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Features Feature your steering wheel

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Doug G, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. grdra1
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  2. Elcohaulic
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  3. bowie
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  4. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    ^^^^^ oh man, Covico!!
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  5. bowie
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  6. 1926Ford009.jpg

    Unknown brand in my '26 T...
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  7. 43.JPG

    Stock wheel in my '29 A...
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  8. 3.png

    15" Moon in my '46 Ford...
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  9. 9.jpg

    Stock wheel in my '51 Olds...
  10. Cliff Ramsdell
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    Cliff Ramsdell

    You guys have some nice stuff, I can’t even read the post they are so nice.

    Old, stock, worn, cracked F1 wheel on the F1 box in my hot rod. It’s not worthy but form follows function on my car.

    Cliff Ramsdell
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  11. Doug G
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    Doug G
    from Manheim Pa

    Love the pictures, Building a 1933 Chevy and like the 58-62 Corvette wheel but like a full leather heavier grip 15 inch wheel. Have a Lecarra banjo wheel on my 32 Ford and like it but need something different for the new builder and kind of need for mock up of column. Thanks Guys
  12. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    This one means something to us...

    IMG_0559.JPG IMG_0566.JPG
  13. Stock 32 in my Roadster with some bling!:rolleyes:
    SC19 (2).jpg
    Banjo in the Coupe!:cool: with patina
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  14. 1time
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    from minnesota

  15. Deuce Bigalow
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    Deuce Bigalow

    HRP, I really like this wheel. Is the 54 wheel keyed or splined? Thanks.
  16. Is this just a pic thread, or is there info to be sought? depth, diameter, clearance........? We all would like to know to help us on our projects..... Or lack there of.......... We can get pics all day long on the web,,,,,,,,,, and then some,,,,,,,
    We can look up pics all day long.......... Explain a lil what your seeking?
    Is there a certain car in mind? Or- is this a useless thread about pictures?:confused:
  17. Mike Colemire
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    Mike Colemire

    Where did you get that one DDDenny?
  18. krbstr
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    ‘50 Chevy car wheel in my ‘37 ford truck

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  19. My brother probably welded that wheel. He went to work at Covico right out of high school. In the late 60's he was welding hundreds of them a day.
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  20. Original Blue GM "Comfort Grip" wheel in the 55
    Black "Comfort Grip" in my 33 pickup
    59 Impala in Taboo
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  21. zjerry
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  22. -Brent-
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  23. 40 Buick hub and spokes bent upward to meet a 14" tubular hoop. 72 caprice hubcap center lens with my dad's U.S.N. insignia from his WWII belt buckle. All on a 40 ford column with a heated and bent lug wrench column drop. 34hornbutton1.JPG 34steeringwheel1_19.jpg
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  24. Fatman in my Centre For "T"

    P1000892.JPG P1000891.JPG P1000888.JPG P1000884.JPG
    And my old Centre Door "T" wheel is now in my COE

  25. whitewallwilly
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    Couple of pics of the steering wheel I've just put into my Model A,,going to do some pinstriping on the dash the same orange/red IMG_0155.PNG IMG_0156.PNG F
  26. Mo rust
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    Mo rust

    This is a 39 ford banjo that we made a 15” ring for out of 7/8” stainless tubing rolling it around an old gm brake rotor.

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  27. 19Fordy
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    IMG_1697bestbig.jpg DSC07477 very best.jpg

    I read that first photo is really a Kaiser Fraser wheel that Ford bought and used in his 49-51 shoe boxes. The "F" looks like the "F' , Kaiser Fraser used not the Ford Logo.
    Is that true?
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  28. burl
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    from Minnesota

  29. I probably bought several of the one's that he welded! I grew up in Covina, just a mile or so from Covico and worked in a body shop just a couple doors down from their shop during the mid '60s...

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