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Motion Pictures Film of the Week: Drag Racing on King Road

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Film of the Week: Drag Racing on King Road

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  2. AHotRod
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    So very cool
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  3. sodbuster
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    from Kansas

    Top Notch.
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  4. autobilly
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    Swim suit girls.
  5. ronzmtrwrx
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    I love those old grainy films. Thanks for sharing.
  6. jnaki
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    It has been a long time ago to see this version of my post. Back then, it was type as fast as I could to get a story finished. So, no capitals or anything other than commas. It probably was going back to that year and a half I spent in San Jose, just a few miles from the King Road location.

    The college was supposed to be an eye opening thing. It was in a way. It allowed me to be a little independent and get ready for allowing me to gain some knowledge about a new location for my adventures. 30 miles away from the best surf in the area, Santa Cruz. It was also about 40 miles from the most unusual city in all of the California, San Francisco. So, I had some new adventures waiting for me while I was up there.

    But, locally in my small apartment, it was a rigorous daily situation. Getting ready to walk to school a few blocks away, organize my daily schedule, make time to study and then expand my cooking to different menus, other than a barbequed steak. It was so easy to walk to the local small market and buy the best steak they had and have a great meal. But, eventually it got old fast.


    It was a time when I could go just about anywhere I wanted for visiting people, places and new sites. I had a couple of friends in Berkeley, but never visited them. One day/night we got invited to a great dinner with a friend in San Francisco and that was something! I went to the Fremont Drags just up the freeway a couple of times, too. For some reason, I was not doing well in school and living in the area. But, those new places and faces gave me some hope that all will be fine, as I got used to being away from home.
    upload_2024-1-31_3-12-51.png photo taken in San Francisco near the Steinheart Aquarium.

    It was like old home week for my red 65 El Camino. I had found out from the dealer back in Long Beach that it was made at the old GM Fremont plant along the freeway in Northern California. That was only a short trip to the site.


    So as the old story goes, after I did some mechanical work on my roommate’s 650 cc Triumph Bonneville after school for a week, the owner gave me the keys and allowed me to get parts I recommended for him. A pair of smooth flow TT down pipes tucked under the frame would be perfect. Off came the stock muffler system added in some different plugs and retuned the whole system.

    It was loud, but manageable at certain rpms at stop lights. A local Triumph Shop had some baffles to fit inside the TT pipes, but I would not buy those until it was necessary.

    Off I went after each modification for a “tune up” ride. Now, the little Bonneville Road, King Road was a story I had heard from my apartment manager. He was older and a big old gruff guy that was a really a good, knowledgeable friend. He had old hot rod stories and told me of going to “Little Bonneville” a few miles away.

    The road, King Road is/was in a fairly open area in 1965. Not many homes surrounding the street. It also ran by some small commercial buildings, but for me, it was out in the “boonies…”I presumed, being on King Road was the course, but unmarked.

    It was fun accelerating the TT modified Bonneville motorcycle. High speed riding with the wind blowing in your face and zipping by going fast. About a 4-5 mile straight road that was for me, fairly empty and no one to bother with a full throttle Triumph 650 modified with TT pipes. The back woods area of San Jose was wide open and at the time, no Silicon Valley was even heard of for the times.

    Note: When I moved to a new top floor apartment about 4 blocks away from campus with some new So Cal friends I met, it was a whole new experience. Now, if this place was back a year ago, it would have made the college adjustment a lot better. I started running the college cross country course that was a block away from the long “Little Bonneville” King Road location. It was parallel in direction and about 6 miles in length.


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