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Family Photo Album

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. ......But what about a jacket from 33 years ago, Ron!:D;)
  2. Don, not that they would Ever Fit me anyway ! But I usually leave my jackets everywhere I go.:( I think by the looks of some of my underware, they may be 33 years old!:eek: Here's our family photo now.:) 589.jpg
  3. ...................I feel your pain, Ron.:)
  4. not that one guy
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    not that one guy
    from So NV


    Mom, Dad. Older brother
  5. Stogy
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    HRP...Bttt...I'm just having an Easter Chuckle looking at this post and the interest it generated Aka @Bandit Billy ...:p

    And then there's all the other cool Hotrods, Customs many Hambers had the fortune to grow up around and the Elders/Hoodlums that drove them...

    Happy those that celebrate...may peace be with your screaming tires...;)

    Update...Maybe that was in the Service Station Thread...:eek:

    I won't paste a link...:p:D:D
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  6. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

    Very cool pickup and video, great tribute to your dad. Mine is a '53. It's a big state but maybe they will be in the same place some day. :D
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  7. { A Bump } To see, and add a few more pictures to this cool old thread. These aren't real old, but they are family. Just look in your family albums for road trips, car shows etc. ???:) 20170421_112613.jpg 20160629_142529_001.jpg 20170421_135105.jpg 20170421_102219_001.jpg 331.jpg
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  8. The thread title did't say how old? just { Family Photo Album }. So here's an oldie of my Mom from 1957. 237.jpg May have posted before???
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  9. jnaki
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    upload_2021-8-28_3-55-54.png Grandma in 1958 Santa Ana, CA


    As we were organizing our family photo files, we saw an old photo of my wife’s Grandfather’s new 1958 Buick sedan. It was one of the largest American made car and the auto magazine writers had a field day about the amount of chrome the large road beast had versus other automobiles of the time. They even went on to label it as the most chrome on any car, period. What a designation…

    The odd thing was, we had seen the big 58 Buick in person and forever in our thoughts, how it stayed pristine when we saw it during our Thanksgiving and Christmas visits with the whole family. The 58 Buick was so wide and the driveway leading back to the small garage was very narrow. The Grandpa was also small in stature and we wondered how he kept the car virtually scratch free. An experienced driver along with caution was used going in and out of the small garage, must have been the case.
    One Christmas, we saw him drive the Buick into the garage and it was not done in a slow plodding way. The worst thing we saw was the speed at which it came out of the garage and zipped by the window on another occasion. We never saw or heard any scratches or scrapes during this high speed entry or exit.


    We actually drove by the house during one of our pandemic errand days and saw for ourselves, the differences the house had over the years. It was within several blocks from his job at the local Santa Ana College campus.

    Our memories of the Grandpa and Grandma were priceless and they were at our wedding, but had to go back home before the reception/dinner afterwards. The house area is still in a fairly quiet residential area.

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  10. Dads Pics 066.JPG
    Dog Honey, sister Pam, Dad and me (maybe 2?) in front of the '41 Pontiac Torpedo just before a 40-mile trip to church in Kansas City one Sunday in 1951 or so. Chicken house in the background. Dad is the photographer in the other photo (upper left). Dad's next car was a '52 Henry J. Wish I had a photo of it.
  11. jnaki
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    When we first went on our cross country road trip of the Southwest toward the East, it was a planned destination for the Eastern seaboard. We wanted to experience some sailing in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic for a different feel. We decided to stop in the OKC for a couple of days to check out the old stomping grounds for my wife, as a little kid. We drove in a systematic pattern on those streets starting with 32nd down to 45th streets.

    We found the elementary school. (it had changed, but the old multistory building was still there) So, we were nearby as there were plenty of memories from that portion of the time period. Since there were three little kids in the family, each one had their own recollection. Over time, each time period get cloudier and those memories are starting to fade fast.

    So, another trip was on the planning board for the 2020 year, but we all know what the he#$@ happened to all of us. One last time, was the idea and this time we would take a photo of us in front of the house. That plan is now on indefinite hold.

    In OKC, the family stayed in this two story house on 43rd street from 1955 to 1957, when the last road trip westward ended up three blocks from Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park (So Cal). That was when Knotts Berry Farm was famous for its Ghost Town, mining for gold, Boysenberries, and Chicken Dinners. Not the extravagant stuff from today’s form of entertainment.

    The stories that come out of that OKC house and its family are pretty hilarious. From “walking in the snow to school” standard to sweating in the attic playing ghosts and goblins during the hot summers. The 3 little kids had this huge house for their rainy day activities and snowball fights in the huge front yard.

    The 55 Chevy was the car of choice for the travels to the western homes in Manhattan Beach to the huge home in OKC. It was large enough for three kids to play and fight in the back seat during those long road trips back and forth to So Cal for their dad’s job opportunities. He was not a traveling salesman, but the industry he worked had openings and better openings in the areas west/Midwest making the road trips a necessity. So, the road trips and new home purchases were abundant.


    In my wife telling me these stories of travels as little kids, we were glad that our own little kid travels were just for family vacations and not necessities for our dad’s jobs. Plus, So Cal was in our blood since 1946 and for our parents, back into the 1920s. So, there were ties that bound our extended families together in the So Cal neighborhoods. My wife’s ties also go back to the 20s in the OKC area and in Kansas.

    When my wife and I found the various houses and places of their OKC youngster adventures, the memories flowed like a river after a heavy rainfall. It was all a good part of family history. Now recorded in journals for posterity of our future generations.

    If this pandemic would go away with everyone's help, we all could get "back on the road again..." This final road trip to further our road trip adventures and have plenty of OKC stories to keep alive in our family journal. Plus, there would actually be a new/old photo or it did not happen scenario.

    So, for now, it might be a short drive to see her old house that is close to Knott's Berry Farm. It would also be a flashback as we were together during those times (66-68) in this old Buena Park house, until we got married after college.
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