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Fastest you've ever been?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Drewid, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. chrisntx
    Joined: Jan 20, 2006
    Posts: 1,791

    from Texas .

    My model A coupe is bone stock with mechanical brakes and 19" skinny tires. I have done some work on the engine. It touched 70 the other day. Wuzn't scary---more, more!
  2. 100mph+ in a 1972 AMC Ambassador on an icy road
    100+ in a 1977 Dodge window van
    (and 60 in first gear in the same van)
    75+ in a 1954 M38-A1 Jeep with 134 cu in F-head and 5.38 rear gears
    95+ in a 1974 Jeep Cherokee
    110 in a 1984 Chevy S10 4x4
    100 in a 1977 Chevy wagon wth the roof cut off
    107 in a +1996 Olds Cutlass Supreme
    100+ in a 1996 Ford Taurus

    and about 600 in a Boeing 747, but I wasn't driving. ;-)

  3. 1964 impala ss that i owned reached about 120 and was real fun until the speed wobbles kicked in on the 30 year old front suspension.130 on i-5 from santa nella to the 132 cutoff on a gsxr(night stealth mission).now i'm running a flat 6 in my dodge that tops out at a whopping 60...wisdom comes with age(well that and losing my license/freedom is all that cool either)
  4. Baumi
    Joined: Jan 28, 2003
    Posts: 2,611


    186mph in a BMW M3 CSL and 202mph in a warmed up Maserati Biturbo.

    My fastest in an old car was 146 mph in my 56 BelAir. My 34 Plymouth with stock 58 283 hardly gets over 11o mph, but then for hours,hahahaha!
    All of that hapened on the Autobahn, not on a speedway.
  5. Fastest i have ever driven is 110mph in my 1980 Isuzu pickup, needless to say it has a little more than the factory 85hp:D
    And amazingly the truck felt vary solid, it kinda snuck up on me. I was in a hurry to get back home(Spokane) from McChord and did this between Moses Lake and Ritzville. Vary flat and stright there...
  6. helrzr1
    Joined: Oct 15, 2003
    Posts: 38

    from Iowa USA

    A friend got in my 71 chevelle and asked how fast it would go 'top-end'. We headed out to hi-way 92 and I opened it up. I had a MILD 454, muncie wide ratio 4 speed, 250 somthin geared 10 bolt and 'L-60x 15" "star" tires.... When the Tach passed 4900 rpms after a few miles (speedo was long gone) we lost it... Spun like a top all the way across the river-bottom. Road was DAMP like it always is in the middle of the nite in Iowa during the spring. We came to a stop sideways on the yellow line, he opened the door and started throwin up... I opened a beer and lit a cigarette... We dont really know how fast it was. He didnt want to ride with me anymore... He hung on to the dash all the way back to town, at 35 or so with the tires thumpin the flat spots... A calculater says REALLY FAST... I was 20... Im 32 now... I dont do that stuff anymore.. Funny how things change. Now, when the "A" coupe gets around 100 Im starting to get nervous... either Ive turned into a sissy, or gotten really smart... dunno. I miss the past, but could never re-live it and live thru it!!!!!
  7. I was pissed when I thought I was only getting 110 out of the Roach Rod on the open highway... It hit that number at the top of 3rd, and I wound it up in 4th and it just stayed at 110mph. I was pissed because the damn thing was hitting almost 106 in the 1/4 mile...

    I then got all warm and fuzzy when my brother told me his GPS only goes to 110. So we were hitting 130... at least...


    Classic pic for sure...



  8. I stopped looking at 140 in my 68 Shelby gt500kr, but then went much faster and it has more but I don't. I use to deliver sheetrock and was following a guy out to a job one day, He was driving a fully loaded 2 1/2 ton truck pulling a large fork lift, and I was following in my old 55 Nomad. WE were just a bit out of town on a two lane road well I decided to pass him and well he said he thought a jet had just passed him when I went by as it shook the whole truck. The speedometer did not work at the time so I dont know how fast I was going but he still complains about how much it scared him. I have alwas liked speed!!! Useless
  9. Irish Dan
    Joined: Jan 19, 2006
    Posts: 1,231

