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Hot Rods Field Cars.... NOT Barn Finds!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tfeverfred, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. It's definitely possible! I got my '40 sedan from a field in ND when I was 14, I'm 30 now and it's pretty much "done". When I got it the roof was caved in, doors sprung, front fenders were torched off, and there was a big dent in the top right corner of the Decklid/body. I did all the bodywork and paint as well as the upholstery. I got help from my dad in high school with the suspension and plumbing. It's "Nuthin' Fancy!" I drove it 100 miles over the weekend; got my first trade offer, my '40 for a nice Flathead powered '32 5W... I said no in a heartbeat. The '40 and I have been together longer than any girlfriend, car or anything else! I'm not done with it, and never will be!
    Plans still include chrome steelies and bias look radials in the near future, flames and a liberal amount of 5 color Dave Bell style pinstriping on the Decklid, dash and firewall as soon as it has enough rock chips up front to justify it, and a power gen. I'd really like to build a SCOT blown flatty for it someday too, but that's a long ways off if ever...
    1911242_10100190209871330_241233236_o.jpg 2016_KingPinCarmageddon__031-M (1).jpg 20160917_191158.jpg
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  2. Wurger
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    Jeff, when the Hell are you going send me your errrrmmmm I mean my cowl trim/molding ? (can't find it anywhere I'm missing half lol

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  3. I never got it with the car.
    I'll talk to the builder and see if he remembers what happened to it, and if he still had it, it's yours, but don't hold ya breath.;)
    It's probably long gone.
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  4. Very cool thread, love seeing these old cars get some loving once again. Makes you wonder how some of them end up in the middle of nowhere..
  5. scotts52
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  6. Felix 40
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    Felix 40
    from Wisconsin

    This 35 started as a 36 P1030099 (Custom).JPG MVC-011S.JPG
  7. edsel roundup lf.jpg DSCF0077.JPG As found by Section 8 a few years back.

    Finished and in my garage

  8. James426
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    1937 Adler Rennlimousine Lemans race car. Found in Southfield Michigan as pictured, as raced and as restored. 10440868_700568570059766_5923023097674947410_n.jpg 10300678_700569290059694_1362304257311160730_n.jpg gordinilemans1937.jpg adler_1937_04.jpg
  9. My latest project, bought it sinking into the ground in Fairbanks AK. It was an Air Force truck up there. It needs a lot but not as much as most. I’ve wanted a 59-60 Ford crew cab forever

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  10. RMONTY
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    Here is my current project. It was definitely a field find! I have been stalled for a bit due to life happening, but the project is picking up steam again! IMG_20160104_112256.jpg
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    My avitar was a field body riddled with bullet holes and partially rotted out bottom...
  12. I like those frog-eye Dodge trucks!
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