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Falcon V8 Project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Thefult, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Nope, the Falcon and Comet used basically the same suspension for both the six and eight. The V-8 version did have some heavier-duty bits but the big difference was the steering linkage. The V-8 stuff was much heavier-duty and there was two types; the '63 to mid '64 was unique to these cars and didn't share parts with any other Ford product, in mid '64 Ford switched to the new Mustang-based linkage and the only unique part was the center link. The pic in post 25 above is the early type linkage and can be easily identified by how close to the ends of the center link where the tie rods attach. The late type has longer tie rods and the inner pivot is moved about 3" closer to the center of the car. Parts for the early linkage is nasty to find (or was when I owned my Comet) and expensive; I never did find a new idler arm for it...
  2. Mike51Merc
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    All true. A recommended strategy is to buy 1965 Falcon parts with the newer geometry. Cheaper and supposedly eliminates bump steer, too.
  3. All you need is the later Falcon/Comet centerlink; all the rest can be bought new as Mustang parts. But even those aren't all that easy to find....
  4. gimpyshotrods
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  5. They weren't making 'em when I needed one.... :D
  6. Mike51Merc
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  7. hoop98
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    from Texas

    Great info Mike!
  8. 61falcon
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    i did the 302 swap in my 61. you will never put the 144 back in. trust me!
  9. gimpyshotrods
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    Yup. It's an early roundbody Falcon. You ain't sittin' on gold. Cut 'er up.
  10. 1971BB427
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    from Oregon

    Exactly! Even the nice ones aren't worth huge money.
  11. Veach
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    Just finished putting a 347 5sd and Currie 9" into my 60 a Falcon 2dr Wagon. Lots of work and lots of money which you will never get back it you decide to sell.

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  12. finn
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    I don't think this hobby is always a bout the money.

    Go for it!
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  13. Man you Guy are stirring up trouble ha ha. Your making me wish I still had My 63 Futura my first car payed 40 dollars for it in 1977 . Drop in a 289 a t/10 57 rear and Starting flogging thé piss out off it. Until a 69 Road runner came along Have Been looking for another almost bought my son a nice little 63 that had been already convert to av8. Dam now I am jonesing for one You guys are stirring the pot
  15. Wheres that auto trade had it here some where
  16. Veach
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    If it was me I would leave Her a 144 and instead of spending the money on mounts and stuff I would make Her Clean. If you want a V8 Ride buy a 63 or up Falcon Engine Bay is larger. I have a 60 Falcon 2dr Wagon and I had the same thought and I did it but it was a very hard build. It's the small things that will eat you up and your money. If I took all the money I spent building a V8 Car to put Her back like new I would still have money in my pocket. If you do it spend a lot of time in the planing stage put it on paper and look it over twice.

    My 60 Falcon Wagon only the Body is stock She has a 347 around 500 Hp Comp Thumpr Cam 521/507 Lift Roller Engine a TKO 5sd Trans and a Currie 31 spline 389 geared Truetrack 9" rear end. A Strange seamless 3" Chrome-Moly Driveshaft with Solid 1350 U- Joints. A Rod&Custom MII rack and pinion that I had to do some work to so it would fit. Custom motor mounts so I could move the engine back a couple inches. 4 wheel power disc brakes and Strange Adjustable coil overs on all corners. A custom 4 link setup and custom sub frame connectors. Custom transmission crossmember and mount. Doug's Try-Y Headers 2 1/2" Flowmasters Delta Flow 40 Dual Stainless Steel exhaust system system with an X pipe. I used a lot of parts from a 95 Mustang. A trick price I used was the brake and clutch assembly out of the 95 Mustang after some modifying of the brake peddle to clear the steering column it bolt right in giving me a clutch assembly that I can get parts for anywhere. I have learned a lot Building this Falcon if anybody is Building anything close to it I sure wish you would tell me what you have done. I would love to here your stories so I can learn even more and any info I can help you with I'm more than willing to share with you ask away. Thanks Veach

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  17. Don Sawyers
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    Don Sawyers

    Ron Morris performance has some very nice adjustable/solid motor mounts, part #6110. I used these on my '63 when I installed the 347 stocker because the stock ones kept separating. I also had to open the tunnel up, to accept the T 5 national transmission. As far as the front suspension mods, aluminum intake, heads, all you can do to keep the motor light will help but I'd probably try to beef it up. The rear differential will not hold up to a V 8, especially if you drive like I like to drive.
  18. ttpete
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    from SE MI

    I had the same mount failure problem years ago with my 63 Galaxie. The left side mount would separate and the fan hit the radiator shroud. Fixed it by using a piece of chain bolted from the front of the engine to the crossmember with a little slack left in it to limit the travel.
  19. What a great thread ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1462738421.132755.jpg ! Going through the same process now with a 64 wagon. I got it from a guy that had it about 85% restored and had to throw in the towel. Bone stock six-cylinder, four lug, three on the tree. I lucked up and got the entire drive train out of the 63 1/2 sprint- 260, t-10, rear, even the front suspension with Granada disc upgrade. Was on craigslist and ended up being literally 200 yards behind the shop where the Falcon is being kept. Also scored the steering box/column! ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1462738279.924028.jpg
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    I had two Falcons, one a hardtop and the other Sprint conv. Took the 260, auto, and rear end out of the smash up conv. and installed it in the hardtop. Everything was fine, until I had a flat tire and found out the hard way that Ford had 4 and 5 lugs wheels, and you know I had the wrong spare tire in the trunk. This was my first attempt at working with a Ford after years of Tri-five Chevys and yes it was on a late Saturday date night, and it was a long walk home.--HA HA
  21. The little 260 is coming together nicely. It looks like some frame mounts are required to work with the motor mounts to do the conversion. I'll be ordering those next. AutoKrafters and Falcon Parts sells a kit. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1463502766.240694.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1463502800.907973.jpg
  22. Also, suspension swap from 63 1/2 Sprint is about complete. We have 5 lugs and discs up front and the rear with drums mounted up. Going to Scarebird about a dual resovoir master cylinder with booster. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1463503042.265640.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1463503069.201077.jpg
  23. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    is actually a V8-60 DSCN6113.JPG DSCN6112.JPG DSCN6114.JPG DSCN6115.JPG
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  24. PetesPonies
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    from Maryland

    This is so much hooky . . I just couldn't let it be . . . Did you dream this stuff?
  25. Nope. I've actually cut these cars up and seen the difference, so I know how they're built. If you want documentation, hunt down the factory showroom flyers, the '63 Falcon flyers mention it, as do the '64 Comets (Comet stopped using the 6 cylinder shell in '64 across the line for better NVH), or better yet, the body assembly manual. There was two different shells for everything except the convertible, the 'vert always got the V8 shell with even more bracing. The wagon and ranchero got the heavier rear framerails on all models.
  26. southcross2631
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    I thought most of the early Falcon swap kits came with a straight axle.
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  27. deathrowdave
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    from NKy

    57 - 59 Ford equals 9 inch , 65 - 66 Mustang equals 8 inch . Bolt in stuff here easy as replacing a busted stock rear axle housing . I have had people tell me 57-59 Wagon is more narrow than a car , never seemed to underestand this or know it to be facts or fiction . I do know in early years Ole Henry was all about using up what he was tooled up to product , it cant see making two different rear axle housings for the same width car .
  28. sunbeam
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    Wagons got what ford called the heavy duty axle I know the axle bearings were bigger.

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