, but if you set up your system correctly, you won't have to take your chances with God noticing that your an idiot and need his help!
  10. davidbistolas
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    Who is this god person, anyway?

    Legit question: Does it not also depend on the transmission? There were air cooled 'glides back in the day. No?
  11. dan31
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    I have a dual-pass,appro.24 long,it works great.I mounted under the passengers floor of my model a coupe.Car has a turbo 350 with a 3000 stall.

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