    Irish Dan

    the ywar was 1964. The Dodge Polara two door sedan had a 426 Hemi with dual "staggered" quads lurking under the twin scooped hood! It was a 4 speed, and the guy took me out on a nearby Interstate to show me a "dead stop launch" which almost threw me in the back seat! If the speedo was accurate, we came out of 3rd gear well over a 100 MPH! It was the first time I ever begged anybody to "get off it" as we buried the peg in 4th gear! I'm not sure of the speed when he let up on it, it may have been 120 MPH. It was surreal watching the scenery turn into a blur! Hard to believe a car that size could move that fast!
  10. Stone
    Joined: Nov 24, 2003
    Posts: 2,279


    In my late model Camaro Z28 LS1 6speed. 160mph on I95 in North Carolina
  11. 120 in a 27T roadster the rain at night on crossplys in february/march in england
    155 in a 28A the guy in the Porsche Boxter bottled it at 135!!!
  12. enginebloch
    Joined: Feb 23, 2006
    Posts: 114

    from norfolk va

    I topped out an '01 gixxer 600 once but the best was getting pulled over on a lay-z-boy recliner (slightly modified) for speeding (and a few other violations) on a 6 lane road in downtown Norfolk.
  13. Derek Mitchell
    Joined: Nov 22, 2004
    Posts: 1,796

    Derek Mitchell

    About 160 in a 86 Monte Carlo SS, between Needles and the state line.

    Also 150 in my old Prelude.

    Plan on 200 in my bellytank, if I ever get one, :D
  14. Olson
    Joined: Aug 11, 2005
    Posts: 851


    I think I've had the '62 up to about was pegged I dunno fer sure. Felt like a magic carpet ride. :)

    Had my Honda CB750 up to about the same...test rode a VMax (I was a long time ago)...just assumed the position and nailed it from about
    40 or so. Didn't look at the speedo 'til I was thru the gears and kinda shit myself a little when it read just shy of 160. Hahaha when I got back in the car with my bud he said I looked like I just got laid.

  15. Snafu
    Joined: Oct 10, 2005
    Posts: 61


    I have been in a lot of fast cars. Some I have driven but most, just along for the ride. And I am sorry to say this on this site. Since everything about this place is everything I hold dear :). But the fastest car I have ever been in was a 2005 Audi S6 Stationwagon, it was my bosses car. He had the limiter removed and some other chip put in it. Depresses me just mentioning chips and limiters here. We were doing around 290 km/h, that works out to be about 180 mph. A truck pulled out to pass and got in front of us so he had to slow down. It sure felt like it had about another 10 mph in it, at 175 or so it was still pulling. And to tell the truth, all the old muscle cars don't even hold a candle to this stuff in Germany. I see old ladies driving some mid 80s Benz 120mph all the time. On certain autobahns, if you are in the passing lane and are going slower than 130 mph you will get run over. Doesn't matter to me. I would give my right arm for an old COPO Camaro, and I don't even look twice at all this new plastic crap these days.
  16. Luke S.
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 181

    Luke S.
    from Ocala, Fl.

    185 mph, in Randy Dupree's '57 Fiat 600. Bonneville 2003. Powered by a 4 cyl. Mercruiser boat engine. Photos of the car are posted on the Landracing site. Car # 846.
  17. 50flathead
    Joined: Mar 8, 2005
    Posts: 1,101

    from Iowa, USA

    The only way I could do that is if my car were on jack stands.:D :p Seriously though it was probably when I drove one of Petty's trainers on Kansas Speedway. My times worked out to about 130 on the straight aways. Do it if you ever get the chance, fast and safe!
  18. 47bob
    Joined: Oct 28, 2005
    Posts: 625


    120 MPH on the I-10 in a 911. Young and foolish I might add.
  19. 140 in my wrx going over the grape vine racing a turbo bug (those stupid little things can haul ass.)

    best time was vallejo to the aquarium in long beach 3 hours and change, top speed somewhere around 165...
  20. repoguy
    Joined: Jul 27, 2002
    Posts: 2,085


    Somewhere between 155 & 160 in my old 911 carrera 4 dusting some guy in a 5.0 liter mustang on the highway.

    Damn I miss that car.
  21. hot rod pro
    Joined: Jun 1, 2005
    Posts: 2,706

    hot rod pro
    from spring tx.

    love those white knuckles.

