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F1 Shock Mounts – The Tardel Way

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by D-Russ, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. After looking for a while for a deal on original F1 upper shock mounts, I gave up and bought a pair from Speedway. The original curve at the bottom didn't fit the height of my frame with the front spring notch, so I followed the method described in the Bishop/Tardel book.

    First I cut off the curved part of the mounts below the first hole.

    Then I did a little shaping with the grinder.

    To position the mount correctly, I drilled the first hole and bolted the top part of the mount in place.

    Then I marked the position of the second hole.

    I drilled the second hole and after chamfering the end of the lower piece, I bolted it into place. Then I tacked the pieces together.

    Here's a shot of the mounts after welding and grinding.

    And here's the left side installed.
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  2. 34Fordtk
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    Great job,what welder did you use?
  3. touchdowntodd
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  5. Sorry for the down time.
    All linked images in this thread originally hosted by PhotoSuckIt have been relinked to the HAMB servers.
  6. krylon32
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    from Nebraska

    You may have done it this way but as a chassis builder I have experienced when using short bungs just welded to the outer rails that on some cars that are high milers driven hard the bungs tearing out of the rails. On all the builds I do now that use the F1 style shock mount I use thru the frame bungs that weld on the inside and outside. Seems to have stopped the problem.
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  7. sproadster30
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    from Natick, Ma

    Would plating or "doubling" the inside of the frame mounting surface help with that problem also? In case the frame wasn't fully boxed in that area?
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  8. This thread is from 2007. I'm merely relinking images because of the Photobucket fiasco. The current Rodder's Journal article on my car directs readers to my build threads so I felt compelled to update the links.

    You're exactly right though – the sides of the framerails are the weak point in this set up, so I fixed the problem with through the frame threaded bungs. See below.


    I started out by cutting up a 7/16-20 bolt and welding it in to plug one end of the bungs. I ground the end flat but I didn't take a pic.



    Then I enlarged the original holes with a step drill after drilling a 7/16 hole through the boxing plate on the inside under the cross member.


    After that, I bolted the upper shock mount to the threaded bungs and slid it into the holes and clamped it.


    Here's the fit under the cross member. The reason I filled one end of each threaded bung is so I could just rosette weld the bungs from the inside.

    Then I welded the bungs from the outside of the frame, cut the excess off, and ground everything smooth.



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  9. falconsprint63
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    from Mayberry

    I'm glad you were compelled. this is a project fast approaching on my build.

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  10. Good tech for many uses,thanks for added pics.
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  11. fiftyv8
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    from CO & WA

    Great work and glad that you have the pic's preserved for history in the right place.
  12. duncan
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    awesome job.

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