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Exploring Arizona- abandoned, wrecked cars & trucks, old hiways, etc

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by applekrate, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Quickazruck
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  2. fijidad
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    I just came from Casa Grande and bought a few parts from a gear-head's Heaven called Desert Valley Auto Parts, 900 W Cottonwood Ln. (800-798-2465). I took several pictures but since I haven't figured out how to post them yet, you'll just have to use your imagination. OK, you have to pay for the parts, but they're there.
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  3. elcam_dan
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  4. elcam_dan
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  5. elcam_dan
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  6. elcam_dan
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  7. elcam_dan
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  8. Truckeez
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    that's gonna need a little bondo!
  9. Gary Addcox
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    Gary Addcox

    According to the location of the parking lights, I think it is a '47-'48 Ford. The left front fender, grille surround, and radiator shroud look to be salvageable. Probably lots of stuff can be harvested. The side trim on the fender looks to be Mercury, but not the location of the parking lights. Watch out for sidewinder rattlers.
  10. It's a Merc for sure, maybe '47 or '48.
  11. 55Hydramatic
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    Getting cool down south, about time to go exploring again!
  12. mechanickeith
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    Yes it is!!! I would like to return to the salt river area Steve & I were at last. We found an early Chevy there that's pretty complete. I think there's lots more to be found there. I will start doing a google earth search & look around.
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  13. RodStRace
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  14. Chrisbcritter
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    I think you have found something relatively rare - that looks like a Canadian Mercury 114, basically a Ford with Mercury-styled grille and trim, sort of an early Meteor. Wonder how it got down there?
    Of course that was three years ago, but if it's still there, the grill surround would be a keeper.
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  15. 31Apickup
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  16. Offset
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    from Canada

  17. Offset
    Joined: Nov 9, 2010
    Posts: 1,749

    from Canada

  18. This is a cool thread, I'm planning a coast to coast road trip with my grandson and family. Going to be taking the old Lincoln highway and route 66. We want to find a lot of old cars, and abandoned buildings to photo. So keep posting, and thanks Ron...
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  19. Offset
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    from Canada

    You won't be disappointed Ron. More and more people are not disclosing the locations of some of this equipment and buildings. Vandalism and theft are a real problem. Have no fear read this thread and a few others, get off the beaten path and you will find what you are looking for.

    By the way, about the picture of the mine shaft. Beware it is 750 feet straight down. Explore with care.
  20. cfmvw
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    Really enjoy looking at stuff like this! I come across abandoned vehicles, forgotten cemeteries, and old stone walls & foundations here in Maine when I go mountain biking. It makes me both sad and angry when I find stuff like that had been vandalized, though.
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  21. dorf
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    from ohio

    47 chevy
  22. fts55
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    from guthrie ok

  23. The cars and other things we have discovered were likely abandoned. These are former mining areas and there were little towns or living areas. They have just sat in these remote areas for decades
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  24. Thank you. I just completed covering many parts of the Lincoln hiway from Sacramento to Tahoe and across Navada and Utah, then south to my place in Eastern Ariz. I drove my half primered 72 GTO . Towed a '65 GTO back to Az from Sacto. Then, picked up a '56 Poncho 316 4bbl engine with hydro near Reno. did not post because my cars are too new and this thread is about Arizona. Here I am near an abandoned mining town in Nevada or Utah on hwy 50. now, back to topic. thanks for understanding

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  25. falcongeorge
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    from BC

    Offset, are you in the Thompson River Valley?
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  26. One place I used to check on old hi-ways that had steep drop offs. Look down around any tight curves where someone might have misjudged it and gone flying then tumbling. Most states now require removal of those wrecks. But in the old days it was more rescue the occupants and move on. Found several cars that way over the years.
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  27. O.Hove
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    from S.D.

    46 Mercury
  28. Adarsh Gandhi
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    Adarsh Gandhi

    This is an incredible thread! So much information lol

    Just signed up and am hoping for some assistance. I want to do some night photography/astrophotography with some abandoned cars, but traveling up to and through Route 66 isn't feasible for just a night. I live in Tempe and would love an opportunity to try it out closer to home before making a full trip and exploring Route 66 - anybody willing to help me out with some closer locations? Thank you!
  29. rsz_dscf2707.jpg rsz_dscf2706.jpg

    Glad you like the thread I started a few years back. At the time we had a group of adventurous guys, and sometime some gals, but we have all gone our own ways for different reasons. A few have gotten married and have changed their directions/moved, etc and do not have the time to do this stuff- or at least not with me.
    I still enjoy it but, am now slowly working getting a new group of friends who have the adventure to do this. I have moved myself to the cooler, milder climate of eastern Arizona and there is much to explore here but, not safe to do it alone but, still have my place in Maricopa too. There is the Coronado trail, hwy 191, it used to be hwy 666, this hiway was one of the first in the US and had part federal funding. It's like going back in time, I love it. When the Phoenix area was 121 degrees a few days back, I hopped in my GTO and drove through parts of it where the high temp there was only 75! yes, 75 degrees in Arizona while other parts were 120 or better. Arizona has many climates and not all of it is super hot and dusty.
    These pics were taken on Arizona hwy 191 ( historic Corondo trail ) a few days ago. This is south of Springerville and Alpine. elevation around 9,000, temp 75 degrees. it's a wonderful drive and must have many old treasures, wrecks to explore for those who have the time. I look forward to adding more when possible.

    Route 66 is way too commercialized and main stream for my tastes and does not interest me. If that is the direction of your interests, I am sure you will like it as many others do. I like to explore the more remote, and much lesser known hwys and roads of yester year. We have found and explored so much in the last few years. Many things and places very few have seen. I do not think one can say that of route 66 but, to each their onw. I hope you enjoy rt 66 when you go.
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