  22. 1970 Duster 340..
    150MPH Speedo
    Autobahn between Stuttgart and Ulm
    Speedo reads 138MPH
    Temp gauge reads pegged on H.
  23. Spaulding
    Joined: Mar 16, 2006
    Posts: 197

    from Wichita

    Hit a 120 racing my buddy down the highway with my '73 Monte, 350 4bbl dual exhaust, and that's all she had. He was right on my ass in his '72 Chevelle. Did that for about 7 miles up and down some slight hills at night. STUPID!! But what a rush. Speed kills when your 16 and bulletproof!
  24. 8flat
    Joined: Apr 2, 2006
    Posts: 1,376


    185mph on my 160hp ZX-9R Ninja. You might as well stab me with an IV and hook up a jug of adrenalin, I'm a junkie. These bikes are unbeleivably stable at these speeds, the centrigal force of the wheels spinning that fast literally stick the bike in one place, you can't hardly make it change lanes without pushing real hard on one side of the bars, seriously. What a lesson in physics....

    For some reason, my '90 Mazda work truck at 85mph is a scarier experience.....that's approaching ludicrous speed...hahaha
  25. I've had more than a few runs at 140+! The one run that stands out was PASO to PORTLAND 901 miles, in 11 1/2 hours rollin 130+ most of the way thru the mountains between Redding and Albany in a 2 wheel drive 75 blazer. only saw one cop the whole trip and never looked back.
  26. Jalopy Jim
    Joined: Aug 3, 2005
    Posts: 1,867

    Jalopy Jim

    150 plus down the straight at Brainard Raceway, in a 81 4cyl mustang road race car, same in a fourmla ford, and faster yet at road america riding in a 427cobra.
    On the street pin a 150 speedometer in my 67plymouth barracuda rally car in rural wisconsin on night near plum city.
    now I sold all of the road race cars and building a HOT ROD.:cool: MOKAN 2007 or bust
  27. Vicious_Cycle
    Joined: Mar 27, 2006
    Posts: 107


    170-ish on a Pro Stock Motorcycle @ Gainesville, FL. The speed is cool, but getting there in 7 seconds is REALLY cool!
  28. thekid
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 79

    from PDX

    My dad used to tell all kinds of 'old' hot rod stories ( He gave it all up by the time I was around)
    One of my favorites was when him and the family were traveling across the desert down to New Mexico.
    They owned a 59 TBird at the time and I guess pops was using all the big v8 had to give when they flew buy a motorcycle cop on the side of the highway.
    In the rearview my dad sees the cop jump on his bike and probably mad as hell. Not too far ahead there was a little rise in the road and as soon as he got over the crest out of site of the cop he shut her down and resumed a more legal rate of speed. Well when the cop came screaming over the hill himself, he got pretty squirrely trying to slow down and not plow into the back of the TBird that was obviously not going as fast as he had expected. So pulls them over and my dad is sitting there with this innocent look on his face, like "What seems to be the problem officer?"
    The cop was not impressed to say the least. It was all my mom could do to keep him from hauling my dad off to jail. It didn't hurt to have two rug rats in the back. I mean how can you arrest a poor sap with two kids and a wife that may or may not have been speeding.
    He didn't get off that easy though, he got an earfull from mom the entire rest of the trip.

    Man i wish I was the older brother :(
    and that lived in a pre-radar times.

  29. When we lived in England, my wife came home one day and told me got a speeding ticket. I basically said, "Shit happens." She went to court a few weeks later, and told me she got fined one hundred pounds. I don't remember how fast she said she was doing in her sporty little Audi. A few years later I overheard her tell her sister the fine was considerbly higher than she had told me. When I got her to confess, this was the real story.

    As she left the motorway (like an interstate) and merged onto a dual carraigeway (4 lane), she not only passed an unmarked police car, but also the speeder they were already chasing. I never have found out how fast she was going. She scares the crap outta me on those rare occasions I ride with her.
  30. desertrat
    Joined: May 6, 2006
    Posts: 19

    from pahrump,nv

    When i was 16 my best friends daily driver was a 55 chevy that ran 12.80 in quarter mile. Well one night after cruizing "the strip" (las vegas blvd.) we jumped on the freeway to see if we could get the dots in the road to blurrrr into one line. when we got up to speed the speedometer was burried, the car was swaying and we both almost shit our pants. I'm not sure how fast we where going and Ive probably been faster in other rides but in a shoebox with stock suspension it was the scariest(and most fun) to date!

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