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Projects Falcon/Ranchero Headers

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by captaintaytay, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. I would like to install a set of headers on my 1960 Ford Ranchero.
    It was converted to a v8, 260 with 289 heads and a C4 transmission.
    I was looking at Tri Y's, but I just would like to get something without a bunch
    of hammer denting or extensive modifications, Any suggestions would help.
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  2. Doug's Headers Tri-Y for these. Still a bit of a hard install, but the best fitting for that car. You'll curse anything else...

    Alternative choice, reproduction 289 Hi-po manifolds for the 63-65 Fairlanes and early Mustangs. You may have to do a bit of grinding on the drivers side manifold and maybe the steering box.
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  3. doyoulikesleds
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    dougs fit hipo manifolds dont

  4. Oh no, back to the drawing board....:confused:
    Dougs Headers are pricey for the car I have.
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  5. ive seen stock mustang 5.0 headers in these before. don't know how well they fit but they looked pretty good.
  6. It is definitely a tight fit, was hoping someone did this on there's and could give me some tips.
    I was thinking maybe a used set that have been dented in all the right places.:D
  7. Yes they are, but you did ask for a header that didn't need a bunch of 'bash to fit' work. The problem is while the Falcon engine compartment looks about the same as the Mustang, it's actually 1.25" narrower in all the wrong places. Some Mustang headers have been made to fit, but not easily..
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  8. Yes and I appreciate your input. I was trying to take the easy way out and it doesn't looks like that's going to happen.
    My doctor doesn't even want me working on cars, but it's not so easy to do. I still have the passion. Maybe though I will stick with what I have on it for now.
  9. 41rodderz
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    from Oregon

    There you go . Problem solved .:D
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  10. One other thing I'll mention. First-gen Falcons used two different bodyshells; the 60-62 shells were lightweight, designed for six-cylinder power/weight only. When the V8 arrived in '63 they added a beefed-up V8-specific shell with thicker metal used in the inner and outer rockers, frame rails, shock towers plus torque boxes connecting the frame rails and rockers and even more bracing for the shock towers. If you don't race, travel rough roads, or get too enthusiastic with that V8 power you should be OK with the light-duty body, but do keep an eye on the upper a-arm attachment points as cracking/breaking there isn't unknown and can have catastrophic results if it does.
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  11. Came to my senses.....:(

    That's great info, I will do that.
    I replaced upper and lower a-arms a couple months ago along with springs, perches, all tie rods, center link, IA, PA strut rods stabilizers, everything except for it still has a 6cyl steering box. I did not notice any signs of cracks (so far). Thanks for the heads up I will put that in my log.
  12. Beanscoot
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    I believe the later Comet left side exhaust manifold will clear the steering. It should have a C3DE casting code on it.
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  13. I would contact FPA(Ford Powertrain Applications), they are easy to deal with & no denting required.
  14. The Falcon, Comet, Mustang, Fairlane, Torino, etc all used the same basic 289/302 exhaust manifolds, with various part numbers, excluding cars with the hi-po 289. The 260 manifolds are a bit smaller, the 221 much smaller. Supposedly the '69-71 Torino/Fairlane 351W manifolds are slightly larger, but good luck find them.

    Now, I have seen a couple of 'alternative' methods but I can't personally vouch for them. One is to remachine the head face on the drivers-side Hi-po manifold at a 3 degree angle (tipping the bottom of it closer to the block) to gain the needed clearance. The bolt holes need to be angled too, so it's a bit of work. Supposedly this is how Ford of Canada shoehorned the Hi-po into a limited run of 50 Falcons they built.

    Another guy claimed to use late '70s/80s/90s 351W truck manifolds. These have heavy 'reinforcing ribs' cast into them, he had ground those off to get them to fit. Somewhat similar to the Hi-po manifolds in shape.

    They only go back to '66 on the Falcon, which at that point was the same as the Fairlane. '60 to '65 Falcon/Comet, Dougs are the only ones....
  15. Beanscoot
    Joined: May 14, 2008
    Posts: 1,599


    "The Falcon, Comet, Mustang, Fairlane, Torino, etc all used the same basic 289/302 exhaust manifolds"

    The '63-'65 Comet and Falcon had a special left side manifold that directed the pipe more straight down for clearance. Here's an image from the Mustangtek site (Sorry for the link, it seems I can't copy the image):


    63-65 Falcon Comet Ranchero

    Driver side
  16. That may have been a '63-only part. I'll note that only the 260 was available in them that year. I've owned multiple '64-65 289 V8 Falcons and Comets, none of them used that manifold.
  17. Thanks for all the info guys, but it sounds like I'd be cursing, throwing tools, yelling at my helper and
    just don't need that right now. I'm going to stick with stock manifolds and old glass packs. My brother said he would do it, he a welder and has big hammers. I told him no..
  18. Sorry about the FPA thing, after checking their site they do only supply 66 & up.
    Sad, cuz mine fit like a glove.
    Crites do list a set for 62 with 289/302/351, not sure of the difference between 60 & 62.
  19. Mike51Merc
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    I have Hooker long tube headers that fit well and install pretty easily. The only downside is that they hang pretty low to the ground.
  20. Doug’s in my 65.....scored em cheap on FB....not an easy fit....bit they fit A2402172-B7DB-4D7E-A648-95CF6CA2CF9C.jpeg D3D233DC-CA83-4203-92CA-71C0866536A6.jpeg
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  21. proartguy
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    from Sparks, NV

    That manifold shown in post #16 is what is on my factory V8 ‘64 Comet. Just checked it.
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  23. Well...yeah..motor had to be lifted, tilted..came in from the bottom...I modified a wrench by grinding the #*#* out of the closed end and ground the open end too..I spent money buying what I hope are the best gaskets and the bolts have the serrated washers that are supposed to lock and keep them from getting loose..these engine bays are tight..
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  24. 76B567FA-43C4-41CA-9896-D7C9504D8663.png Facebook Marketplace...
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  25. Notice there's no mention of '60-65 Falcons or Comets....
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